Suspicions and Distractions.

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Lucinda has an agenda, Holden worries about Lily, and Dusty investigates Blackie, who visits with Janet.

Suspicions and Distractions. image

Dusty comes to the farm in order to call a truce with Janet. He gives her a Mona Lisa painting to prove he likes Italians. She accepts and then gets a delivery of chocolate turtles from Blackie. She tells Dusty the meaning of the chocolates, but assures him she loves his gift as well. Dusty leaves, as Janet indulges in Blackie's gift.


Worried about Lily with Craig, Lucinda finds Holden running with Molly. She details Lily's troubles in New York, but leaves out Craig's presence there. Holden thinks Lily can handle herself, but after Lucinda walks away in frustration, Molly wonders when Holden plans to leave for the Big Apple. Holden insists he's not going anywhere and they discuss wedding plans. Molly leaves and Holden worries about Lily.

Dusty comes to World Wide to talk to Lucinda about Blackthorn. Lucinda isn't worried, but Dusty wants to investigate him to make sure he's not after the company. Lucinda reminds him Janet doesn't like it when he sticks his nose in her business, but tells him to investigate if he wants to.


Craig and Lily wake up in their hotel and admit they had a good time last night. Craig checks on their flight as Francoise comes by on Lucinda's orders to make sure nothing is going on between them. After finding the two half dressed, she pretends to check her messages, but secretly takes photos of the two instead. Francoise gives Lily and Craig a list of very expensive upgrades they need to make on the factory or else they will face fines. Lily thinks it's extortion, but Craig wants to do it so they can get their product out. Lily tells Francoise the deal is off because she didn't disclose the upgrades before the sale. When Francoise is ready to walk, Craig convinces Lily he's fine with spending his money and convinces Lily to go along with the upgrades. Lily walks Francoise out, as Craig answers the phone to Holden, who wants to know why Craig in is Lily's room. Craig explains he and Lily just ran into each other while both were in the city on business. He quickly hangs up as Lily returns and they head to the airport.


Lucinda sees Blackthorn at the Lakeview and tries to be inconspicuous as she warns him that Dusty is sniffing around. Blackthorn doesn’t think he will find anything. Lucinda is still worried, so Blackthorn tells her to find a way to distract him.

As Lucinda rides in her limo, Francoise sends her the photo she took of Craig and Lily. Lucinda is appalled and declares this was not part of the plan. She makes a call and tells whoever she's talking to its time to come home.


Holden comes to Lily's house who just got home from New York. He questions her about Craig and catches her in a lie. She covers, but Holden is skeptical. She tells him what she does is none of his concern.


Blackthorn comes to Craig's room who is looking for more money for their project. When he expresses concern about spending so much money, Craig reminds him they have to spend money to make money. Once Blackthorn is gone, Lily comes by to question why Craig didn’t tell her Holden called while they were in New York. Lily doesn't like lying and thinks she should tell everyone that Craig is backing the company. He convinces her not to, but she will reveal it once their product is off and running.

Blackthorn comes to the farm and after some chit chat he asks Janet not to tell her boyfriend everything he tells her. She didn't know his working for Lucinda was a secret. She also tells him Dusty isn't her boyfriend because they are still working that out. Blackie decides to stay for turtles and coffee.

Dusty makes some calls to have Blackie investigated.


Holden meets Molly who is tasting food for their reception. She knows something is off with him and he tells her about Lily and Craig. He's worried they are involved, but Molly doesn’t believe that. If they are though, Lily doesn't need saving. Holden agrees to stay out of whatever is going with Lily and Craig and they get back to planning their menu.

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