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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    And The Dummy Gets It!

    Tuesday, February 05 2008

    Lily and Holden are waiting for Margo at the police station. She can't believe that another lead has turned into a dead body. Holden hugs her and says he won't let anything bad happen to her. Margo returns and tells them that the preliminary results are back and the lab technician died from a lethal injection of some substance - just like Dusty! Margo tells them both to get a lawyer! She points out that they are right in the middle of two murder investigations; Lily is upset that they are still being considered suspects. She and Holden leave as Dallas returns. He says they have searched the lab tech's apartment but haven't found much. He begins going over the suspect list. Margo says the only viable suspect they have right now is Chris! Margo goes to the hospital to question Chris, who reacts very badly. He yells at Margo, saying this is all in Emily's imagination. Margo says she has to question everyone, no matter who puts them on the suspect list.

    Holden and Lily have coffee at Al's. She is focused on the investigation still but Holden isn't. He says it is time for Lily to get out of town before she gets hurt! Lucinda arrives and Holden fills her in on the latest killing. Lucinda and Holden decide that Lily has to leave town immediately and won't let her say a word about it. Meg calls Lucinda and orders her to come to the farm. Lucinda promises Lily that things will be fine and leaves.

    Emily Seduces Chris

    Monday, February 04 2008

    At the farm, Lily and Holden are cleaning up the dinner mess and talking about clearing his name. Holden is very calm and tells Lily that things will be fine. Lily insists that she needs to tell the police - not just Jack - what she remembers. Holden refuses to let her; Lily starts in on hiring another attorney but Holden refuses that, too. Lily asks why he won't let her help him! Before they can make any decisions, a man calls with a message for Lily - from Dusty! The caller tells her about his research and asks Lily to meet him at Yo's. Holden and Lily leave for the bar. They arrive at Yo's and the bartender hands them a note - the caller reminds Lily that he told her to come alone! The informant calls, gives Lily one more chance and sets up another meeting. Holden wants to go but Lily refuses. She leaves alone. Lily arrives at the meeting place - a darkened street - and waits for the informant. She has been waiting for a while when Holden shows up, startling her. He says she has been there long enough. Lily convinces him to wait a while longer but Holden gets antsy and begins searching the car where the informant said to wait. He finds keys inside. They open the trunk - and find a dead body inside!

    Emily is Questioned!

    Thursday, January 31 2008

    Jack arrives at the farm to see Lily and Holden. He says he is off the case because of his relationship with both of them but they tell him about Lily's memory recall anyway. Lily says she remembers seeing Emily leaving the office and that is where she picked up the syringe. Jack believes them but points out that everything they have done points to Holden's guilt and it will be hard to prove. Jack says they should call Emily right away to see if they can get a confession.

    Lily, Jack and Holden arrive at the police station first. Lucinda follows them in and demands to know what is going on. She tells Holden he needs a better lawyer than Bonnie and then Jack calls them into the interrogation room. Emily and Paul walk in. Paul tells Lucinda that Emily could clear Holden. Paul and Lucinda leave for drinks. Emily's attorney, Tripp Baker, arrives and takes control of the meeting with Jack. Holden and Lily step out. Every question Jack asks the lawyer answers. Finally Jack calls it quits. Emily leaves and on her way out tells Lily and Holden to think twice before throwing her to the wolves again! Jack tells Lily and Holden this isn't going to be easy.

    Lily and Holden are having dinner at Al's when Bonnie angrily walks in and tells Holden to avoid police - even Jack! - unless she is around. She sits down with both of them and says Holden - and Lily - are only making things worse. "They could charge you with obstruction of justice," she says. Lucinda calls and Lily goes to chat with her. Bonnie continues with Holden, saying she won't represent him if he won't trust her. When he doesn't jump in line with Bonnie's plans, she takes herself off of his case and leaves. Lily returns and asks Holden what is going on with Bonnie. Holden says it doesn't matter and that what they need to focus on is getting Emily to talk. Lily says she'll stand by him.

    Casey's Home and Bob's Awake!

    Tuesday, January 29 2008

    In the stairwell, Lily demands to know what Holden is hiding from her. Holden keeps interrupting her, saying they need to go home. Lily realizes that Holden thinks she killed Dusty! She gets him to admit that he found her in the stairwell with the syringe and says she won't let him take the blame for her! Seeing that she won't take no for an answer Holden sits with Lily and they talk through what happened. She visualizes the syringe and says she found it on the floor in one of the offices; she isn't sure which one. Then, Lily says she saw Dusty on the floor. She is positive that Dusty was already dead when she got there! Holden and Lily go back to the research office, hoping for another memory flash. As they arrive, Emily hurries from the office! Emily and Lily argue about Dusty and who has the right to go into the office. Emily turns on Holden, asking if he really killed Dusty; he doesn't answer. Emily walks off. Lily and Holden go inside the room and Lily has another memory flash of someone running from the office before she came in! Lily isn't sure who it was at first but then the memory flash comes again and she realizes it was Emily! Lily is positive that Emily must have killed Dusty. When Holden doesn't believe her, Lily tells him about Emily's prostitute past. Holden is stunned. Lily decides she has to tell Jack what she remembers. Holden follows her from the hospital.

    Can't A Dead Guy Get A Break?

    Monday, January 28 2008

    Lily comes downstairs to the kitchen and tries to talk some sense into Holden. He tells Lily that he doesn't need a lawyer and he doesn't need to tell the police any more than he has already told them. Lily can't believe it. Meg walks in the door and asks for a few moments alone with Holden. She starts in on him, too, asking him to think of the kids! Holden won't listen to Meg, either. She begs Holden to let her help him get through the arrest; he says what he needs most is her to help him get Lily back on track.

    Lily is nearly back to sleep upstairs when she has a memory flash and remembers finding Dusty - dead - on the floor at the hospital. She rushes back downstairs and into Holden's arms. She tells Holden about the memory and Holden says it must have just been a dream because she was in the hospital room all night long. He convinces her that the "memory" was only a side effect of the drugs. Lily agrees to see her doctor, hoping that he can help her recover actual memories. Holden slows her down, telling her to concentrate only on getting better and to forget about Dusty. They leave for Memorial. Lily finishes up her doctor visit. She exits his office and is drawn down the hall as Holden and the doctor talk. She goes to the research office and has another memory flash. She knows she is remembering the night Dusty died!

    Holden talks to the doctor, asking how Lily seems and if she said anything about the night of the overdose. The doctor wonders what Holden is getting at; Holden says Lily may harm herself if she remembers too much. The doctor says the memories could help Lily but Holden is convinced they won't. The doc suggests another stint in rehab but Holden says no! He says the best place for Lily is at home where he can keep an eye on her. "Really? Then where is Lily now?" The doctor asks and Holden realizes Lily has wandered off again! He hurries away. Meg arrives and Holden tells her that Lily has wandered off again; she agrees to help him find Lily. Holden finds her in the stairwell and tries to get Lily to stop talking about that night. She insists on telling him what she remembered but he isn't interested; Lily realizes he already knows some of it and is trying to keep her from remembering the rest. "I have to know, even if it's painful," she says, wondering what could have happened.

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