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    Spoilers for the Week of August 9, 2010

    Started by adriana8900 at 2010/08/07 09:07AM
    Latest post: 2010/08/13 09:34AM, Views: 1749, Replies: 4
    #1   2010/08/07 09:07AM
    Spoilers for the Week of August 9, 2010

    Casey and Alison decide to give things another chance

    Chris tells Reid that he could have a rare heart aliment

    Chris's results come in and they confirm what Chris suspected

    Upset about his illness, Chris's work at the hospital suffers

    Reid urges Chris to tell Katie and his family that he's sick

    Luke assists Reid in succeeding at a meeting regarding Reid's quest to be chief of staff

    Luke and Reid decide to celebrate their success with a night on the town at Metro

    Chris and Katie are also at Metro and Chris suffers another attack

    Reid secretly gives Chris an injection that relieves his pain

    Reid is on edge keeping Chris' secret

    Reid is upset when Luke brings up Noah

    Reid tries not to be jealous, but admits he's not comfortable discussing Noah

    Alison helps Luke to deal with this delicate situation

    Reid is told by Luke that he and Noah will always be close and Reid will just have to deal with it

    Luke tells Reid that Noah is moving to Los Angeles in September

    With Jack's help, Carly learns that Craig is involved in she and Lily's business

    Carly confronts Lily about lying to her

    Lucinda clashes with Lucy

    Craig and Lucy are reunited

    Lucy and Gabriel bond over memories of Gabriel's mother

    Teri presses Janet to make things work with Dusty

    Janet decides to talk to Dusty, but finds him in bed with Lucy

    Lucy realizes it's Janet that Dusty loves and decides to let him go for good

    Janet is devastated by her discovery and says it's over with Dusty

    Jack tells Janet it's her own fault Dusty turned to Lucy because Janet repeatedly pushed Dusty away

    Janet turns to Blackthorn and they get closer

    Blackthorn threatens Craig to force him into giving back the money he borrowed

    Craig unwraps a dangerous gift

    Iris manages to trick Emily

    Emily realizes Iris is hiding something

    Emily finds Barbara tied up in the wine cellar

    Iris attacks Emily and knocks her out

    Iris ties Emily and Barbara up together

    Emily and Barbara squabble, but realize they need each other to survive

    Emily tells Barbara that Vienna left town and of Henry's obsession with finding Barbara

    Knowing Henry is looking for her, Barbara has hope of being rescued

    Henry manages to get evidence that Barbara has been kidnapped

    Paul realizes that Emily is missing

    Emily's disappearance has some concerned and others suspicious

    Spoilers for Next Week

    Jack breaks up a fight between Parker and Gabriel

    Chris lashes out at Katie

    Reid helps Chris to keep his secret

    Luke and Reid's relationship progresses

    Holden does something nice for Lily

    Faith schemes to push Lily and Holden back together

    Jack and Carly team up to get the dirt on Blackthorn

    Blackthorn's secrets are revealed

    Dusty disappears

    Barbara and Emily are rescued

    Henry proposes to Barbara

    Gwen is upset to learn the truth about her mother

    Spoilers for down the road

    Nancy Hughes dies suddenly

    Casey comes up with a way for the town to pay tribute to Nancy

    A shocking return threatens several lives

    An Oakdale duo make love for the first time

    Another sudden tragic death hits Oakdale

    Chris' health continues to falter

    Chris and Reid bond

    Reid clashes with John

    Reid has a surprise for Chris

    Katie's heartbreak leads her to make an important decision

    Luke learns something troubling about Reid's past

    Luke is surprised by his feelings

    Luke and Reid make important plans

    Luke gets a visit from John

    Reid suffers a terrible blow

    Noah makes a promise

    Noah's plans are altered

    Holden faces a life threatening situation

    Holden has a difficult duty to perform

    Holden and Lily come together for a family crisis

    Kim and Bob learn that John Dixon is back on Oakdale

    Bob and John Dixon butt heads upon John's return

    John has a surprise for Lucinda

    Rosanna returns to Oakdale for a special occasion

    Ralph seeks vengeance

    Janet gives birth under trying circumstances

    There's a revelation regarding Janet's baby

    Gabriel continues his scheme to get Liberty into bed

    Craig loses something important

    Casey and Alison reunite and make plans to marry

    Henry and Barbara worry about the past

    here the link

    #2   2010/08/07 12:17PM
    Re: Spoilers for the Week of August 9, 2010

    Thanks for the updates, Adriana!

    Looks like your girl has been putting Dusty off for too long! With Lucy right there shoving herself in his face...and the fact that Janet's been saying 'no' since New shouldn't be much of a surprise. Of course, she goes running to Jack...then Blackie...silly girl. She needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Dusty is hers for the taking...if she'd only stop teasing him!

    #3   2010/08/08 11:33AM
    Re: Spoilers for the Week of August 9, 2010


    #4   2010/08/08 07:39PM
    Re: Spoilers for the Week of August 9, 2010

    Sorry, the couple that we will be seeing getting married is CarJack!

    #5   2010/08/13 09:34AM
    Re: Spoilers for the Week of August 9, 2010

    Thanks for the spoilers!

    But something isn't adding up for me. Maybe someone can help me.

    So far the spoilers coming down the road have been in order of what happens next.

    That having been said and with the "rumor" about Reid - and yes I do believe that it's true but ................

    If the spoilers are in order and (1) another tragic death hits Oakdale and it's suppose to be this "rumor" then we have the next spoiler as Reid and Chris bonding ect.

    Are all of the spoilers in order or is something else going on?

    Sorry but different spoilers on different message boards and all the talk on other message boards - especially about Reid - can get a bit confusing.

    Thanks again adriana for the updates!


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