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Spoilers for the Week of August 30, 2010

08/30/2010 12:00am

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Casey and Ali talk about their future (

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Week of August 30:

Monday August 30:

Reid can't hide the fact that he's been treating Chris anymore.

Alison finds something in Casey's room which leads to them discussing their future.

Tuesday August 31:

Alison and Casey want to help people the way Nancy would have.

Kim suggests they put a library in the hospital.

Lucinda and John catch up.

Katie pushes Chris away.

Nancy's friends toast to her.

Nancy is remembered and buried.

Wednesday September 1:

Luke tells Noah that he loves Reid.

Reid drags Chris off the golf course.

Katie arrives at the hospital to see Kim and Bob weeping.

Noah can't handle just being friends with Luke.

Chris reaches his breaking point.

Thursday September 2:

Luke admits to Reid that he loves him.

Bob demands to know why Reid kept him in the dark.

Kim asks Katie to stay away from her son.

Tom and Margo begin searching for a new heart.

Bob and Kim are shocked as Chris falls apart.

Friday September 3:

Katie keeps begging Brad to give her strength and Henry gives her a pep talk.

Reid leaves to get Chris a heart.

Kim worries that it's too late for her son.

Reid's attempt to save Chris turns deadly.

Henry and Katie discuss Brad.

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Chris gets worse (

The Future:

Only one of several engaged couples actually makes it down the aisle.

Damian's shadow is cast over the town.

The Hughes family battles about Luke and Reid but Bob becomes determined to help Reid.

Bob and John Dixon battle when Larry Bryggman returns to Oakdale.

Casey and Alison get back together and plan to get married.

Casey figures out how the town can pay tribute to Nancy.

The Hughes family is forced to deal with Chris' terminal condition.

Reid and John work together to save Chris, but he'll need a new heart.

Noah and Luke say another painful goodbye.

Reid's heroism could spell his doom.

John reunites with Lucinda.

A sudden death hits the town hard.

Luke turns back to Noah and they change their plans.

Holden and Lily try to help Luke cope with what he's lost.

Rosanna returns to Oakdale.

Janet gives birth and there's a big surprise about her baby.

Jack and Carly plan their wedding.

Molly returns.

Nancy's death will be worked into the final episodes of the series. Just as Casey and Alison get engaged again, they turn to her with their news but they're too late. "I actually considered pre-taping that final scene with Nancy just to be safe but I thought that would be bad karma," Chris Goutman told TV Guide. "Then Helen died and we weren't able to do what we had planned, and that just added more emotional burden to what we were already feeling. But my God, she was 91 years old! What a terrific run! What a terrific lady! Helen was in failing health the last couple of years and it was hard to bring her onto the show successfully, but we did what we could. I wish we could have done more, but it was so difficult for her. Even under those conditions, she was a magnificent force."

Head Writer Jean Passanante previewed the shows end and its final sweeps:

Carly and Jack finally take the plunge again and decide to make a future together but there are a few twists left for them.

Molly, Holden and Lily all try to reconcile.

Nancy's death has surprise consequences for Bob and Kim.

Luke has to do a lot of 'growing up' after Reid's horrible accident.

John and Lucinda provide some comfort for each other.

Dusty is finally happy for once.

Henry and Barbara stay happy.

Craig tries to make restitution to the people he's hurt.

The younger castmates all follow their dreams.

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