Look Who's Talking.

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Lucinda sets her daughter up, Craig and Lily get closer and Liberty pushes Gabriel back.

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At the station, Craig tells Lily that Jack is trying to take out his hostility against him on Gabriel. Jack comes out and explains that his son was arrested for taking part in an illegal poker game. Craig demands to see his son. After he leaves, Lily asks Jack if she can help. He asks about her new business with Carly and says he trusts her to keep Craig out of it.


Craig and Gabriel are in the interrogation room. Craig offers to help him out if he'll give him a chance. He gets his son to confirm that he was gambling with the money Lucinda bribed him with. Gabriel explains that he did it to help Liberty pay for college. Craig wanders off to Jack and asks him if he is still willing to let Gabriel work for him at the farm. Jack refuses. Craig explains what Gabriel wanted to use the money for. The cop says that doesn't matter but Craig begs him to help his son until Jack gives in.


Lucinda is at Worldwide meeting with Francoise. She asks her to sell her no longer existent perfume factory to Lily. "This could ruin your daughter," Francoise points out. Lucinda thinks it's necessary to teach her a lesson.


At Carly's, she and her son are getting him packed for New York. He doesn't want to go since Liberty isn't going anymore. He suggests someone call in some favors to get Liberty another internship. Carly's impressed he cares so much. After he leaves, Lily shows up and Carly tells her she got a call from Francoise and she wants to sell them a perfume factory. When Lily looks at the numbers, she says this could cut their costs in half. Francoise shows up. Lily recognizes this. "My mother put you up to this," Lily accuses. She explains things to Carly, who still refuses to drop the deal. They go into the kitchen and argue about Lucinda. Carly still thinks they should take the deal so she can prove to Lucinda that she's a good businesswoman. They debate and then return to Francoise to talk over the deal. After Francoise leaves, the women jump up and down and giggle.


At the farm house, Faith tells Liberty her paint job is ugly. Parker strolls in and tells her that he's got school in New York and he'll get her an internship so they can spend the summer in the city together. She turns him down and makes excuses. When Faith mentions Gabriel, Parker throws a fit and storms out.

Faith chases Parker down in Old Town and tells him he was being sweet to Liberty. "Get lost!" he barks.


Parker goes to see Jack at the station and tells him he's not going to New York. Jack wonders what changed. Parker explains that Liberty doesn't want to go. Jack tells him he shouldn't pin all his hopes on one girl. "Look who's talking," Parker shoots back.


Faith goes to see her grandma at Worldwide to complain about what idiots the men in Oakdale are. She thinks they should go traveling. Lucinda tells her men are the same everywhere and begins suggesting she use Gabriel to practice her seduction techniques. Faith is confused. When Faith tells her Gabriel got a job at the farm, Lucinda nearly gags.


Craig walks Gabriel over to the farm house. Liberty lets them in and Gabriel explains that his father just bailed him out. Craig departs and Liberty wonders why Gabriel would risk things like this. He says he needed the money for her as a thank you for all of her help. She's annoyed and that confuses him. She doesn't want him to pay her way.


Parker and Jack go to Carly's so he can tell his mom he's not going. She accuses Jack of being behind this. They bicker and she says that one of them should get what they want. Parker tells them they are both right and then leaves. Carly asks Jack to stay for coffee and a talk. He has to take a rain check.


Craig meets with Lily at the Lakeview. She tells him about the deal they were offered. She guesses Lucinda was behind it and wonders what she's after. He offers to take care of her mother and promises not to lay a finger on her. She's starting to think he is using her to get to her mom. He claims he wouldn't do that to her and wants to help her gain her independence. She's not sure she can trust him. It's been awhile since anyone took her seriously...


Craig takes Johnny for a walk and they talk about baseball. Craig tells him he's going to buy them a luxury box and one day everything will belong to him and his brother.

Lily goes to see her mother at Worldwide and confronts her about Francoise. She says she's taking the deal anyway and asks her to back off from now on. Lucinda laughs and her daughter leaves. Francoise comes out and they laugh together.

Parker goes down to the water and finds Faith swimming. She gets out and asks him to dry her off.


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