Cutting Their Losses.

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Molly makes a decision, Blackthorn calls in his marker, and Luke needs time.

Cutting Their Losses. image

Craig bursts into Lucinda's office and assumes she was the one who set Lily up with the fictitious factory. He also assumes she knew he was bankrolling Lily and was trying to bankrupt him. She denies it and wants him to take responsibility. Lucinda says if Lily is ruined it's on him. Craig vows to expose her to Lily if he finds out she had a hand in this. Craig leaves and Blackthorn comes out to discuss the next step in his plan with Lucinda.


Blackthorn finds Craig in Old Town and brings up how Craig lost the money he loaned him on a factory that didn't exist. Blackthorn says he has to cut his losses and he's calling in his marker. Craig can't come up with the money right now, but Blackthorn says the people he reports to don't play nice like he does. He gives him 24 hours with interest in full and makes a veiled threat against Johnny if he doesn't pay up.


In Canada, Lily realizes how much Holden loves Molly and bribes the pilot with a diamond Holden once gave her in order to get him home to Molly. Holden tells her she didn’t need to do that, but Lily knows it's time to let go no matter how much it hurts.


At the farm, Carly takes action to distract Molly from Holden not being there and pretends to hurt her ankle. Carly thinks she should go to the hospital but Molly should get ready. She asks her to postpone the wedding until she gets back and Molly says of course. She asks Jack, who is in on her plan, to help her to the car. As Jack brings Carly outside, she fesses up that she really did hurt herself.


Upstairs, Abigail tells her mother how much she admires her. Abigail asks if Molly is upset with Holden for going after Lily. Molly knows she and Holden love each other and nothing else matters. Molly gets dressed in her wedding gown and notices her daughter is upset. She questions her if it's about the guy she's been seeing. Abigail tells her mother he is married and is just one more in a long list of what-am-I-thinking-guys. Molly urges her not to settle and to hold out for someone who is all hers. Abigail says, "Just like you did."


Lily drops Holden off at the farm and tells him to be happy. Holden walks inside and finds Molly who has changed out of her wedding dress. He wonders why she isn't at the wedding and she tells him there isn't going to be one. They talk about Lily and Molly tells him she's leaving. He wonders why and she says maybe for the first time he should have said no to Lily, especially on their wedding day. He promises it won't happen again, but she knows better. He thinks they can get past this and she thinks they could and she could make him happy, but she won't sit around and wait until he runs after Lily again. He wants to promise to love her forever and he asks her to give him the chance to make it happen. She wants a man she doesn’t have to share with another woman and can't believe the example she's set for their daughter. She doesn’t want to settle for a man who loves someone else more than he loves her. She gives him her ring back and walks out of the room.

Lily comes home and finds Lucinda. They talk about the fake factory, but Lucinda also tells her daughter Holden's wedding is off. Lily wonders if she had something to do with it by asking Holden to come to France. Lucinda fesses up but says Holden made his own choice. Lucinda thinks Holden will come back to her and reminds Lily to thank her when he does. After Lucinda has left, Holden comes over to check on the kids. Lily says she's sorry, but he tells her it's not her fault. She assures him it's not his either, but he's not so sure.

Still outside, Blackthorn calls Lucinda to tell her Craig is right where they want him.


Jack brings Carly into a hospital room and flirts with her as he looks at her ankle. He says they could have just rescheduled the wedding but Carly reminds him how things can change in just one day. Abigail calls Jack to tell him the wedding is off.


Carly and Jack run back to the farm and find Molly. Carly tells her cousin she can't give up on this. Abigail comes out to say her goodbyes to Carly and Jack. Alone, Molly assures Carly leaving Holden is the right thing to do, but encourages Carly to fight for Jack. Jack comes in and Molly says she'll come back to Oakdale when they set a wedding date. Molly leaves and Carly gets upset because weddings get to her, especially the ones that don't happen.

At the Lakeview, Luke tells Faith and Parker about the wedding getting called off, as Reid tries to answer the younger kids' questions. Luke laughs at his uncomfortable demeanor and takes over. Luke, Reid and the kids walk away, as Parker consoles Faith.


Reid and Luke go upstairs to Holden and Molly's room in the Lakeview. Reid thinks they should take a breath before packing everything up and going back to the farm. Luke thanks Reid for helping with the kids, but turns away when Reid moves in for a kiss. Luke explains he's only been with Noah and he associates everything like this with him. He asks for time, but Reid notes patience isn't his best asset. Luke kisses him for encouragement.

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