Best Day Ever.

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Holden and Lily are stranded, Reid is Luke's date and Craig goes after Lucinda.

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At the hospital, Reid walks out of a seven hour surgery and Luke pops up. The doctor wants to sleep but Luke reminds him that he's going to his father's wedding and he wants him to come. Reid says he's not going to be there. He thinks weddings are foolish and love should be pragmatic, not ceremonial. Luke points out that this would be their first time out as a couple. Besides, it would give Reid another chance to work on his people skills. The doctor still refuses and goes home to sleep.


Jack shows up at Carly's and they fret about Holden running off to France. She's miffed he let his cousin run off but he thinks that Holden isn't ready for this wedding after all. Holden calls to say he just landed and should be able to grab Lily and head back in time. Carly and Jack continue to gab and she keeps blaming him until Parker strolls in.


Molly wakes up in bed. Ethan, Natalie and Faith walk in and hop on her bed. They wonder where their dad is. Molly assures them that she's not there to take their mother's place. Faith takes the kids away as Abigail comes in. Molly thinks this will be the best day ever.


When Molly goes downstairs, Carly pours her coffee and tries to calm her nerves. They talk about Emma staying with Meg at the hospital and then go through the list of borrowed and blue until Carly hands her something old – a feather from her wedding to Jack. Abigail and Luke come in and check on the bride to be. The kids talk about how odd it is to see Holden getting married. She thinks he seems upset. Jack arrives and rushes upstairs to see Carly. He takes her aside to tell her there is a huge storm and flights are being delayed. Molly asks what this has to do with Holden. They explain that he went after Lily. She cries and assumes there won't be a wedding. Natalie and Ethan bring in some flowers and Molly puts on a brave face. She leaves to take a walk and Carly wonders how Holden could be so stupid. They bicker.


In France, Lily and Craig realize that they've been scammed. He's sure her mother is behind it but she refuses to accept that. Craig says her mother is trying to get back at him. She thinks they're screwed but he assures her they can work something out. As he gives her a hug, Holden arrives and pulls him off. He interrogates her and tells her she's flying back with him. She needs to stay and find out what happened. Her ex husband accuses Craig of being behind this whole scam. Lily doesn't want his help and reminds him he's supposed to be getting married. She realizes Holden won't leave without her so she decides to leave Craig to dig into things. As soon as Craig turns his back, Holden continues interrogating her and placing the blame on Craig. He keeps whining about the other man but she insists this is her mess to clean up.


On a plane, Holden continues ranting about Craig. Lily thinks this is ridiculous and tells him to focus on his own life. They hit turbulence and hold hands. She tells him he needs to move forward. He says he has faith she can turn all of this around. The turbulence gets worse until the pilot announces they will have to land in Montreal until the weather clears.


Back at the farm house, Abigail and Luke digest the news about Holden and wonder what's going on. She's shocked he would risk missing his own wedding for Lily. Reid strolls in and Abigail assumes he's Noah. Luke explains his life has changed a bit. Reid takes his hand and announces that they are together now. Molly comes in and tries to put a positive spin on things.


Parker goes to get Faith on the porch. She accuses him of trying to avoid her. He claims he's just being careful. Molly comes out and tells them Holden will be delayed. She walks off and Faith guesses there is trouble. Molly stands by the window and listens as everyone discusses the plane delays. Reid walks out to her and begins talking about the hypocrisy of the people in town. He tells her that nothing is forever and people move on. They go inside and Molly says they should do things in reverse and open up the cider. Lily makes a toast to 'coping'. Holden calls Jack to say that they will be stuck for a couple of hours. Carly takes him aside and says they need to put off ruining Molly's day as long as possible.


Craig rushes to Worldwide and begins yelling through Lucinda's door.


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Luke and Reid talk about taking the next step.

Lucinda says that Lily's ruin is on his head.

Lily offers a pilot a diamond to fly.

Holden gets back to town and asks Molly why she isn't at the wedding.

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