Fond Of Craig.

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Craig goads Lucinda, Jack and Dusty agree to work together and Sierra returns.

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Lily goes home and Faith wanders out to see her. They catch up for a second and then Faith needs to leave for a dress fitting. She asks her mom to go with her.


At Craig's place, Carly flips out at him for going to New York with Lily. She demands some answers and fumes about him spending a night in a motel with her partner. She accuses him of orchestrating this just to make her jealous. He tells her things have changed. "I swore I would break the Carly habit," he says. Now his life is turning around and everything is better. Carly keeps acting jealous and he tells her he's moved on and she should too. She claims she is moving on and babbles about it. He's indifferent and asks her to give Lily an Empire State Building statue for him.


Dusty walks into Lucinda's office at Worldwide with a report on Blackthorn. She told him to drop his investigation but he won't. He explains that Craig bought into the company with dirty money from Blackthorn. She thinks this is all about Janet and insists this is nothing. He can't see why this doesn't bother her. Lucinda says they may see the two men go down in flames. After he grouchily leaves, she makes a call and tells someone to come back to Oakdale today.


Molly and Holden are shopping at Fashions for the wedding. After he sends her off to pick up some pumps, Lily and Faith arrive. Things are awkward. They convince Holden to stick around and see Faith's dress. When she slips off to try it on, Holden and Lily begin bickering about Craig. She assures him that she can take care of herself and he's forfeited the right to have a say in her life. Faith comes out in her dress and they tell her she's beautiful. Lily turns away and sobs. She and Holden are upset to see their little girl all grown up. Lily's just realized that this wedding is for real. Molly rushes back and interrupts their sentimental moment. Lily runs off.


Lucinda goes to the Lakeview. Craig sends her a martini and then joins her to celebrate his coming on board at Worldwide. They toast to other people's money and he talks about his time in New York with Lily. She pretends she doesn't know about it but nearly gags as he tells her about spending the night with her daughter. Lucinda accuses him of laying the foundation for revenge. He tells her he wants Lily to be happy with a significant other. As he talks about how vibrant Lily is and how he wants to fulfill her needs, Lucinda cringes and groans.


At Al's, Jack tries to get Janet to slow down and tells her to go on maternity leave. Blackthorn wanders in and Janet introduces them. Tony takes his mac and cheese and leaves a hundred dollars behind. Janet talks about what a success story he is. This is all raising red flags to Jack. Dusty drifts in and joins the conversation. Janet mocks them and Dusty explains that Blackie is in business with Craig. He's sure it's shady but Janet is annoyed. The two men begin discussing things and then argue. Jack offers to help him and asks him not to be a jerk about this. After arguing, they agree to work together. After Dusty leaves, Jack apologizes to Janet for being hard on her friend.


Molly and Holden go to talk to the clergyman about their wedding. He talks about his last marriage and how it ended. He admits that part of him will always love Lily but their relationship is over. After the reverend goes off to finalize some details, the couple talks about their history and he says the past is just the beginning.


Lucinda goes back to her office and finds Sierra waiting for her. They hug and Lucinda wonders why she is there when it was Lucy she summoned. Sierra didn't want her used as a pawn and explains that Lucy knows everything now.

Dusty runs into Craig at the Lakeview and asks if he'll be able to see Johnny again.


Lily goes over to Carly's and they talk business until Carly interrogates her about Craig. Carly insists Craig doesn't do anything randomly and worries he's up to something. Lily tells her she's become fond of Craig. "Did you say 'fond'?" Carly gasps, hoping Lily hasn't gotten naïve. Lily tells her to stop with the personal advice or she'll have to give her some about Jack. Carly warns her to be careful with Craig.


Next on As The World Turns:

Lily kisses Craig.

Craig and Sierra meet again.

Molly finds Holden reading his old vows to Lily.

Carly continues to be jealous.

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