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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Party Disruptions!

    Thursday, April 10 2008

    At the farm Lily and Holden are getting ready to leave when their babysitter calls to cancel. Luke arrives and they ask if he can sit with the kids but he is already helping Noah and Ameera. He tells them about Noah and Ameera moving to the cottage, saying it's the only way they can get the INS agents off their back. Holden and Lily are worried but support Luke's decision to help Noah and Ameera. Lily calls Margo to cancel on the party. She apologizes for the late notice.

    I'm Right There With Lisa!

    Wednesday, April 09 2008

    Brad and Katie are getting ready for work. She tells him about Margo's engagement party plans for that evening. He asks if she wants to invite Jack and she says he can do it. She leaves. Katie arrives at the farm and finds Lily just coming into the kitchen. She invites Lily and Holden to the engagement party; they joke about the many times they've both been married and Katie says she is getting close to Lisa's record-breaking number of marriages. Katie turns to go. Lily asks about Mike, saying she received a note from him recently. Katie says she hasn't heard anything. She asks about him but then takes back the question, saying she doesn't really need to know. She leaves and runs into Carly on the porch. Carly asks if she is there to see Jack; Katie tells her about the engagement and invites Carly. She accepts. Katie leaves. Lily comes to the porch as Carly excitedly jumps for joy; Lily puts a damper on Carly's celebration saying Mike could ruin things for Katie and Brad - and Carly by default! Carly says Mike should never have come back and tries to figure out a way to make him leave. Lily says that isn't a good idea, either, because of Jack. She tells Carly that her best option is to stop conniving and to just love Jack so he sees that she has changed. Carly says Lily is right.

    Katie's Choice...

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    Jack is looking for Lisa at The Lakeview when Lily walks up and asks about Carly. They sit down in The Lounge, talking about Carly. Jack says he can't forget about Carly's checkered past; Lily says Carly deserves a second chance. Jack says he isn't ready for yet another of Carly's schemes or lies and neither are the kids. As they talk, Katie arrives and watches from a distance. Lily suggests that Carly's past isn't the issue - that Jack is the issue. She leaves. Jack sees Katie and goes to her. She tells him about Brad's proposal; Jack isn't sure what to say. He finally tells her that she should say yes, if Brad is who she really wants. Katie walks away. Jack returns home just as Carly arrives. Both find it funny that Holden and Lily gave them basically the same advice: that the other person was to blame. Carly says both of them are wrong. Just then the smoke detector goes off! Carly left a toaster on in the kitchen. Jack puts out the fire while Carly freaks out about making yet another mistake. Jack says she is overreacting and it could have happened to anyone.

    Mike settles down at the table with Emma. He promises that his company will keep the natural beauty of the farm as they develop it. Meg pipes up that Worldwide has made another offer. Mike can't believe they are considering selling to Paul. Meg calls Paul to report in. He arrives a few minutes later and Meg takes him inside to make the introductions. Both men size one another up. Mike says they should each pitch their development plans so Emma can make an informed decision. Emma likes the plan. Mike goes into his presentation - complete with drawings - of the green development they have planned. Paul says he doesn't have any plans yet because this is Worldwide's first real estate deal. He asks for a little time. Mike turns to Emma and says his offer is only good for a short time because the company needs to move forward quickly. Just then Lily and Holden arrive; both are excited to see Mike. Meg explains that Mike is making an offer on the land, too. Lily points out that Paul and Mike should form a partnership so that Worldwide funds Mike's plans! Both Paul and Mike agree that is a good solution. Meg walks Paul out, thanking him for being calm and reserved today. Inside, Lily talks to Mike, who asks her not to tell Katie that he is back in town. Meg returns and Holden warns her that Paul's good-guy act is just that. She is sure he is changing, though. Holden tells her to be careful and take things slow. On the porch, Lily and Emma talk about the possibilities that Mike is back in town to win Katie's heart!

    We Belong Together...

