The Rabid Dog.

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Gabriel tells the truth, Carly and Jack argue and Lucinda and Craig trade threats.

The Rabid Dog. image

At Java, Parker worries about where Liberty is. Faith tries to keep him calm and keeps thinking about Liberty going upstairs with Gabriel.


At the station, Gabriel tells Margo that he lied about Craig trying to kill him. Craig is thrilled and tells his son how proud he is of him. He accepts all of the blame for lying. Lucinda isn't thrilled when Margo has more questions and so does Jack. Carly listens nervously as they ask him why he's changing his story. He claims he doesn't want to be a liar like his father. "What makes you think he isn't lying now?" Carly blurts out. She accuses Craig of making his son change his story. Margo suggests Gabriel take a lie detector test and Carly thinks that's a fabulous idea. Jack drags her away and asks her what she's doing. As usual, she's trying to look out for her son. He thinks she's hysterical and needs to back off. When they turn back to the others, Jack says that he's sure Gabriel is telling the truth. Margo lets Gabriel leave. Craig calls out to him but there's no response. Lucinda begins moaning about the low work ethic at the department. Before Craig can leave, his sister stops him and cuffs him, reminding him that he has various charges against him. When he claims he didn't attack Lucinda, she chimes in and starts showing her supposed bruises. He's taken back to the cells.


Jack chases after Carly in Old Town. She wants a drink. He tells her he did what he had to do. So did she and she won't forgive him if Parker ends up in jail because of what he did.


Jack returns to the station. Margo gives her version of the story and says that she thinks Parker is innocent and the charges against him should be dropped. He's happy to hear that and gives her a peck before running out.


Faith and Parker go to his place. She takes out a DVD for them to watch but he's too worried about Liberty... and his mom. She takes his mom's side and tells him not to do anything to help Craig. He obsesses about Liberty and Gabriel. Carly arrives. She distraught and asks Faith to leave her alone with her son. Carly tells him that Gabriel changed his story. They worry about what's next and she promises him that everything will be alright. He just wants this over with. She tells him to remember that he is the victim. Jack arrives and announces the charges will be dropped. He hands Parker some cash and tells him to go and have fun with Faith. After they run off, Carly tells Jack that she can't put what's happened behind her. They bicker and she says that nothing he did helped her son. "You would not have put Parker's at risk if he was yours," she accuses. They keep arguing about where his responsibilities are but she doesn't even think that he has a conscience. She thinks he's a liar and a hypocrite and begins screaming. "You killed your own brother and it didn't change you a bit!" she yells. He walks out.


Outside, Parker worries to Faith about Liberty. When he starts to head for the Lakeview, she stops him and admits she saw Liberty going upstairs with Gabriel. "Gabriel and Liberty are hooking up," she says. Parker feels sick so she tries kissing him. He pushes her off and walks away.


Lucinda goes down to the cells to tell Craig that he is a rabid dog. He thinks she's pretty 'sassy' and tells her she's lucky his son was classy enough not to hang her out to dry for her part in framing him. They taunt each other. He claims he'll beat all the charges against him but she vows to make sure they stick. Craig threatens to rip her limb from limb for what she's done to his son. After Lucinda leaves, Margo comes down and tells her brother that he's not going to get bail after breaking out. He asks her for a phone and she lets him have a call on her cell. He tries calling Gabriel but there's no answer.


Liberty and Gabriel go to Al's. He's sorry he ruined her graduation day. When he takes her hand and tells her he told the truth for her, she pulls away. She thinks he's trying to manipulate her into bed but he claims he's not and that he respects her. Liberty urges him to take another step in reconciling with his father. He snaps at her and says he doesn't want to play house with his dad. She storms away. Before he can leave, Lucinda corners him. She thanks him for not selling her out and reminds him she paid him to leave town. He admits he may not go after all.


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