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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Ameera and Casey Are Arrested!

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    The Snyder's and Ameera are cleaning up after dinner. She talks about her first day in class; Noah suggests that Ameera come along to the mixer. Luke isn't thrilled but agrees to the plan. Holden returns as the kids leave and says not to drink and drive. Ameera is uneasy about alcohol being included in the night but goes along anyway. When they are alone Holden kisses Lily. Parker interrupts and says he is really worried about Carly. Lily and Holden reassure him and when they are alone worry about what Jack and Carly have gotten themselves into. Holden goes upstairs to take a shower. Lily joins him and they make love! After, they are talking about the future when an agent from Homeland Security calls looking for Ameera. Holden tries to call Luke but he doesn't answer.

    Ameera and the boys return to the farm and another agent is hot on their heels. Ameera cries, saying she can't go back to Iraq. The agent tells Lily he has to take Ameera but that they can call the local offices in the morning to see about her release. Noah is really worried about his new friend.

    A Knock-out Show!

    Monday, March 03 2008

    At the hospital, Susan tells Holden and Lily they arrived just in time. When she leaves Lily wonders if Colonel Mayer may have sent Ameera to "meet" Noah so that he could hurt both boys! They go into the hospital room and ask Ameera to come with them. Once she is away from the boys Ameera says the accident and the fight was her fault. She begins to explain about her connection to The Colonel; Lily interrupts, asking if The Colonel hired her to put Luke and Noah in danger! She insists The Colonel didn't send her or the thugs but Lily and Holden don't completely believe her. They apologize, though. Susan returns with the boys' release papers and takes Holden with her. Lily apologizes to Ameera, too. Ameera says she understands and they return to the boys.

    Lily and Holden return to the farm with the boys. Faith is there and asks about the bumps and bruises. They tell her about the men who attacked Luke, Noah and Ameera. The kids all go upstairs. Lily and Holden go outside and she asks him about Bonnie. Holden reminds her that nothing happened between him and Bonnie; Lily believes him but says maybe something should! She says she loves him but has a few hang-ups and he shouldn't be left to wait for her to get over her issues! Holden says he'll wait as long as he has to. As they talk, Carly arrives to see Parker. Holden goes inside to get the kiddo. Carly asks Lily what is going on. Holden returns, saying Parker will be down in a few minutes. When they are alone again Lily tells Carly that she can't forget about her relationship with Dusty and that she can't bring herself to sleep with Holden because of it. Carly tells Lily to lighten up on herself and trust in Holden. Parker comes out and asks what happened this time. Kit is watching them from the trees! Carly tells Parker about Katie's accident as Lily returns inside. Parker is staring across the yard when he realizes someone might be out there. Carly sends him inside and goes to check things out herself! Jack arrives and scares her. He says he was checking the perimeter and didn't find anything. Parker comes outside and Jack gives him the school book. When Parker is gone, Carly suggests that Jack return to Katie but Jack insists that Katie is better off without him. They return to Carly's. Margo arrives a while later and says she is placing Carly's home under surveillance for her own safety. Jack is angry and tells Margo to pull the cops off but she won't do it. She leaves.

    Back in the kitchen, Ameera tells the boys that her visa is up soon and she has to accept the fact that she must return to Iraq. Faith returns and tells them that she could apply for a study visa; Holden comes in and says the Snyder family might be able to help with the student visa and with tuition costs. Ameera is stunned. Lily comes inside. She agrees to help with the tuition as much as possible. Ameera can't believe it. The boys and Faith take her for a hayride. When they are alone Lily asks Holden if she is enough for him. "If you need more time, I can deal with it," he says and hugs her.

    One Good Fight...

    Thursday, February 28 2008

    Holden and Lily are enjoying a quiet morning at the farm. Lily notes how quiet it is just as Holden finds a note from Luke that the kids went to Statesville the day before. They begin searching and realize the kids never came home the night before. Holden calls the prison and learns that the boys didn't show up for their appointment at the prison. Lily tries their phones but neither picks up. Holden tries Dallas but he hasn't heard of any accidents on the roads. Holden and Lily get in their car and begin to search the roads. They see Luke fighting off the two tough guys and Holden runs to help him. Luke manages to get Ameera out of the car and Noah holds her. Holden and Lily get the kids to the hospital. Susan checks out Noah and reports back that he will be fine. Luke goes inside to be with Noah. Holden tells Lily he has to go to the police station to give his statement. Ameera asks Lily if the tough guys will be punished. Lily says they will be. Inside, Noah tells Luke he can't remember much about the fight. Luke tells him he doesn't need to remember. Ameera comes inside and calls Noah her brother! She explains that even though they aren't related by blood she feels a family connection to him because of Win. Noah takes her hand and says no explanations are necessary. She is stunned at how Luke and Noah defended her. Noah says he wants to go home.

    Holden returns and Lily hugs him. He reports that the thugs are going to be in custody for a while. Lily worries about Luke and Noah and even Ameera and wants to protect all three of them. Holden hugs her.

    Oakdale Needs A Boxing Ring!

    Friday, February 22 2008

    Holden and Lily are enjoying a little quiet time at the farm. Lily suggests they hold off on the rest of the cleaning; Holden likes that idea and draws her close to him. He kisses her! They go upstairs and begin making love. Lily pulls away from Holden and says she isn't ready to make love with him. He brings up Dusty and Lily admits that is part of it. She says she turned to Dusty because Holden shut her out and then says they need to deal with that before they go any further. Luke knocks on the door and asks them to come downstairs because there is a problem.

    Leaving On A Jet Plane?

    Monday, February 18 2008

    Lily is making stew when Holden walks in to the kitchen. He comments on Lily's attitude change; she says she feels like a new person. Then, she says she is ready to move out of the farm - and back to her own home. Holden doesn't like the idea but Lily insists that she has to move on with her life. She reminds him about the divorce and what he wanted. Carly calls and Lily agrees to meet her at the house in a few minutes. Lily asks Holden to stay at the farm and says they'll talk more later. Aaron arrives at the farm a while later and asks Holden for advice about testifying for Will and Gwen. He says he is on the Munson's side but he doesn't want to betray Sofie. Holden listens and then tells Aaron that all he can do is tell the truth. "You just have to make sure you don't hurt Hallie," Holden says.

    Carly meets Lily on the porch and asks for the use of Lucinda's jet! Lily asks why and Carly says she has to get Parker out of Oakdale - fast! "No one can know where we're going," she says! Lily says she won't do it. Carly begs and pleads and finally Lily agrees. She calls the pilot to get the jet ready. Carly returns inside. Jack comes down from Parker's room, telling Carly that they have to remain strong. She says she doesn't trust cops and judges the way he does. Jack leaves for work. Carly waits until his car is gone and then calls Parker, tells him to pack his things and says they are leaving! Parker says he has changed his mind! He says he talked to Jack and he wants to stay and face the charges; Carly convinces him that they have to run. Parker goes upstairs to pack. They arrive at the jet. Parker is upset because he couldn't tell JJ and Sage goodbye or talk to Jack. Carly says they can take care of that later because now they need to focus on their destination. Just then Jack arrives! "This is the worst idea you've ever had!" he exclaims. He tells Carly that running and living a life on the lam is the worst thing that can happen for Parker. She disagrees and tells Jack to get off the plane. He refuses. Finally Parker speaks up and says he wants to go home! The three of them return home and Jack says how proud he is of Parker. Parker tells Jack not to be so hard on Carly and then goes upstairs. Jack follows Carly into the kitchen. Crying, she apologizes for trying to run with Parker. He understands and admits he might have done the same thing in her shoes. Jack hugs her.

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