Right Where You Belong.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

A vision of James visits Barbara while her family continues to search for her.

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On the street, Paul finds his mother's bracelet in the cup Emily threw away and confronts her about it.


At the hospital, Henry tells Katie he understands why she did what she did but he doesn't condone it. She says this is a step in the right direction. They brainstorm about Barbara's disappearance. She thinks she must be in town and hiding so they have to lure her out.

Will and Gwen go over to Barbara's determined to find evidence. Before they can go inside, Henry calls and says they are going to go on air to make an appeal. They rush off to the station. A woman walks out of the room.


Will and Gwen meet Henry and Katie at WOAK for the broadcast. They go live and the former Geneva Swift makes his public plea for Barbara to come back. He blames himself for not following his heart and believing they were the real thing. Henry talks about how underappreciated Barbara was and begs for her to be let go. When the broadcast ends, Will tells him he did a good job. He heads off and Katie tells Henry she's sure Barbara will come back now. They get a call saying someone matching Barbara's description was just seen.


In Old Town, Gwen is shocked when Iris walks up to her looking suspiciously like Barbara. Iris says she saw the broadcast and came back to support her family. She tells her daughter that she's off the hooch and high on willpower. "Give me the chance, I'll find Barbara," she says.


Paul and Emily go back to Fairwinds and she says that she chucked the bracelet because she's sick of his mom sticking her nose into their lives. They bicker about his mom and he insists she's not a mother. Em isn't convinced and is sure his mom will try to destroy him and his happiness again. Paul insists that will never happen. As they bicker about the evidence she found, Will walks in and Paul hands him the bracelet. There's plenty of bickering and Paul defends his wife and tells him to back off. Em goes off to check on the kids and the brothers discuss how much they've changed. Gwen arrives and announces that Iris is back again. She thinks her mom may have turned over a new leaf so they decide to give her a chance.


Upstairs, Emily tells Paul about how his mother tried to convince her to have an abortion. He says that was because of James and asks her to see the good in his mom. She agrees to try.


Henry and Katie run around the streets shouting. He spots a woman but it's not Babs. They run over to the Lakeview and he begs a maid to let him into Barbara's room. Inside, he can smell her perfume and assumes she must still be around.


Barbara wakes up in the warehouse and worries about how much longer she can live off of candy. She begs Chuckles to talk to her. When she grabs his head, he turns into James. "You are worse than solitude," she says, begging him to go away. He's not going anywhere and begins 'wooing' her, claiming they are soulmates. She tells him he doesn't have a soul and reminds him about Audrey. He claims all the other women are just a vague memory and he wants to prove that he's the only one who has really loved her. She begs him to get out of her hallucinations. She claims that she fell for him when she was naïve and has spent most her life regretting it. He reminds her of her failed romances and she says that Henry is making her into a better person. James is disappointed by all of his sons. When he kisses her, she pushes him off. He begins listing her crimes and telling her she's scarred her children for the rest of their lives. She says he's pure evil but she still has a shot at salvation. Henry suddenly appears and tries to defend her but James shoots him down. Henry makes excuses but she thinks he's sided with Vienna over her. Paul comes in and says that finding her would be okay but he'd rather keep his wife happy. "You're finally right where you belong," he says, walking away. She begins talking about how great Will is but James says that Will is even more like him than his own sons. When Will arrives, he tells his mom that she's welcome to visit once and awhile but that's it. After he vanishes, James explains that her sons don't love her. He asks her to fly away with him but she refuses and claims she doesn't need anyone. He turns back into Chuckles. She bangs on the door until she hears it open. Iris walks in.


Next on As The World Turns:

Henry and Katie watch surveillance footage.

Paul gets a message from his mom.

Barbara demands to know what Iris has been telling people.

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