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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Alison and Aaron Investigate

    Thursday, November 29 2007

    Just outside the door, Noah runs into Luke. Holden is there, too, and Noah tries to convince both that the party is lame and they should leave. Holden makes sure the boys are okay and then leaves. Luke starts to go inside but Noah again says it's lame and they should just leave. The dancing girl comes out and asks if Noah's going to finish their dance and Luke gets the wrong idea. Noah sets him straight and then tells him the real reason they shouldn't go inside: Lily is there with Dusty! Luke is shocked. Just then Lily and Dusty come out. Luke confronts his mother! "This is my family that you're destroying," Luke says when Lily tells him this is his business! Lily tells him that Dusty has nothing to do with the divorce and that she only turned to him after Holden pushed her away. The two of them return to the farm, arguing the entire time. Luke tells her to stay with Dusty if he is more important than her family! Lily can't believe what she is hearing and is hurt when Luke says he doesn't want to see her until she decides who and what she really wants. Luke wheels himself inside. Lily isn't sure what to do.

    Lucinda Confronts Lily

    Monday, November 26 2007

    In his hotel room, Dusty orders breakfast in bed for he and Lily. She brings up family, feeling sad because her day with the kids was cut short on Thanksgiving and the girls have other plans for today. Dusty says it isn't her fault and that Holden is causing the rift between Lily and the girls; he promises a fun-filled day for the two of them. Breakfast is served but room service forgot a coffee cup. Lily offers to share but Dusty can't handle that. He calls room service for a second cup and they tease one another about sharing coffee. Dusty hurries to the door a second later and both are surprised when Lucinda barges in! Explaining about her run-in with Faith, Lucinda tells Lily she is making a huge mistake by sleeping with Dusty and tells her to go home. Lily takes offense and tells Lucinda to butt out. Dusty offers her a croissant but Lucinda ignores him. Lily points out that she isn't a teen any longer and Lucinda can't run her life. She orders Lucinda to leave! "Is this what you want?" Lucinda asks. Lily doesn't answer; Dusty shows Lucinda the door. When they are alone, Lily begins to worry that Faith really might think she left Thanksgiving and the family for Dusty. He tells her not to worry about it, that Faith is just a kid. Seeing how worried she is, Dusty puts their plans on hold so Lily can find Faith.

    In the lounge, Lily runs into Lucinda, who tells her what a huge mistake she is making by starting up with Dusty again. Lucinda tells her she has to fight for Holden and her marriage! Lily tells Lucinda that the divorce is Holden's idea and what Holden wants and that she has to grow up and let Holden be a part of her past. She leaves.

    Noah arrives at the Snyder farm. Luke apologizes for the drama and fighting surrounding the family Thanksgiving. Noah shrugs off the explanation and hands Luke an assignment for one of their classes. Uncomfortable, he turns to go but Luke asks him to stick around for more turkey. Noah declines. Luke wonders what he has done wrong. Holden walks in. Luke says regrets telling Noah he loves him because Noah obviously wasn't ready to hear the words. Holden reminds Luke that Noah didn't seem uncomfortable the night before but Luke is still worried. Holden points out that Noah keeps coming back to the farm and he spends time with Noah. Lily arrives. Holden gives Lily some time alone with Luke, who isn't thrilled with his mom after her early exit from the Thanksgiving meal. She points out that Holden doesn't really want her at the farm; Luke says it will be easier on the kids if she is around the farm more. Lily points out that Holden doesn't want her there. Frustrated, Luke wheels himself out of the kitchen. Holden returns and asks Lily just what she and Dusty were "working" on at the Lakeview. Lily can't believe him and tells him that he is the reason Faith and the kids are having such huge problems. "I'm done trying to explain you to our children," he says and tells Lily she'll have to take over the reins from here!

    A Day of Thanksgiving!

