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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Leaving On A Jet Plane?

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Lily returns to the farm and tells Holden about Parker's trial. He pushes her to tell him what went on with Carly but Lily won't tell him what she knows about Carly. Holden begs her not to let secrets come between then. Finally Lily gives in and tells Holden about the jet. He says they have to tell Jack. Lily hangs up from talking to the pilot, who tells her that Jack stopped the take-off. She asks Holden about the divorce and moving back home. He says he wants to start over and says he knows he needs to work harder at making their relationship work. Taking her hands, he asks Lily to stay at the farm a while longer. Lily hugs him and says yes. Luke and Noah walk in and ask about the missing letter. Lily says they haven't seen anyone hanging around the farm that afternoon. Noah looks out the window, wondering who might be out there.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!

    Thursday, February 14 2008

    On Valentine's Day, Holden and Lily are talking. "Can you imagine how Valentine's Day would be if one of us were gone?" she asks. Holden imagines what his life would be like if Evan had managed to kill Lily. He envisions a busy kitchen, and trying to care for the kids all alone. Angry, Faith leaves the table. Lily's ghost appears, telling Holden that he isn't alone. She goes to the porch where Faith is sitting alone. Lily tells her how loved she is. Faith doesn't appear to hear and then Lily disappears. Both Faith and Natalie return to the kitchen where they remind Holden of the bake sale the next day. He is getting things ready when Lily appears again. He realizes that Lily was the one who got Ethan to sleep, who helped Natalie with her homework and who made Faith feel better. "Bodies can be parted," Lily says, "but not souls." He disappears as Faith comes in. Holden says he was talking to Lily, which Faith doesn't find strange. He looks out the window, hoping for another glimpse of her. On the porch, Holden repeats what Lily said to him and then turns to see her there with him! She says she has been bending the rules for a while, trying to help him as much as possible. Holden says he doesn't want her help, he wants her there with him. He tries to touch her but can't. "You weren't perfect, I wasn't perfect but together we were," he says. Lily reaches out to him and he reaches out to her and they clasp hands. Lily is no longer a ghost! Holden kisses her.

    No More Fun and Games!

    Friday, February 08 2008

    Luke hurries into the kitchen, worried about Lily. He asks what happened; Lily and Holden send the girls to another room so they can talk. Lily tells Luke about Evan, the murders and the hostage situation. Luke is relieved that his family is safe. Lucinda arrives, wondering if she is still welcome there. Luke hugs her; Faith and Natalie come in and hug her, too. Lily says she will always be welcome. Lucinda says she forgot something in the car and hurries out; Luke follows and asks what is going on with her. Lucinda says she feels guilty because she was Evan's step-grandmother; Luke says he couldn't have known he was crazy. Lucinda keeps beating herself up, saying that because she was on the board she could have stopped things. Luke says she couldn't. Lucinda begins to feel better until she remembers that Dusty died.

    Back in the kitchen, Meg comes down from Ethan's room. Holden pulls her across the room and asks what she was doing with Paul. Meg tells him about Paul's quest to win her back and says it didn't work. Holden is still worried about her. Luke returns and tells them Lucinda is very upset. Meg says she'll talk to her. The kids go upstairs, leaving Holden and Lily alone. They begin talking about the past and about their future. Lily says she wants to start over, one more time, with him. Holden wants the same thing but asks if she can be 100% honest with him this time around.

    On the porch, Meg presents Lucinda with the papers for Montgomery Enterprises; Lucinda pushes them away and says she doesn't want them. Meg pushes them at Lucinda but she won't take them. Lucinda barges into the kitchen; she and Meg continue their argument with Holden and Lily. Lucinda insists that she no longer wants the company because of the tie between Montgomery Enterprises and Evan Walsh. Rather than telling Lucinda's real secret, Lily tells Lucinda she should take back the company to right those past wrongs. The others leave Lily and Lucinda alone; Lily says she'll keep Lucinda's secret about Evan on one condition: that Lucinda take the company back! Lucinda agrees. Lily calls Meg in and Lucinda signs the papers. Lily says again that she'll keep the secret. Lucinda leaves. Lily is cleaning up the kitchen when Holden returns to the room. Lily is very nervous and tells Holden she wants to start over but that she has a secret she has to share first. She beats around the bush for a while and finally says she can't tell him everything just yet. Holden is taken aback. Lily says she can't tell him the secret because it isn't hers to tell; he understands that. He doesn't like it, but he understands. "I'm going to trust you enough not to ask for any more details," he says, stunning Lily. He says their future begins right now and hugs her!

