Taking One For The Team.

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Lucinda plots, Craig stalks around and Janet fights with Dusty.

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At the Lakeview, Janet flips out at Dusty after Jack tells her that the money she got was from him, not her father. Dusty defends his choice but she thinks he was trying to buy forgiveness. "You made me feel like I lost my father twice," she says, storming off. He takes out the engagement ring and stares at it.


At her place, Carly meets with a man from the insurance company. She puts the blame for the fire on Gabriel's incompetence. As she goes on about 'poor Craig', Parker walks in. Once the adjustor is gone, Carly tells her son that getting Craig off is the only way he'll get his money back. In that case, he doesn't want it and wishes she would concentrate on fixing things with Jack instead.


Lucinda freaks out when Craig walks into Lily's. Lily explains to her mother that she bailed Craig out. Faith walks in and Gabriel storms out with Craig trailing after him. Lucinda wonders what her daughter is doing inviting an arsonist and a grifter into her house. Lily sends her daughter off and then explains herself to her mother. Lucinda lists his crimes so Lily lists theirs and refuses to change her mind. Her mother thinks she's just looking for a hobby because she's miserable about Holden.


Outside, Craig thanks his son for coming forward with the truth. They bicker and Gabriel strides off. The insurance adjustor walks up and tells Craig to call Gabriel back. Craig offers to answer his questions, though it soon becomes apparent that he doesn't know anything about his son. The adjustor wonders about sabotage and tells him what Carly hinted at.


Parker shows up at the station. Jack excitedly tells him that he and Janet are having a boy. They look at a photo of Hal and Jack explains that he taught him to be a good cop. Parker tells him that all the times he's screwed up don't matter; what counts is the times he gets things right. As they hug, Janet walks in. She's miffed when Jack tells her he already knows her news. Parker heads off and Janet shows Jack a sonogram.


Parker runs into Gabriel on the street and orders him to stay away from Liberty. They taunt each other and Parker says Liberty would never hook up with him. Gabriel claims they already have. Parker rants about how Liberty would never want him and Gabriel decides to stick around town just to stick it to him.


Craig stalks over to Carly's and nearly kicks her door in. She mocks him and he tells her she will pay. He accuses her of trying to pin the blame of his son. When he offers to confess, she tells him just to blame it all on an electrical fault so they can get the money.


Dusty goes back to his place and hangs out with Johnny. Craig shows up and Johnny leaps into his arms. He explains that he's out on bail so everything is going back to normal. Dusty growls as Johnny packs.


Faith and Lucinda are still at Lily's. Lucinda tries to explain why Lily is acting so strangely. They exchange gossip and Lucinda moans that they will never get rid of Gabriel... unless... "You're a pretty girl. It might be an achievement to take one for the team," Lucinda suggests. Her granddaughter asks her if she's asking her to sleep with Gabriel. Actually, Lucinda wants her to plant some drugs on Gabriel. Lily returns and wonders why they both look so guilty. After Faith goes out, Lily accuses her mother of undermining her family and insists that she can look after things herself. She admits that she made a terrible mistake and still longs for Holden. Her mother tells her that she still has a chance with him.


Jack and Janet go to Java and look at the sonogram. They discuss names and chuckle until Dusty arrives. Jack makes himself scarce. Dusty sits with her and shows her the ring. She tells him she can't marry him and asks about Jennifer. He doesn't want to talk about her and gets uncomfortable. Janet admits that she still loves him because he listens and has quiet confidence. She wishes he could love her enough to respect her and tell the truth instead of trying to fix things. She's giving up the apartment and will go it alone.


Gabriel returns to Lily's and begins bickering with Faith. He tells her that she should get behind his relationship with Liberty so she can have Parker. Lucinda walks by them, telling him not to get too comfortable. Faith tells Gabriel he should be afraid of her grandma.

At home, Carly is calling around for money when Parker comes home. He's decided that he wants his money back.


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