    Wednesday, November 21 2007

    Outside Emma's kitchen, Lily calls Dusty and tells him she is doing fine. He asks if she is busy later and she says she'll try to get back to him. Meg is helping Emma get things ready for the family dinner. Emma encourages Meg to move back to the farm but she insists on trying again with Craig. Luke and Noah arrive and Emma puts them to work on the Hubbard squash and Jack, JJ and Parker just brought in the door. Holden comes in with Ethan and asks about Lily. He walks outside, sees Lily and invites her in. Meg gets a text message and hurries away. Holden and Jack wander outside and talk about their women-problems. The talk turns to Brad, which turns back to Katie. Jack asks Holden to hold dinner for him and leaves. Lily comes outside and asks where Jack is headed.

    Emily and Chris arrive at The Lakeview and she begins to counsel him on how to get Bob on his side. Chris leaves but Em stays in the lounge. Dusty walks by, talking to Lily who is coming to meet him. Emily tells Dusty it's too bad he'll be alone on the holiday; Dusty says he won't be alone at all! Just then Lily arrives, makes a beeline for Dusty and kisses him! Emily can't believe what she is seeing. She walks off. Lily and Dusty talk about family and love; she believes things are over with Holden but Dusty thinks they still have a chance. He asks Lily how she feels about being free from Holden but she doesn't know.

    Luke Tells Off Win Mayer!

    Tuesday, November 20 2007

    At The Lakeview, Lily runs in to Holden and tells him that she spent the night at the hotel - with Dusty! She apologizes for dropping the news like that. Holden is annoyed but tries to pretend he doesn't care. He pulls the separation agreement from his pocket and tells her they are over. They go in to the lounge to discuss things. Lily reads over the papers. Holden takes a call from Luke, who says he needs help and then hangs up. They hurry off to meet him.

    Lily and Holden watch Luke and Noah from outside the interrogation room. Holden holds her back, saying Luke and Noah have to handle this themselves. They see Win lunge at Luke and rush inside with a bunch of cops. They restrain Win. Noah turns around and tells Luke he is standing up! Luke loses his strength but everyone is very excited about what he did. Lily is called away; Holden leaves, too, once the cops take Win away. A while later, a family friend from Win's old army base arrives. He tells Noah there is nothing wrong with being gay and says he remembers being proud of Noah as a child. He offers to help Noah in any way he can now that his father is going to jail. Noah thanks him but says with Luke by his side he isn't alone. After talking a little more with Luke, Noah decides to see his father one last time. He tells Win that he and Luke are together and there is nothing he can do about it. Win asks the guards to take him away.

    Lily and Holden return to the The Lakeview, talking about Luke and Noah. Lily is glad for them both. She can't forget, though, that her own marriage is ending while another romance is just beginning. Holden thanks her for keeping Noah in the loop where Luke was concerned. Lily tells Holden that he helped things along because he is so strong with their family. She asks about Thanksgiving. He suggests spending it with Emma. The concierge delivers a huge flower bouquet - it's from Dusty! Holden becomes annoyed and starts to leave. Lily reminds him about Thanksgiving; Holden tells her to look over the separation agreement and get it signed as quickly as possible. He leaves.

    Lily and Dusty Make Love!

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    Dusty and Lily head over to a familiar haunt - Mables! It's closed but they go in anyway. The place has changed a lot but they settle in and put a few songs on the juke box. Dusty brings up the past and they start talking about their teenage years. Dusty puts on a fast song from the 80s and they start to dance. A slow ballad comes on and Lily pulls away, realizing they are treading into dangerous territory. Dusty tells her to stop worrying but Lily says she doesn't want to lean on Dusty because Holden has left her alone again. They both remember the first time they made love. Lily caresses his face. They talk some more, remembering their past. Dusty and Lily kiss! Dusty pulls away but Lily comes on to him, saying they should try to be teenagers again. They make love! After, Dusty takes Lily back to The Lakeview. She tells him she doesn't regret what happened at Mabel's; he says he doesn't either. She asks if she can stay with him for the night. Dusty tells her she'll never be alone because she has him; he kisses her and they make love again.

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