Lack of Trust.

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Meg continues her scheme, Casey and Ali continue to dig and Henry has misgivings.

Lack of Trust. image

In their room, Henry pulls himself away from bed time with Vienna, claiming that he has a business meeting. She's skeptical but he says he needs to get them money for the baby. As soon as he leaves, she grabs her pregnancy test. It turns out to be negative as well.


At the Lakeview, Ali explains to Casey that Vienna must be keeping a secret because whatever doctor she's seeing either doesn't exist or she's seeing him under a different name. He thanks her for her help. Henry wanders in so they change the subject. Ali runs. Henry and Casey have a drink and the young man asks him how he got Vienna to fall back in love with him. Vienna interrupts them and demands to know what's going on. Henry makes an excuse and runs. Vienna interrogates Casey and he asks her for the real name of her doctor and asks what she's hiding.


At Fairwinds, Paul and Emily are still arguing about Meg. Barbara comes in to make things worse. The women bicker and Emily accuses her mother-in-law of trying to frame her. Paul worries about Meg and runs off to see her. Barbara suggests that Emily is destroying her marriage all on her own.


At the hospital, Meg pulls out her methadone. She hides it when her mom arrives. Emma tucks her into bed and gives her a kiss. She admits that she thinks it's far fetched for Emily to be drugging her and suggests that she be more careful with her accusations. Paul arrives and they chat about Eliza until Meg flips out when he says the child is with Emily. A nurse comes in and asks the guests to leave. Meg bellows that she won't let Emily take her little girl. Once she's alone, she makes her bed and runs.


Chris sneaks into Katie's to grab the wallet he left behind. As he gets it, she comes out in a towel and screams. He leaps and hurts his back. They argue about their fight the other day and she orders him. He asks her to call him when she decides she wants to start living again and then leaves. Once she gets dressed, Vienna comes in, flustered and worried. As she rambles about the pregnancy problems, Henry arrives. They each make excuses about why they are there and then he leaves for a walk with Jacob. Vienna asks Katie to call in a favor so she can get proof that she's pregnant.


Henry takes Jacob to Old Town and worries about his situation and how things just don't seem right. He used think life with Vienna was perfect but something is different now. Barbara pops up. They awkwardly chat and he asks her out for coffee. When she brings up the battle with Emily, he tells her to prove that she's innocent in the mess. She thanks him and they hold hands. Vienna spots them from around the corner.

Casey goes back to the hospital and tells Ali the latest. She tells him he can always rely on her. They stare into each other's eyes before pulling away. They split up.


Katie drops by the hospital to check on Chris and he asks her out for dinner. She'll only do it if he does her friend a favor – falsify her medical files. He refuses and tells her stop trying to save other people's love lives and concentrate on saving her own.


Vienna watches through the window of Al's as Henry and Barbara talk about Emily. He offers to help and she tells him she's grateful to him but wishes they had more than friendship. He wishes her luck and she leaves. As soon as she's gone, Vienna runs in and accuses him of lying to her. He promises that she's not losing him.

Katie watches through the window of Al's as Henry and Vienna talk. Chris walks by and asks her if they are on for dinner. She tells him she's busy and walks away.


In the hospital corridor, Emma suggests to Paul that he is behind her daughter's drugging. He doesn't want to hear this but she's sure it's a real possibility. He talks about how much he wants Meg in his life but she's still doubtful and warns him that he will have her to deal with if he does anything to her daughter.


Meg goes to Fairwinds and sneaks up on Emily and Eliza. When Em puts the child in her crib and walks off, Meg looks at her and then hides when she hears Paul coming. Em returns and gets sarcastic with him. They bicker about Meg and he suggests that everyone calm down. She notices that a clip Meg gave Eliza is now in her hair and suggests Meg snuck out. They argue about Meg some more and she wishes he'd stop taking her side.

Emily storms into the hospital and is shocked to find Meg is still in her room.


Back at Fairwinds, Barbara and she tells him to open his eyes about his wife. When she walks off, he opens Emily's briefcase and finds the methadone bottle inside.


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