Let's Do This.

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Katie makes a bold step with Chris, Henry finds a major clue that leads him to Barbara, and Iris continues to wreak havoc on Oakdale.

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Casey finds Alison in the staff lounge and asks her out on a date for deep dish pizza. She happily accepts and agrees to meet him later. Chris enters the lounge and informs Casey that Tom and Margo invited him and Katie on a weekend getaway to the family cabin, but Katie declined. Casey wonders if Chris is giving up.


Katie plays with Jacob at home and asks him why she is being such a chicken about going away. She tries to talk herself into going. Katie wishes she had someone to talk to. Chris arrives and pulls her into a kiss. He then leaves to get food and hopes she'll join him to go to the cabin. Margo calls Katie and informs her she and Tom can't make the trip to the cabin because of work. Katie sits alone with Jacob and contemplates her next move.


Iris goes to see Barbara where she is keeping her captive and informs her she is living with the entire family at Fairwinds! Barbara thinks it is impossible. Iris orders her to pay her what she demands so she can leave for Tahiti or she'll be locked up forever! Barbara refuses to give her what she wants but offers to write her a big fat check if Iris fetches her checkbook for her. As Barbara tells her the location, she drops a pen in Iris's purse. Barbara begins to talk to the clown again and wonders if everyone really forgot her.


Henry dresses in drag for a stakeout at the Lakeview. He takes a call from Katie and tells her that he is positive he heard Barbara talking through Jacob's baby monitor. He asserts he will not rest until he finds Barbara! As he leaves to adjust his bra, Iris enters Barbara's suite! She finds a safe and pries it open with the pen that Barbara dropped in her purse. She takes the checkbook, sprays herself with Barbara's perfume and leaves. Henry walks around the corner and smells Barbara's perfume! He decides to go into Barbara's room and investigate. He discovers the open safe on the desk!


Chris waits at Al's for Katie and is disappointed when she doesn't show. As he leaves with a pile of food, he is surprised and happy to see Katie walk around the corner. She informs him Alison is keeping Jacob and says, "Let's do this."


Alison arrives at the Hughes home and tells Casey she is keeping Jacob for the weekend. Casey offers to help take care of him and thinks it will be a blast! They work together to calm a fussy Jacob. Alison decides to call Gwen and Will for reinforcements.


Emily and Paul cuddle in the living room at Fairwinds. Gwen and Will enter the room and ask Emily how she is taking the news about Iris movin in. Emily can't believe Iris is living at Fairwinds! She retorts she'd rather have the bride of Frankenstein living there! Will thinks if Gwen can put up with Barbara, they can put up with Iris. Emily thinks they shouldn't have to deal with either one of them. Gwen answers a call from Alison who invites her and Will over. She happily agrees so they can escape the tension. Paul tries to calm Emily down with a kiss. As they kiss, Iris arrives and says, "Emmy! You're home!" Paul orders Emily to play nice and leaves her alone with Iris. Emily wants to set some ground rules, but Iris gives her a list of things she needs to make her stay more comfortable. Emily comments that she needs a drink.


Chris and Katie arrive at the cabin. Chris is surprised that Tom and Margo are not there. Katie informs him they aren't coming. Chris realizes that Katie came up to be alone with him. He then notices she isn't wearing her wedding ring. Chris lights candles and Katie returns without her shirt on! Chris tells her she is beautiful. A nervous Katie comments that her goose bumps have goose bumps, but everything feels very right. Chris pulls Katie in for a sweet and tender kiss. They fall onto the floor and begin to make out, but Chris pulls back with chest pains. He tells her he wants to be with her more than anything but can't breathe!


Gwen and Will go to the Hughes home for a cookout with Casey and Alison. As the men tend to the grill, Alison thanks Gwen for helping calm Jacob down. Gwen notes that practice makes perfect, as well as a good partner. Alison wonders how you know who the right person is. Gwen asks about Mick. Alison says things got so out of control but believes she really is ready for marriage now. Gwen believes that she should go for it and never look back. The ladies join the men by the grill. Casey can't believe how grown up they all are becoming! Will gets a call from Henry and leaves to check it out. Casey wonders if he and Alison could be like Will and Gwen. Alison thinks it's possible.


Will heads to the Lakeview and laughs to discover Henry in drag. Will wonders why he didn't just dress as a construction worker. Henry wishes he thought of that. Henry explains how he smelled Barbara's perfume. Henry then finds a pen on the floor that says "The Party Warehouse." Will notes that the pen wasn't there before!

Will and Henry go to the party warehouse but Barbara is nowhere to be found!


Iris goes to the wine cellar to nab a bottle of wine. Iris hears someone coming and hides. Emily enters as Iris looks on. After Emily leaves, Iris sighes in relief. She drinks the wine straight from the bottle and tells a hidden and gagged Barbara she's drinking to her!


Next on As The World Turns:

Katie cries for Chris to come to when he passes out on the floor!

Reid discovers Chris is self-medicating and asks him what he is doing.

Henry finds Chuckles the clown and sees that it has Barbara's lipstick on it.

Gwen insists to Emily that Iris is not drinking again.

Iris tells Barbara not to move or she'll shoot her! Barbara points out it is a toy gun, but Iris fires off a shot!

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