Where Party Favors Go To Die.

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Henry calls a psychic, Reid learns Chris' secret and Emily finds Iris in the basement.

Where Party Favors Go To Die. image

In the warehouse, Henry sense Barbara was there. Will tells him it's just where party favors go to die. Henry is sure that Barbara is still out there somewhere and there must be a clue. He finds lipstick all over Chuckles.


At the cabin, Katie starts to worry that Chris is having a heart attack. He claims he's just overexcited. When he tries to get up, he collapses. He insists that he's fine. She wants to call an ambulance but he asks her just to drive him to Memorial.


At Fairwinds Emily tells Paul they should hide their booze from Iris. He encourages her to have some faith. Em promises to make peace with his mom when she resurfaces. Gwen comes in and then Henry calls Paul to tell him that they are on Barbara's trail. He heads off to check it out. Emily wonders why she and Gwen are stuck looking after the children... and Iris. Gwen apologizes for her mom but says she hasn't given her any reason to doubt her yet. They talk about having alcoholic mothers. Gwen is determined to try and have a half normal relationship with her mom. After Gwen goes upstairs to look for her mom, she comes down and says she's wrong. Em worries she could have gone into the wine cellar. Gwen defends her mom and then leaves to find her.


Paul and Margo arrive at the warehouse and Henry shows them what he found. "Barbara was here and making out with the clown?" Margo summarizes. She doesn't see where the crime is so Henry begs her to treat this like a kidnapping. The cop isn't impressed by his instincts considering he married Vienna. Paul and Will start agreeing with Margo and Henry continues worrying. She leaves and Henry begins talking about bad juju in the air and suggests they get a psychic. Will wonders where they can get one. Henry points to Paul, who asks him to keep him out of this. Henry decides to track down the psychic who was on Katie's show.


At Memorial, Reid listens to nurses gossiping about who is getting Bob's job. They run away when they see him. While he does his rounds, Chris and Katie arrive and slip into an exam room. He looks for anti-nausea meds. She thinks he needs a doctor. He worries that it will make him look 'off his game' if he's given emergency care. When she goes off to the cafeteria to call her sister to call Bob, Reid walks into the room as Chris is drawing his own blood. They begin bickering and Chris stomps off, giving a nurse instructions in the hall and leaving a note on his file. When he walks off, Reid finds the note.


In the wine cellar at Fairwinds, Iris drinks wine and mocks Barbara, who is tied up on the floor. Barbara chokes and Iris tries ungagging her. That only makes Barb scream. Iris threatens her and explains that she found the pen she planted and that's why they moved. This is the last place anyone will look for her. Iris orders her to hand over her money again but she still refuses. Finally, Barb writes her a check. As Iris looks at it, Barbara jumps her and smacks her in the face. Iris pulls a paint gun and shoots her. She ties Barb back up and shoves the check in her bra. Iris shoves the gag in Barb's mouth. When she goes to the door, Emily walks right into her.


Margo arrives at the hospital to see her sister and explains what happened with Chris. Things got romantic and... Margo notices she's not wearing her wedding ring anymore. Katie blames herself for nearly giving Chris a heart attack. She brings her sister across the hall to see Chris. He claims he just had acid reflux. The women leave and Katie begins talking about her 'future new boyfriend'. Reid walks into the exam room and asks Chris why he is having himself tested for an obscure tropical disease and lying about it.


The psychic arrives at the warehouse and begins doing her thing. She begins reading the space and talking to Henry, Will and Paul about deception and a struggle. She says that the darkest secret is in the doll.


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