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    As the World Turns CAST - Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Snyder (PAST) Played by Martha Byrne on As the World Turns Daytime Soap Opera.

    Martha Byrne

    Birthday: 1969-12-23
    Birthplace: Santa Monica, California USA
    Marital Status: Married, Michael McMahon (November 1994)
    Real Name: Martha Byrne
    Height: 5' 7"
    Web site:


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    Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

    Thursday, April 30 2009

    At the Lakeview, Damian and Luke talk about his future. Holden and Lily arrive for lunch to thank him one last time, but Damian informs them that he is staying in Oakdale to get to know his son better. Holden states Luke is his son and he wants Damian nowhere near him. Damian informs Holden he was sincere about leaving, but Luke requested that he stay. Holden becomes upset and leaves.

    Bye-Bye Lily!

    Tuesday, April 22 2008

    At the farm, Lily is chattering on about Carly and Jack to Holden. She joins him at the table and sees the tape and the scarf from Dusty's things. She tries to explain that he made her feel as if she couldn't keep anything but Holden doesn't want to hear that. All he can think about is that Lily lied to him again. She asks what he wants from her. "You want a divorce?" she whispers. Holden says no and leaves. A while later Lucinda arrives. She and Lily talk and Lucinda suggests that she go see Iva for a while, to get some perspective. Lily thinks that could work. Holden returns and Lucinda tells him about the plan, saying that it was her idea but that it is what is best for Lily. She leaves. Holden goes inside and says the idea stinks for him but that it will be a good thing for her. Lily still feels guilty. "Come back to us," he says as she leaves. Holden sits at the table and reads her note, which says only "Love you". He begins to cry.

    Lily and Lucinda are driving in the limo. Lily thanks her for coming along; Lucinda says she is just making sure Lily won't change her mind. She encourages Lily, telling her that this time a break from Oakdale will work for her and for Holden.

    Here's To Saint Sofie!

    Monday, April 21 2008

    At the farm, Lily and Holden are getting ready for dinner. He goes upstairs. Lily finishes a few preparations and then pulls the bag with Dusty's mementos from the cupboard. She pulls the items out, looks at them and then stuffs them back inside. Jack and Carly arrive. Lily takes Holden back upstairs as Jack takes in the candlelit atmosphere and worries about what Lily has planned. He goes to the porch to check in with the police station. Carly checks the fridge for beer but settles for wine instead. She drinks it very quickly. Lily and Holden return. Lily sends Holden to get Jack. On the porch, Holden tells Jack that dinner is ready; Jack tells Holden to make Lily back off. They go inside and Lily proposes a toast to new beginnings. The wine tastes horrible to everyone but Carly; Jack wonders how much she has had already. Holden leaves to get a new bottle. Jack wants a beer but Carly says there aren't any. She then tells Lily to stop with the pretenses because her plan isn't working. Lily changes her tactics, tells Jack to stop being stupid and admit that Carly is the perfect woman for him! Jack tells Lily to back off and they argue. Holden comes in and backs up Jack. Lily gives in and the four of them say grace and begin the meal. Carly is obviously tipsy. Jack advises her to eat something because she's had enough wine. Carly angrily says she doesn't need his advice! She walks out. Lily tells Jack to go after her but he refuses so Holden does. Holden tells her to pull herself together and blames Emma's homemade wine on her outburst. They go back inside and everyone pretends that dinner just started and the outburst never happened. Parker calls and asks if a temperature of 103 is bad! Carly and Jack agree to leave right away. "Let's do this again real soon," Jack says sarcastically on his way out the door.

    Meg arrives at the farm as Mike is leaving. She goes on inside where Holden and Lily are cleaning up. Lily is upset that her dinner party didn't go well. Meg goes up to bed as Holden tells Lily that her heart was in the right place even if her methods didn't work. She goes to bed when Holden offers to clean up. He picks up a tin from the cupboard and when he returns it sees the paper bag inside. Holden opens it and is upset to find some of the mementos from Dusty's box!

    He's Gone Cindy Brady On Us!

    Thursday, April 17 2008

    At the farm, Lily looks through a few more things in Dusty's box and cries over him. Realizing she has to let go, she takes the box out to the trash but then takes the music tape and a few other things out to keep. She puts the items in a brown bag and hides them in the cupboard. "I'm sorry, Holden," she whispers.

    At the pond, Carly tells Holden that her problems with Jack aren't the same as his problems with Lily and that things aren't over between him and Lily the way they are over for her and Jack. "He will always find fault with me," she says. Holden says he has to get back and Carly returns with him. When they return, Carly goes inside to talk with Lily. Sympathetic, Lily asks if she is sure things are over. Crying, Carly says she still wants a life with Jack. As they are talking Holden comes inside. Carly leaves the kitchen. Lily tells him they can't let Carly and Jack give up so easily! She thinks she has the perfect solution and when Carly returns suggests a quiet dinner party for the four of them. Carly agrees. After she is gone, Lily tells Holden this is the beginning of a second chance for them. He asks about Dusty's box and she says she is ready to move on.

    Three Exes and a Wedding!

    Wednesday, April 16 2008

    At the farm, Lily and Lucinda are making lunches for the kids. Once finished they hurry out the door. Holden arrives and wonders where they're going. Lily says they are going to see Dusty's headstone be set up. He wonders why she didn't ask him to come along. Lily says she just didn't want to upset him. Lucinda tries to be the voice of reason and says it was all her idea; this only annoys Holden and Lily. He sadly tells her to go. In the car, Lucinda asks if there is trouble in paradise. Lily says she is completely in love with Holden but she isn't sure Holden feels the same way. Lucinda says she'll have a talk with Holden but Lily tells her not to. After the headstone is set, Lily tearfully tells Lucinda she has to work doubly hard to prove to Holden that she loves him. Lily returns home but can't find Holden anywhere.

    Is It Over?

    Friday, April 11 2008

    In the Snyder kitchen, Holden offers to take the box from Dusty up to the attic but Lily tells him not to. Luke comes downstairs, still upset. He leaves without talking to them. Lily follows Luke to the porch and listens as he finally breaks down. Luke is very upset that Noah is living with Ameera and not him. Lily returns inside. Luke follows and says he doesn't know how to feel anymore. Lily tells him to find a way to be with Noah. He decides he and Noah need a project and comes up with a movie idea! Luke excitedly hurries out. A few minutes later Carly arrives; seeing how upset she is Holden leaves. Carly tells Lily about sleeping with Jack and his reaction. She says she doesn't know what to do now. Lily says she needs to toss Jack out! Carly doesn't like that idea and says the kids need Jack too much. Lily reminds her that staying together for the sake of kids is not a good idea. Carly knows this and says there has to be a way that she and Jack can live together and not hurt one another.

    Jack, meanwhile, runs into Holden. Holden already has an idea of what is going on and tells him about Carly's visit. Jack says he doesn't know what to do. Holden says the only thing he can do is move out! Holden returns to the farm but Lily is nowhere to be found. He grabs the box and is about to throw the whole thing out when Lily walks back inside! She asks what he is doing and he says he didn't want to see her upset so he was getting rid of the box. He picks up the picture from Lily's teens and says he wants to be her best friend. Lily looks at the picture, inscribed to "my best friend, Dusty", and says it is just a box of memories. Holden is still upset and says it hurts that she turned to Dusty just a few weeks ago. Lily tells him to take the box to the attic.

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