Congratulations For Not Hyperventilating.

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Vienna and Henry are married and Barbara is trapped.

Congratulations For Not Hyperventilating. image

There are a lot of anxious glances from the wedding guests at Al's. After an awkward pause, Henry stutters and Paul hands him the rings. Chris worries the groom's head will explode. Katie says he always looks like that. Paul asks that the vows be shortened because his brother is so nervous... and drunk. They try exchanging rings but Henry's barely fits over his knuckle. Kim and Bob are surprised Barbara hasn't stormed in. Before the marriage is finalized, Vienna halts things so she can recite her own vows. The guests whisper among themselves as Vienna talks. Henry stares until Paul pokes him. The groom didn't prepare anything so he starts to babble and then he talks about the baby and how the child brought them together. Chris and Katie guess that Vienna didn't tell him the truth. The minister declares them man and wife. Emily congratulates him for not hyperventilating and hopes that Barbara is gone. Katie corners the bride and pulls her into a corner to confront her about not telling Henry. "Tell Henry what?" Henry asks, interrupting. Vienna claims that she had cold feet and prayed for guidance. Saint Lucia came and told her that she owed it to their child to get married and make things work. Katie cringes and tells her to be ashamed. Chris intrudes and tells her to back down. Henry's confused. Chris drags her away and Henry says Katie is just upset because she was supposed to be a godparent with Brad.


Outside, Katie and Chris bicker. He tells her that Henry may have wanted to be tricked into this and it's done and none of their business. Henry will figure things out sooner or later and then he'll need a friend. She wishes she'd spoken earlier. So does he.


Back inside, Kim worries about Barbara, which leads to bickering with Emily. Kim defends her niece and walks away. Henry strolls by and over to Vienna as she puts her powder in her milk. She claims it's anti-nausea powder. Paul wheels out the cake and toasts to the bride and groom. As Katie drinks champagne, Kim whispers to her, advising her not to let the bad things in life make her afraid of things that could be good. Vienna calls the women together to catch the bouquet, but Katie is the only one who isn't married. Reluctantly, she agrees to catch it. As Chris leads her out, she tells Henry she just wants him to be happy.


Barbara wakes up in a warehouse and her eyes narrow in on a toy clown named Chuckles. After finding the chloroform rag that knocked her out, she stumbles around and begins to laugh to herself because she's surrounded by party supplies. She lights some birthday candles and finds some juice boxes. She rants to the clown about the 'tart' who snagged Henry away from her. Looking around, she wonders who would have done this to her. "Definitely a woman," she decides, assuming Vienna is the culprit. Mulling it over, she decides that might be too obvious. After eating some candy, she imagines that Katie must have done it and remembers when she was a 'scheming, needy Mata Hari'. Thinking it over, she decides that Katie is too 'white bread' to have done this. She decides that the only person evil enough to pull this off must have been Emily. "She eats people alive," she tells Chuckles before worrying that her son might have helped Emily. Barbara worries about being trapped in there forever and cries about things being over with Henry.


Chris walks Katie home and she sadly wishes him goodnight. When she goes into her place, she begins taking off her ring but stops herself.


Henry and Vienna go up to their place. As he carries her across the threshold, he's amazed she's so light. She makes him stay in the bathroom while she puts her fake belly away and turns out all the lights. When he joins her in bed, he stares up sadly.


At Fairwinds, Paul assures Emily that he will never let anyone come between them again. Not even his mother. When she goes off, he calls his mom and leaves a message, telling her she is classy for skipping the wedding and asking her out for lunch.


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