The Best Friend Anyone Could Have.

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Vienna scrambles, Katie tells the truth, Will and Gwen return and Barbara gets nowhere.

The Best Friend Anyone Could Have. image

At the hospital, Katie admits to Chris she doesn’t want him to leave, but she isn't sure she will ever be able to give herself to him. Chris thinks it will just take time, but she's not sure it will ever happen. She explains she felt single for the fist time at the wedding, but she couldn't take off her ring later at home. She took it as a sign that she's not ready to move on. They change the subject to Vienna and Henry. Katie thinks Vienna will come clean to Henry soon. She tells Chris he's been really great with her in regards to Henry and as they come close to kissing, Chris gets paged away.


In Vienna's room, Henry tries to console her over the loss of their baby and he wants to talk to her doctor about it. Vienna insists he not do that as Katie walks in. Henry tells her Vienna had a miscarriage. Vienna gets Henry to back down on talking to the doctor and he leaves to get the car. Carly lashes out at Vienna for lying about a miscarriage. Vienna cries saying it was necessary, but Katie only sees that Henry is devastated and mourning a child that never existed. Vienna thinks they can make a real baby now and start their life together. She thanks Katie for being the best friend a person can have.

Henry brings Vienna home and tucks her into bed. He says they have to figure out what went wrong so she doesn't go through this heartbreak ever again. She asks if he's sorry he married her now that there's no baby. He tells her to rest and says he loves her. He leaves their room and Vienna gets out of bed and exits herself.

Katie finds Chris in the halls and explains what Vienna just told Henry. She doesn’t know what to do and leaves. Vienna then finds Chris to desperately ask him to tell Henry she is fine and can have more babies. Chris doesn't want any part of it, but Vienna threatens that Katie will get caught in the crossfire with Henry if he finds out the truth.


Katie finds Henry at the bar and after he blames himself for what's happened, she blurts out there was never a baby.


While sitting on a bench in Old Town, Paul sees Will, Gwen and Hallie. He's excited to see his family and tells them Barbara is on a cruise. They tell him Barbara was supposed to meet them in Carbondale yesterday so it doesn't make sense for her to have gone on vacation. Paul then updates them on Barbara and Henry and then Casey and Allison see Will and Gwen. Casey and Alison take Hallie to get some ice cream, leaving Gwen and Will to marvel over Casey and Alison's seemingly repaired relationship. Gwen goes to get the dirt as Will talks with Paul about what's going on with Barbara. Will doesn’t agree with Paul that she's on a cruise because she was supposed to watch Hallie for them while they went somewhere. Paul just thinks she needed to get away and Will asks about Paul's new calm, zen-like attitude. Paul catches him up on how good his life is and says he thinks Will worries too much, because Barbara is probably fine.


Gwen, Hallie, Alison and Casey go to Al's and catch up. Alison and Casey explain what's been going on and claim they are just friends and all is forgiven. Once alone, Gwen questions Casey who explains he realized he wasn't perfect and he shouldn't have expected Alison to be either. She shares with him that she and Will are doing amazing. They discuss their past and his pregnancy scare with Vienna. Will and Paul come to Al's and Casey walks Alison back to work. Gwen and Will decide to stay at Barbara's place despite Paul offering his home to them. Gwen is cold to Paul and once he walks away Will asks her to be more polite to his brother. He also expresses his worry for his mother.


Paul gets Will and Gwen settled into Barbara's and leaves. As they muse on Barbara's disappearance, Hallie finds Barbara's passport. Will and Gwen don't see it though and discuss how sweet it is to be back where everything started for them.


The person Barbara heard outside the storage room leaves after she is unable to get his attention. She then decides it's time to put Chuckles away and finds another door in the process. She pries the door open, but it just leads to a brick wall. In a panic, Barbara brings Chuckles back out, as someone chloroforms her again. Barbara groggily wakes up, sees Chuckles and then hangs her head in dispair.

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