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Spoilers for the Week of August 25, 2008

08/25/2008 12:00am

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Jack investigates the rape! (

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The Week of August 25, 2008

Wednesday, August 27

Liberty gets into trouble.

Friday, August 29

The sexual tension between Alison and Chris is palpable.

Jack investigates the alleged rape.

Liberty remembers Leo at the picnic.

Alison decides to move up her wedding date.

Later This Week

Emily feels jealous of Dani.

Holden tells Lily that Mike could endanger their kids!

Casey demands to know where he stands with Emily because she's become wishy-washy where their relationship is concerned.

Vienna returns to Oakdale! Henry is thrilled but Carly wonders what this means for her club.

Alison deals with the ramifications of Aaron's proposal - and her attraction to Chris! When she sees Dani and Chris together, Alison becomes jealous but won't admit it, even to herself. If you're confused about Dani's connection to Oakdale and the Stewarts, read more here.

Paul tells Barbara that Meg could be in danger!

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Holden and Aaron are flummoxed. (

Carly calls a family meeting about Liberty and Parker.

Chris is shocked when he walks in on Allie's engagement party!

Leo gives Liberty tainted brownies at a school picnic. He watches Libs go into the woods with Parker and calls Brad. When he arrives, Brad sees Libs in a compromising position and accuses Parker of rape! Jack insists he is wrong.

Leo has an accident at the Snyder pond.

Barbara learns there is money missing from her account and automatically believes Rick is behind the theft.

James contacts Paul, who begins to wonder if Rick is really the culprit.

Meg has more pregnancy complications.

Derek keeps pressuring Paul.

Holden and Carly rekindle their romance; when he hears Sage singing Mike's praises he pretends not to care.

Jack surprises Janet by asking her to move in with him!

Later This Summer:

Mrs. Ward causes problems for Alison and Chris.

Dusty isn't dead after all!

James Stenbeck returns" to Oakdale.

Spencer McKay arrives in Oakdale to co-host a variety show with Brad. Read about that is the Comings & Goings.

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