    Tuesday, April 01 2008

    Holden and Lily are in the kitchen when Emma drops a bomb on them - she is considering selling the majority of the farm! She says she'll keep the main house, barn and pond but the rest she could sell for development so that she doesn't have to worry about taxes and things. "I've lost my passion for farming," she says. Holden is stunned but Emma stands firm. Lily offers to buy the farm so that it can stay in the family but Emma wouldn't have the financial worries. Emma says she doesn't want that. Lucinda arrives with fancy boots and clothes for Natalie and Faith. They tell her about selling the farm; Lucinda thinks that is a great idea. As they talk, Meg arrives. She is thrown by Emma's decision but supports it. Lucinda pipes up that she'll buy the farm. The Snyders' are all stunned. Lucinda promises them a good price and says Worldwide could make the farm a refuge for many more people. Meg reminds Lucinda that Paul is now the CEO of Worldwide. Emma says she'll never sell to Paul Ryan! Meg tells her that Paul would be a good owner for the land but Holden backs up Emma. Lucinda and Lily convince them all to talk to Paul before making any decision. Meg calls him. When Paul arrives he is concerned to see the Snyder clan and Lucinda at the kitchen table. They tell him about Emma's plans to sell. Holden says Meg doesn't come with the deal! Paul makes a mini-presentation, promising to take care of the land the way Emma would and to protect the wildlife. All of them are impressed. Gwen calls to speak with Lucinda; she leaves. Paul takes Meg outside so they can talk privately. Holden, Lily and Emma worry about Paul's influence over Meg. Lucinda leaves. Outside, Paul tells Meg he is looking forward to seeing her more. Meg fires back that his buying the farm has nothing to do with their relationship and that she won't take him back. Paul says he won't give up.

    An Innocent Boy!

    Thursday, March 27 2008

    Meg, Emma, Holden and Lily support Parker at the farm, telling him that everything is going to be fine. Parker refuses to let them look on the bright side, insisting he is going to jail. Emma makes Parker breakfast while Holden assures Parker that Carly and Jack are tracking down a new lead. Realizing that his parents aren't going to be in the courtroom, Parker storms out - and runs right into Paul! Paul tells Parker to have faith. The family leaves for court together. At the courthouse, Emma takes Parker inside. Holden greets Noah, Luke and Ameera, thanking them for coming. The crowd goes inside. Lily hangs back with Luke to make sure he is okay. Luke admits that he isn't completely okay with Noah's marriage. Brad and Katie arrive and Holden fills them in on their mission. Meg asks Paul if he has had a premonition about Parker and he says he hasn't. She asks if things are going well with Barbara and he says he isn't sure. Paul asks if they can sit together but Meg turns to her family's row of seats. Tom and the prosecutor return; Holden asks Tom how he is doing after the Gray incident. He says they are hanging on. Parker sees Tom and asks if there is still time for Carly and Jack to arrive; he says they need to hurry. Just then the judge comes into the room and the session begins. Parker takes the stand and tells the judge about Sam firing bands to make himself indispensable to Carly. As Parker talks about the feelings he had on the night of the shooting, Ameera becomes very uncomfortable. Parker continues talking and tells the judge about Sam hurting Carly. Ameera can't take it and leaves. Noah follows just as Parker admits he did shoot Sam. Tom asks how many times Parker shot the gun and Parker swears he only shot once. The judge asks if he is certain because in his deposition Parker said he may have shot twice. Parker explains that he was still upset at the time but that he is certain now. "I didn't kill Sam," he says.

    In the hall, Ameera apologizes to Noah but says she couldn't listen to the testimony any longer because it was bringing back memories from the past. Noah offers to take her home but Ameera says she wants to stay. They return to the courtroom as the prosecutor begins questioning Parker. She twists Parker's words from the deposition and makes him admit that he wanted Sam permanently out of the picture and that he could have fired twice. The judge releases Parker from the witness stand and Tom gives his closing arguments. The prosecutor gives her closing arguments, too, saying that Parker is the only person who could have killed Sam. The judge calls a recess and says he'll return with a verdict soon. Parker asks Tom what his chances are and Tom says good; later, talking to Holden, Tom admits that Parker will likely be found guilty. Luke asks Noah and Ameera why they left. Noah says Parker's testimony brought up bad memories for Ameera. Noah asks how Luke is and he says as long as he knows they have a future, he will be fine. Lily, meanwhile, is worried that Carly and Jack won't get there in time. In the hall, Meg thanks Paul for encouraging Parker at the farm. Brad sends Jack a text message, asking him to hurry. Just then the judge returns to the courtroom. The judge says Parker's actions were premeditated and that because there is no evidence of another shooter, he has to find Parker guilty!

