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    Neurology Wing Discrepancy...

    Started by Buffyfan428 at 2010/09/11 04:52PM
    Latest post: 2010/09/11 08:08PM, Views: 619, Replies: 1
    #1   2010/09/11 04:52PM
    Neurology Wing Discrepancy...

    I've been re-watching Reid's scenes (as part of my therapy), and when Henry decided to fund the new neurology wing (that was the deciding factor in Reid staying in Oakdale) it was made a pretty big deal that the new wing was going to be named after Brad. Katie even announced it on Oakdale Now.

    Yet, after Reid's death they announce they're going to name the new wing after Reid.

    Not that Reid doesn't deserve to have it named after him, but it was already said to be named after Brad. Were it not for the revisionist history of the writers I wonder how Katie would feel about this.

    Ironically enough, in the episode where it was decided to name the wing after Brad, Chris, after finding out Reid was going to be in charge of it, says something about Reid naming it after himself...

    #2   2010/09/11 08:08PM
    Re: Neurology Wing Discrepancy...

    The revisionist history of the writers. I love it. If the writers were half as brilliant as you....they wouldn't have hacked it up so badly.

    They have kept Chris's character true to form, so far...he is still a putz.


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