Not That Smart.

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Henry confronts Vienna, Katie feels bad and Craig tries to cheer Lily up.

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Will and Gwen watch as Hallie runs around Barbara's room. They start to ponder what happened to Barbara and he wants to continue digging into it.


At the Lakeview, Katie breaks it to Henry that Vienna was never actually pregnant. That doesn't make sense to him but she swears it is true. He starts to pace and yell until he begins hyperventilating. Katie makes excuses for her friend and then wonders how they can fix this. He orders her to stay away from him and storms off.


At the hospital, Vienna begs Chris to keep her secret and gives her rationale for lying. Chris doesn't buy it. "You lit the fuse, you watch the explosion," he says.


When Henry returns to his room, Vienna is there. She's jumpy so he has her lie down and plays along with everything. As he puts her to bed, he finds the prosthetic belly. She makes excuses but he angrily confronts her for her lies. He refuses to listen to any of her excuses. She cries and pleads and says they can get past this too. He tells her that what she did is an insult to the child they lost and orders her out. After yelling at her to shut up, he shoves her out the door.


At Worldwide, Lily tells Craig that the deal for the factory is nearly done. She's still uncomfortable that he is keeping his part in all of this is a secret. He insists that no one will get hurt. Holden walks in and demands to know why Craig is there. Craig makes an excuse and leaves. Holden fills Lily in on Meg and then announces that he wants to get the kids involved in the wedding. Things are awkward but they agree to always be friends and shake hands, agreeing that they both deserve to be happy. After he leaves, Craig returns and observes that Lily's heart is still breaking. He offers to help get her back on her feet and suggests she go to New York on business with Carly.


Jack drops by Carly's and asks her if she wants a coffee and a talk about where they stand. Molly bustles in so Jack makes himself scarce. Molly apologizes for ruining the moment. Her cousin fills her in one things getting better with Jack and then Molly tells her that she feels bad for throwing a big wedding with everything that's going on. Carly encourages her to pursue her fairytale ending. Gwen shows up at the door and Carly starts to scream giddily. They sit down and Carly fills her in on everything that's happened in the last year. Even with all of that, Gwen doesn't understand why she isn't with Jack. She suggests that fate will lead them back together. Carly just wants to concentrate on business right now.


Will drops by the station to see Jack. He tells him that his mother seems to have disappeared. Jack offers to look into it.


Chris goes to Katie's. She tells him that she told Henry everything and now lost the best friend she ever had. He wishes he could help. They share a beer and he says things will be better when the dust settles. Vienna calls and asks her how she could have ruined things for her like this. Katie wants to rush to Henry but Chris tries to dissuade her. She insists, gives him a hug and leaves.


Henry goes to Barbara's door and begs her to let him in. Vienna approaches and tries again, telling him that the other woman doesn't deserve him and could never love him like she does. He tells her she's evil and he hates himself for loving her.


Molly goes back to the farm house to show Holden some stuff she bought for the wedding. Ethan says he only wants to be in the wedding if his mom is there too and wonders why Holden isn't marrying her instead. Holden sits down and tries to explain that he doesn't love Lily in a 'marrying kind of way' anymore. Molly explains that she will never take his mother's place but will always be around to help. They send him off and agree to go all out on their wedding.

Katie goes looking for Henry at his place. He won't open his door so she tells him how sorry she is from the hallway. Chris shows up and tells her to give him more time. She blames herself for ruining things by meddling. He tells her she did the best she could. "I'm a mess," she says, advising him that he'd be smart to stay away. He's not that smart. Inside the room, Henry calls Barbara and says that he loves her.

Carly drops by Worldwide and Lily asks her to New York with her. Carly's a bit hesitant but agrees. They get excited about going out on the town.

Carly drops by the station to tell Jack about her trip. They flirt.

Will and Gwen are at Barbara's when they find his mom's passport on the floor.


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Carly cancels her trip.

Lily asks Craig to New York with her.

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