It Always Ends Badly.

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Lily and Craig play into Lucinda's hands, Parker gets a new job, and two estranged couples grower closer.

It Always Ends Badly. image

At Al's, Dusty tells Janet Craig is keeping him away from Johnny as pay back for the World Wide situation.

In her office, Lucinda talks with Francoise on the phone and they discuss how they are setting Craig up to fall, as the deal Lily and Carly have made is bogus. Dusty comes to Lucinda to talk about Craig and she assures him things always end up badly for him.


After Jack rides Parker about getting a summer job at the farm, Parker gets a call to do a commercial for a tennis sportswear line. He tells Liberty and Faith about it as Gabriel works on furniture for Janet's new place. Parker leaves and Gabriel disdainfully discuses Parker new gig with Liberty. Faith comes out after changing and says she's going to watch Parker's photo shoot. Liberty and Gabriel get in a fight about Parker and she leaves to go watch the shoot as well.


Jack comes to see Carly at her house as she prepares to leave town to sign contracts for Carlisle. They discuss Parker, as he runs in the door telling them about his new job. He just needs an okay from them, but Carly says he can't do it because she can't be there with him. Parker pleads with Carly and Jack asks to talk to her alone. After Parker has left the room, Jack convinces Carly Parker should do this and Carly says she'll cancel her trip.


Lily waits at home for Carly with Craig. As they talk, Craig declares he has come to realize how selfish he is and knows he's done terrible things to people. He feels he's been given a second chance and Lily thinks this is a great step forward for both of them. Lily gets a call from Carly who says she can't go on their trip, so Lily will have to sign the contracts herself. Lily understands and they hang up. Lily tells Craig she doesn’t want to go to the meeting alone and asks him to go to New York with her. She says they'll just go for the day, but he worries about being too high profile. She ultimately convinces him and they leave.


Lily and Craig arrive in New York to meet with Francoise. Lily tells her Craig is their financial advisor but asks her not to mention his presence there to anyone. After going over the contracts, Lily signs the papers, which completes the sale of the perfume factory. Francoise gets a phone call and tells them all the airports have been shut down due to a baggage handler strike so they will have to stay the night. Once they've left, Francoise calls Lucinda to tell her it's done. Lucinda revels in Craig falling into her trap. Francoise tells her Craig was there as Lily's financial advisor and they had to stay the night tonight. She also says they seemed very chummy.


Lily and Craig go to an airport hotel, which Lily thinks it's a dump. She wants an additional room, but Craig informs her there are no other rooms and no extra cots either. They flip for who gets the bed and Craig says if it's heads he get the bed, if it's tails they share it.

Back at the farm, Jack and Carly tell Parker he can take the job. Jack offers to tag along, which pleases Carly and they flirt.


At the tennis courts, Carly goes over the contracts and offers her opinion on Parker's wardrobe. Parker goes to change and Jack tells her how impressed he is with her. After Parker changes, he sees Faith, who feeds his ego, and he is happy to see her. Jack and Carly look on with pride at Parker as he shoots the commercial and inch closer to each other. On a break, Carly goes over the particulars with the producer, as Parker teaches Faith how to play tennis. Liberty walks up as Parker and Faith have fun on the court and thinks it was stupid to come. Carly and Jack note how well things worked out for Parker and then Jack asks Carly to dinner. Carly tells him he's on.


After Dusty leaves Al's, Janet sees Johnny with his nanny walking outside. She runs out and tells them to come have lunch inside. The nanny has errands to run so Janet suggests Johnny stay there until the nanny is done running around. She brings Johnny inside and calls Dusty to come back to the restaurant. Dusty rushes over and thanks Janet before he sits down with Johnny. The nanny calls Janet and tells her Craig went out of town, but he can stay with Janet for the afternoon.

Janet, Dusty and Johnny go to the movies and then Dusty offers to take Janet to dinner. She balks at first, but then agrees to meet him at Metro.

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