What She Deserves.

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Reid and Luke fight, Paul kicks Emily out and Katie disappoints Chris.

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Down the hall, Reid and Bob are bickering about how he's going about selling the hospital. Bob repeats that he has to keep his relationship with Luke out of sight so they won't scare the bidder off. "Luke Snyder or Memorial?" Bob challenges. Luke arrives. They begin going over the tour plans for the rep until Kim arrives. She takes her husband away and Luke wonders why Reid is so distant today. Across the hall, Kim asks Bob if he's really trying to sell the hospital. Mona arrives before he can explain. To Bob's chagrin, Kim insists on going along for the tour. Reid and Luke trail behind and Luke keeps asking the doctor what's bothering him.


Emily runs around Meg's hospital room ranting at her and accusing her of running off to Fairwinds. They argue and Em says she's on to her plan. Meg calls for a nurse. Emily continues to taunt her until a nurse walks in and sends her out. Meg smiles to herself and orders some pie.

At the hospital, Katie tells Chris he should get a massage instead of popping pills. He wonders why she is being so nice. She thanks him for stopping her from hacking in the hospital computer and gives him a hug, snatching his pass card and walking off.


Katie breaks into an office and hacks into the computer. As she digs up Vienna's file, she remembers her argument with Chris. When she changes Vienna's records, an alarm goes off and she starts freaking out. Chris walks in and guesses what she just did. Bob walks in and demands to know what is going on. Chris covers for her. Bob swallows this and leaves. When Chris tries to delete the changes she made, she stops him. He throws up his hands and says he won't waste time changing things because he knows she'll just go behind his back and do it again. "I'm incredibly disappointed in you," he says.


Reid and Luke slip into an office to talk, though Reid's not in the mood and tells him to back off. When Luke walks out, Bob approaches him and apologizes, saying he had no choice. Luke's confused. Kim listens as Bob explains that he forbade Reid to be involved with him. Luke walks off. Kim walks up to her husband and asks when he was going to tell her about all of this. They argue about how he has been handling things. She thinks that he's been going against everything he believes in.


Katie chases Chris down to apologize but he's not impressed. She thinks he can't understand her. They snipe at each other and he stomps off.


Reid chases Luke down, who accuses him of being a coward. He accuses Reid of selling him out for his career and kicks himself for getting involved with him. Reid says that's not how things are. As soon as the sale is over, the issue will disappear. He thinks they should just take a break. Luke refuses to be 'convenient' to him and walks away.

When Reid goes back inside, Bob stops him and asks him for his decision. Reid tells him he's a surgeon first.


When Katie gets home, Chris barges in and kisses her.


At Fairwinds, Paul stares at a bottle of methadone he found in Emily's briefcase. Barbara walks in and he explains. She assumes Emily is guilty but he has his doubts and wants to talk to his wife. They shout at each other until Emily arrives. She tells him what she thinks happened and he orders her to stay away from Meg. "You're the one who is drugging her," he accuses. They bicker and she insists that she wouldn't be stupid enough to get caught like this if she did it. He forbids her to go near Eliza and orders her out of the house.


Barbara goes to see Meg at the hospital. Meg plays up her frailty and asks her to keep Emily away. Barbara tells her that Emily has been drugging her so she could take Eliza away. Meg acts shocked. "She's going to get what she deserves," Barbara says.

Barbara returns to Fairwinds and Paul tells her he kicked his wife out. After they argue about it, he walks off and she calls the cops.


Meg rolls over in her hospital bed and finds Emily standing there, demanding the truth. Meg squeals until Paul arrives and accuses Em of being a threat to Eliza and Meg. The cops arrive and arrest her for stalking.


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