Take a Hike.

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Craig makes plans, Gabriel is arrested, Lily hides her secret, and Jack offers Janet a different place to live.

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After Lily takes a call from Craig, Carly comes over. Lily covers about her conversation with Craig and they come up with a name for their perfume: Carlisle, which is a combination of both their names.

After Craig gets rejected by Gabriel, he comes to see Dusty and Lucinda at the office to give them his final offer on World Wide. They reject him and Lucinda learns a Mr. Blackthorn wants to talk with her, but she denies him as well. Lucinda orders Craig out. Dusty questions Lucinda's decision about Blackthorn, but she wants him to trust her. After Dusty leaves, Lily comes by to tell her mother she's going into business with Carly. Lucinda surprises her by approving, thinking it will be a good distraction from Holden. She does warn her to stay away from Craig though, but Lily defends him. Lucinda offers to be an investor, but this is something Lily needs to do on her own.

At the farm, Jack offers to fix up the cabin for Janet, Liberty and the baby. He makes it clear he won't be living there though. Liberty walks in and suggests they hire Gabriel to do the work. Both are leery, but after Janet walks away, Jack notes how smitten Liberty is with Craig's son.

Liberty meets with Gabriel at the coffee shop and tells him about working on the cabin. Gabriel is initially offended considering it charity, but softens and says he'll think about it. After Liberty leaves, Gabriel calls a bank to close an account because he found a better place for his money.


Dusty comes by the farm to see Janet once she's alone. She's happy to see him because she's been thinking about him. He sees the photo of the cabin and she tells him about Jack's plan to fix it up for her. They argue and he wonders if he matters to her at all because she still has Jack. Janet hates what's happening, but he says she is the only one who can change things. He wants to be part of her life and future and wonders if she wants that too, as Liberty returns. Dusty leaves and Liberty apologizes for barging in. Janet says it's not like anything was going to change anyway. Janet and Liberty talk about the cabin and Liberty convinces her mother to take Jack up on his offer and to hire Gabriel.


Jack comes to the house as Carly makes a call to set up her and Lily's website. He assumes she's spending Craig's money, but she corrects him saying it's Lily's. She then throws Janet living at the farm in his face. He explains Janet learned about Dusty funding her inheritance and needed a place to stay. They argue about the situation, as well as Parker going to New York. Jack didn't want to fight with her, he wanted to find a way back to what they used to be. Carly doesn't know how that can happen when he disapproves of everything she does. She tells him he can't live apart from her and expect her to wait patiently for him. She's trying to figure out how to live without him even though it's hard. Carly gets a business call and Jack leaves.


Gabriel goes to a hotel room to join a poker game. When the men learn he's playing with Craig's money, they welcome him in. As Gabriel wins big, a cop comes in to arrest everyone.

The cops bring Gabriel and the other players to the station and Jack asks them to leave the boy with him.


Craig sees Anthony Blackthorn at Al's and says he has a business proposition for him, but Blackthorn tells him to take a hike. Craig gets up and says if he plans on going head to head with Lucinda he needs him. Blackthorn tells him to sit down. After their meeting, Anthony makes a call to his boss saying they got a live one.

Dusty returns to World Wide as Lucinda gets a call learning Craig has met their price. Dusty wonders how he got that money. Lucinda doesn't know, but is appalled.


Craig stops by Lily's to tell her he snagged an investor who may resent Lucinda as much as he does. He says he will be buying into World Wide with him. Lily feels uneasy about it and resents lying to Carly about his involvement in the company. He reminds her if Carly or Lucinda find out he's backing Carlisle, there won't be a company. Craig really wants the company to succeed because it's important to him. Lily thinks it's because he's still in love with Carly. He tells her she's wrong and says he owes Carly for taking Parker's money, so that's why he wants her to succeed. He wants to do something respectable his kids can look up to and so he can be taken seriously. Lily believes him and knows what it feels like to want to be taken seriously. Craig gets a call from Jack telling him Gabriel has been arrested.

Next on As the World Turns:

Jack tells Carly they have to figure out what to do with 'us'.

Lucinda wants to break Craig into tiny bits.

Lily wants to know what Craig is planning to do to Lucinda.

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