Until It Was Too Late.

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Henry searches for Barbara, Vienna goes on the run and Iris pops up.

Until It Was Too Late. image

In the Lakeview massage room, Henry confronts Vienna and demands that she be honest with him about where Barbara is. She insists she has no idea where the other woman is. The argue and he refuses to back down though she is adamant that she had nothing to do with the disappearance. She claims that she went crazy with love but he doesn't think love hurts people. He refuses to forget or forgive. "I hate you," he says, before declaring that they are going to the police. She runs off in her sheet, locking him in.


At the station, Katie is uncomfortable talking about what happened to Barbara but Margo demands some answers. She finally explains that Barbara called Vienna before she vanished. Katie admits that she knew about the fake pregnancy and feels terrible about everything. She goes over all of the details of Vienna's plan and the fake miscarriage. Will and Gwen gasps but Katie makes excuses for her friend. Will is sure that Vienna did something to his mom. He begins accusing Katie of protecting Vienna. Margo tells her little sister she has a lot of questions to answer.

Margo and Will go to set free Henry at the Lakeview and question him. He fills Margo in and then Will demands to know what kind of games he's been playing with his mom. Henry wasn't playing games. He explains their convoluted courtship and how it developed into something strong. When he thought Vienna was pregnant, he tried to do the honorable thing, though he found it devastating. He admits that he still loves Barbara and rushes off to search for her.


At WOAK, Chris calls Katie and leaves a message. His mom wanders over to check in. He tells her about the mess Katie is in. Kim's shocked when she hears all of the details and disgusted that Katie was involved. He makes excuses for Katie but she's disturbed when he admits that he stood by and never said anything.


Alison and Casey are taking Hallie window shopping in Old Town before sending her off to get ice cream. The adults talk about being parents and he says it would have been a nightmare to share parenting duties with Vienna. When the little girl comes back with her cone, Ali and Casey discuss how they've stopped hating each other. He leaves for work and Gwen comes by to get her Hallie. She fills Ali in on the latest with the Vienna mess. Ali laughs about how unbelievable it is and then tells her about Casey's part in it. Will arrives and tells Gwen what else he has learned from Henry and they try to wrap their heads around it. He's sure something must be seriously wrong.


At the hospital, Casey walks into an examining room and finds Vienna standing there in her sheet, begging for help. He refuses to get involved. She claims that Henry tried to kill her and Casey can understand why. He agrees to grab her some scrubs or something. When he walks into the corridor, he fills Ali in on what just happened. She tells him not to help Vienna and tells him what his mother suspects. He gulps when she informs him that Vienna was never even pregnant. They mull over the situation and she advises him not to get sucked into this anymore. Margo shows up and Casey tells her where Vienna is. When they return to the room, only the sheet is still there.


Katie goes home and sees that she has twelve messages from Chris. She decides not to drag him into her mess though. Henry shows up and demands to know where Vienna is. Katie has no idea. He tells her that Vienna freaked out and ran away. Katie keeps apologizing but he wants answers and begins searching the apartment. After he searches, she tells him she was just trying to help. He says she's ruined his life and they can never go back to the way they used to be. She's desperate to help but he refuses to let her relieve her guilt. She never realized he really loves Barbara. "I didn't know it either... until it was too late," he says. Katie says she'll never be able to forgive herself for what she's done. He doesn't care and walks out.


Will and Gwen go up to Barbara's room. She thinks she can smell his mom's perfume. He calls for her. Iris walks out, playing with Barb's perfume.


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