    Lily Kills Evan!

    Thursday, February 07 2008

    Inside Room 408, Evan tells Lucinda that the syringe has enough of the poison to kill Lily and Lucinda and Holden, too! Lucinda says he'll never get away with it. Holden yells in from the hall, saying they will let him leave as long as he lets Lily and Lucinda go. Evan says he'll let them go once he is out of the country. Lucinda yells out that Evan was behind everything. Margo says she won't negotiate! Chris walks up to Margo and Holden, demanding to know what is going on. They fill him in on Evan's craziness; Chris can't believe it and feels really bad. He convinces Margo to let him go in to talk to Evan. Inside, Chris asks Evan what he is trying to accomplish. Evan keeps talking about his important research and how he is going to save the world; Chris tells him to give up but Evan won't. He backs into a corner, grabs Lily and makes Chris leave. With Evan distracted watching the cops, Lily grabs a scalpel off the medicine cart in the room. Lucinda calls her pilot and asks him to get the jet ready. When Evan reaches for the phone Lily attacks with the scalpel but Evan deflects her blow and grabs her! Evan tells Lucinda to get them out of there.

    Back in the hall, Holden hears a noise and tries to get inside the room but Margo holds him back. Chris comes out and apologizes to Margo for not talking Evan down. Holden calls Kim at WOAK and asks for the chopper to be sent over. Margo tells him that is a good idea. Holden calls into the room, saying a helicopter is on the way. Evan drags Lily and Lucinda from the room and walks behind them up to the roof! Margo, Holden and the cops follow at a distance. Once on the roof Evan locks it from the outside and begins looking for the chopper. They can see it in the distance and Lucinda begs him to let Lily go. Evan pushes Lily away and he grabs Lucinda. Lily lunges toward him and they fight over the syringe; Evan is stabbed with the needle! He falls to the ground as Margo and the others make it to the roof from another access door. Lily and Lucinda argue about Evan but Lily gets quiet when she realizes the cops are close by. She tells Lucinda she'll have to live with what she did. Holden convinces Margo to let him take Lily home. Margo begins questioning Chris, who hurries up with Emily. He says he met Evan in Darfur but didn't know much about the research. Craig is next to arrive; he says Evan sought him out and that the research seemed legitimate at the time. Margo believes them. Chris says he should have listened to his father! Emily comforts him but they argue about her accusations toward him regarding Dusty; Emily says he did things just as bad. Chris storms off, saying he never wants to see her again. Margo questions Lucinda, who says she had no idea who Evan was before he showed up in town. Margo walks off; Craig comes over and insinuates that he knows Lucinda was behind Evan's arrival in town!

    Holden and Lily run into Meg in the hall and tell her about Evan. She is relieved that Lily and Holden are okay and no longer suspects. They leave. At the farm Holden asks Lily what her argument with Lucinda was about but Lily doesn't tell him. They sit at the table and talk; Holden says he doesn't know what he would do without her in his life. "I feel the same way," she says! They hug. Faith and Natalie arrive home, very worried because they saw some television coverage of the hostage situation. Holden and Lily reassure them that everything is fine now. The girls hug Lily.

    Evan's The Killer!

    Wednesday, February 06 2008

    At the farm, Lily cancels the reservations Holden just made, saying she isn't going anywhere. Holden pleads with her to leave town for a while. He goes to the barn so Lily can think. Lucinda phones, calling Lily "Gregory" over and over. Lily realizes something is wrong but blows the whole thing when she reaches the hospital without the money. Evan opens the door and pulls Lily into the room, too! Evan admits to the killings but says Lucinda set everything in motion - by hiring him to sabotage Montgomery Enterprises! "I didn't know he was a lunatic," she says. Holden calls; Evan reluctantly allows Lucinda to answer. She tells Holden that she hasn't seen Lily and then starts talking about sending Lily to Dallas. Evan grabs the phone before she can drop any more I'm-in-trouble hints and hangs up.

    Holden turns to Margo, who he just asked for help, and says Lily is fine. He leaves. Margo has a policeman follow Holden! He arrives at the hospital and knocks on room 408's door. Evan opens the door enough to pull the bag of money inside then slams it shut. Margo and another officer arrive. Evan sees them through the window!

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