    In the car, Jack flashes his badge and tells the officer they are trying to get Ruby back as a witness in a murder case. He offers to escort them to the courthouse! Jack and Carly walk into the courtroom with Ruby just as the judge finds Parker guilty. The prosecutor tells the judge to ignore them but the judge allows for a final witness and Ruby takes the stand. Tom asks Ruby about Kit and Ruby tells the court about Kit befriending her on the street. The prosecutor objects but the judge overrules her. Ruby tells them that Kit returned to Metro, saw Sam with Carly and then saw Parker shoot. "And then Kit finished Sam off," she says. The prosecutor questions Ruby, who says she only wants to save Parker's life. Ruby gives the judge Kit's identification, which was left in the pocket of the coat she gave Ruby. Along with identification is proof of another of Kit's aliases and proof that Kit was in Oakdale the night of the shooting. The judge releases Ruby from the stand. The judge reverses his guilty verdict and releases Parker, but says he will still have to be punished for shooting Sam. The courtroom is ecstatic.

    A Marriage In Name Only...

    Wednesday, March 12 2008

    Emma, Lily and Faith are getting the farm ready for Ameera's and Noah's wedding. Lily is upset on Luke's behalf but Emma says things will work out. Holden comes in with the eggs and tries to steal a few goodies. On the porch, Luke asks Noah how the vow-writing is going. Noah says he can't think of anything to say that won't hurt Luke. Luke reassures Noah that he is okay with the wedding. They are about to kiss when Aaron walks in. Back in the kitchen, Holden is still trying to steal a few goodies but Emma stops him every time. Lily and Faith go upstairs to check on Ameera. Emma asks if things are better with Lily and he says yes. The boys return inside as Lily returns and says, "Ameera is gone!" She returns a second later and says she went for a walk. She asks if they can get married in a non-religious ceremony at the farm instead of the church. Emma changes plans immediately. Noah asks Luke to be the best man and he accepts. Natalie and Emma return to the stove for more goodies. Lily takes Ameera upstairs to lend her a dress. Once they are finished with a few decorations, Luke decides to help Noah write his vows. In the kitchen Aaron tells Holden that he is going to go back to Seattle for a while to be with his mother. Holden doesn't want him to go but understands. Aaron pulls Luke aside and tells him not to be blinded by Noah's marriage. As they talk Faith comes downstairs in her wedding outfit. Faith, Emma and Holden return next and then Ameera makes her debut in one of Lily's dresses. Outside, the ceremony gets underway. Noah and Ameera both say "I do" and exchange rings. Noah has doubts that they are doing the right thing but goes ahead with it. Holden and Lily hold hands during the ceremony. Noah kisses Ameera on the cheek and the family claps for them. The family goes inside for a wedding dinner. Luke toasts to Noah and Ameera. Emma blesses the food and they all dig in. After dinner Ameera goes upstairs to sleep; Faith and Natalie follow and so does Emma. Luke and Noah inspect the marriage license. "I hope one day we'll have one of those with out names on it," Luke says. Noah agrees. On the porch, Holden asks Lily if she would like to renew their wedding vows.

    The Return Of Cowboy Jack - Again!

    Friday, March 07 2008

    Ameera is in a room alone when one of the security team members leads Noah and Luke inside. She swears that she hasn't done anything wrong. Lily and Holden say they will help her clear things up. Agent Frye walks in; Holden and Lily ask why Ameera is being held by the agency and the agent says her student visa inadvertently connected her with terrorists. He says they just finished more checking, though, and it is clear that she isn't a terrorist or connected to terrorists. Still, he won't release her yet because her visa has already expired. He says Ameera will have to return to Iraq, apply for another visa and wait for approval. Noah is very upset at that. Ameera says she has no blood relatives who can sponsor her; the agent says only a brother, sister, parent or spouse can sponsor her reapplication. He lets them take Ameera home to pack. Lily and Holden promise to help her however they can. Noah takes Luke outside and says he has to help Ameera - and he is going to marry her to help her stay in the country! Noah says it would be a marriage in name only. Luke is crushed and says he thinks Noah wants to return to the closet! Luke storms off but Noah follows. He pleads with Luke to understand that he can't let her die in Iraq. "I love you more than you will ever know," Noah says. Luke hugs him and says they'll work the rest out. Inside, Holden and Lily are contemplating what they should do to protect Luke. Holden says they have to let the boys and Ameera make their own decisions and hope for the best. The boys come in and tell them their plans; Luke asks if they can remain at the farm. They agree to support the kids. Ameera comes in and Noah tells her his plans. She doesn't want to do it at first but after talking to Lily, Holden and Luke, she decides to go through with it.

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