Back To Normal.

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Meg breaks down, Katie tries to keep Chris quiet and Casey in unconvinced.

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Katie strolls into Al's and tries to make small talk with Chis. He's still annoyed that she got him to commit a crime. She tries apologizing but he insists it was his choice. Katie asks him over for pie and whip cream but he turns her down.


At the hospital, Alison tells Casey that Vienna's records show that she has been pregnant for more than a month. They both realize that her records have been tampered with since the last time they looked at them. She thinks he should ask Chris for help on this but he's uncomfortable with that idea. Ali talks him into it anyway.


Henry and Vienna are going back to their hotel room. She wants a house. He starts listening in at Barbara's door. There's a lot of noise coming out of there so they assume she's with a man. She's actually gagged and bound to a chair. Vienna drags him into their room to look at a bassinet catalog. He's distracted by thoughts of Barbara so Vienna begins ranting about how pathetic the other woman is. Katie arrives and asks to speak to Vienna alone. Henry leaves and Katie tells her friend that she changed her records as asked. She worries that word could get out and Chris could get in trouble. Vienna's surprised by how much she cares. After Katie leaves, Alison shows up and asks for her due date. Vienna's flustered. Ali tells her she knows about Casey and asks for the truth about the baby's paternity. Vienna swears that he isn't the father. Ali congratulates her and leaves.


At the hospital, Casey corners Chris and tells him he may have gotten someone pregnant. Chris says there is a paternity test he can run but he can't do it without the mother's consent. When Casey tells him Vienna is the girl and her medical files have been tampered with. Chris stutters and runs.


Henry knocks on Barbara's door. He gets a maid to let him in and finds her on the floor. As he unties her, she asks him to help her get Emily before she hurts Meg.


Chris barges into Katie's and begins complaining about what she dragged him into. Vienna comes in and hugs him, thanking him for his help. He starts to panic and then runs out. Vienna offers to take care of Ali and Casey if Katie takes care of Chris. Katie thinks this is all a bad plan. Vienna turns on the waterworks and begs for help.


Katie goes to see Chris at the hospital and asks him to keep the lie going for a little longer. She assures him that the baby isn't Casey's because there is no baby. He thinks this is all a vicious lie and threatens to tell Henry the truth. She prays him not to and kisses him. "That wasn't good enough," he says. She offers to do better and says she will go to a hotel with him if he keeps his mouth shut.

Vienna goes home and begs that her pregnancy test be positive. It's not.


At Fairwinds, Meg continues drugging herself while pointing a gun at Emily. Em tries begging her to stop but Meg's buzz is growing. Meg begins shouting that she is doing this for Eliza and Paul is on her side. Em attempts to rationalize with her but that doesn't work very well. Meg keeps drinking methadone and says that it will be easy to convince the cops that she wasn't responsible for this. "You're going to be dead and you'll be blamed for your own death," Meg says with a chuckle. Em tries to convince her that the cops are onto her and offers to leave town for her. They begin wrestling for the gun. As Paul, Emma and an orderly rush in, Meg throws Emily back and takes a shot at her. Emma asks for the gun. Paul explains that he loaded the gun with blanks. Meg asks to see Eliza again and then begins accusing Emily of drugging her. Em explains what happened and Paul says that he's known she was telling the truth all along. Emma tries to calm her daughter. Barbara and Henry arrive and she begins ranting at Emily for tying her up. Paul explains what's been happening and that he's known all along. His wife is furious that he played along but he says the stakes were too high to say anything. Henry drags Barbara out. Meg crawls up in a ball on the couch. She moans that Emily is the evil one. Her mother promises that things will be okay and leads her away with the orderly. Paul turns to Emily and apologizes. "At least things can now go back to normal," he says. Paul knew that she could never lie to him and had to ratchet things up so Meg would act out. She's furious and slaps him.

Alison runs into Casey at the hospital and tells him that Vienna says he's not the father. He's still sure something is not right. He accuses her of wanting to think that the baby isn't his.


Henry takes Barbara back to her place. She complains about how her son shut her out and she still blames Emily for anything. Henry tells her to admit she was wrong. She does and she wishes she hadn't moved out of the hotel. He urges her to move back and promises that there won't be anymore awkwardness... but he can't promise that and kisses her. She pulls away he slowly leaves. As she weeps, he trudges away and Vienna watches him go from around the corner.

Emma is with Meg in the hospital, trying to comfort her.


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Chris tells Katie to drop her clothes.

Emily tells Paul to go.

Vienna asks Henry to marry her tomorrow.

Barbara Henry him the wedding isn't what he wants.

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