Off With Her Head!

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Barbara hallucinates while her family looks for her and Henry asks for an annulment.

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Vienna and Katie are arguing in the hall of the Lakeview. Vienna begs for her help but Katie won't give it. When Vienna tries opening Henry's door, her key card won't work anymore. The door flies open and Henry announces he needs to speak to his wife. Once they get rid of Katie, Vienna begins kissing Henry and telling him he's wonderful. "I want an annulment," he says. She wants to pretend that everything is okay so eventually it will be. He doesn't want her or her scams and warns that a divorce will get really ugly. She accuses him of wanting this all along and says Barbara proved she doesn't love him as much as she does.

At the station, Margo chats with Will about his mom's disappearance.


At Fairwinds, Gwen admits it's a revelation to see Paul and Emily acting like a normal family. They begin talking about Barbara disappearing. Will arrives and announces that Barbara is now a missing person. Emily thinks that Barbara just wants to be the center of attention. Will starts to fume at her. Paul defends his wife. Everyone agrees Barbara is a pain but Will continues badgering Emily. Gwen is sure that Barbara wouldn't run off when she had the chance to spend time with her granddaughter. Accusations fly and Emily and Paul try to explain what's been going on with Barbara and how many enemies she's made. Will and Gwen leave to track down Vienna.


Henry goes downstairs at the Lakeview and asks around about Barbara but no one has seen her. Katie follows him around and he explains he's annulling the marriage. If he could, he would annul their friendship too. He doesn't know how she could have betrayed him like she has. Henry tears her up for destroying the happiest relationship he ever had just because she's a miserable person. "I lost Brad because of you and I forgave you!" she blurts out. He guesses she's a better person than him and walks off. Will and Gwen rush up to him and ask about Barbara. He starts to worry. Katie wanders over and Henry vows to track Barbara down. The clerk walks over and hands Will Barbara's phone. It was found in the stairwell.


Upstairs, Henry pounds on Barbara's door. Katie tells him she's gone... and she knew there was no baby. He's shocked and asks her if she's helping Vienna hide Barbara. She insists she's innocent.


At the warehouse, Chuckles has to slap Barbara to wake her up. She worries about how long she has been there and asks Chuckles what to do. He's not helpful until she apologizes and he encourages her to get her hands free. She manages to get her hands undone and giggles manically until Chuckles explains she has a fever. When Barbara puts on an Elizabethan costume, she begins imagining that Henry is there, dressed as Henry VIII. He accuses her of treason and asks her to kiss his shoes. He calls witnesses. First Emily pops up and then Paul, who both speak against her. Will and Gwen pop up next to add their voices and Barbara claims she's already been punished by being locked in there. Katie pops up and accuses Barb of being a 'strumpet'. Vienna finally arrives and declares that there can only be one queen. Henry says he can start a new religion to get around that but everyone begins chanting for Barbara's head to roll. "Off with her head!" everyone chants. Barbara defends herself and wishes she had told him about the deception against him. She vows to fight for him because she believes in them. "You are my real queen," he declares. They kiss. Barbara snaps out of it. She decides she'll have to get herself out of there on her own.


Back at Fairwinds, Emily and Paul talk about how much things have changed. She thanks him for defending her. He asks her if there's anything she needs to tell him. That annoys her so she walks away. When she returns, he apologizes and says he's just worried about his monstrous mother.


Gwen and Will bring the phone to Margo at the station. Katie arrives and says she was there when Barbara made her final call.


Vienna is at the massage therapist's. Henry grabs her and demands to know what she did to Barbara.


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