The Evil, The Evil!

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Liberty and Gabriel talk, Craig threatens and Lucinda and everyone panics.

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At Metro, Parker and Liberty's family freak out because Liberty ran off with Gabriel. Jack and Carly arrive and he begins quizzing his son about the fight. Jack tries to keep them calm. Dusty and Carly roll their eyes. Jack calls in an APB. Janet and Dusty runs off to look and Jack wonders if Lib would run away with Gabriel willingly.


In the graveyard, Liberty tells Gabriel about her father and how glad she was that she gave him a chance to make things up to her. Gabriel still doesn't like Craig but she thinks that he shouldn't punish his father or Johnny. He starts to think twice so she tells him that she'll miss him if he runs. They kiss and he asks her to go with him.

Margo goes down to the cells and discovers that Craig has knocked out the guard and escaped. She goes upstairs as Jack arrives.


Parker and Carly go home and she asks him what happened. He admits to his mom that he yelled the truth about Craig to a room full of people. Carly flips out and then tries to be optimistic. Parker keeps worrying that his dad is getting close to the truth. She refuses to let him go looking for Gabriel and orders him to keep his mouth shut. None of this feels right to Parker but his mother asks him to keep quiet for her sake. He paces and admits he doesn't know what to do. She continues pressuring him so he runs off.


At Worldwide, Craig gets in Lucinda's face and they scream at each other. He orders her to make Gabriel retract his statement and ties her to the chair. She screams so he stuffs her scarf in her mouth and leaves. Lucinda kicks her desk until Faith comes in and finds her. She unties her and asks if this is all about Gabriel. When it becomes clear that Lily has told Craig more than she's let on, Lucinda shrieks and sends her granddaughter away to look after Lily.


Gabriel takes Liberty to the Lakeview and asks her if she wants to be alone with him... in Craig's room. She warns him that she's not ready for sex so he says he won't pressure her. As they head for the elevator, Faith walks by and spots them going up.


Janet and Dusty wander around the graveyard looking for Liberty. They talk about what a great day it was and she beats herself up about the mistakes she made. She notices a flower that Liberty had earlier and gets excited. He tries to calm her but she freaks out and starts having cramps.


Lucinda goes down to the station and tells Margo and Jack that Craig attacked her and she's pressing charges. As she yelps, Jack and Margo roll their eyes. "The evil, the evil!" Lucinda moans. Margo wonders why her brother is running around like he has been.


Gabriel and Liberty go to Craig's room to talk about their problems and he tells her she's incredible. She pushes him back when he tries to kiss her. Liberty explains her recent pregnancy and miscarriage. He's glad that she's opened up to him and tells her he would never hurt her. As they hold each other, Craig runs in. He offers to have a 'candid discussion' with his son by Gabriel wants to call the cops. Craig wrestles his phone away and tells his son that he feels as cheated as he does. He's sure that Lucinda is behind all of this and reminds him that he is his father. Gabriel's not impressed and calls the cops to report his father. Craig's sad that he did that and walks out. Gabriel tells Liberty that Craig broke his mother's heart and it killed her. Liberty still doesn't think he should let him get away.


Dusty takes Janet to the hospital. She worries that God is sending her a warning and telling her not to be selfish. She admits that she is terrified that she might ruin the baby's life. "I want this kid to be a kid for as long as possible," she says. He smiles and promises that everything is perfect, just like her. The doctor comes in and examines her. Liberty calls and her mother tells her to stay at the Lakeview so she can see that she's okay. The doctor confirms that her little boy is fine. "We're having a boy?" she asks. They smile and joke around. He's sure that Johnny will be thrilled. Thanks to her inheritance, she's sure she can do right by her new kid.


Margo is waiting in the lobby and captures her brother.

Parker runs into Faith at Java. He moans about Liberty being with Gabriel.

Craig is brought down to the station. Lucinda is waiting for him and they begin shouting at each other until Margo drags her brother off. He begs her to try talking to Gabriel again. Meanwhile, Lucinda is about to leave when Gabriel and Liberty arrive. Gabriel wants to talk to Jack. Carly calls the detective first and begins panicking when he tells her that Gabriel is there. Jack calls Craig and Margo over and Gabriel explains that Craig didn't hit him, he wasn't even there.


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Faith tells Parker that Liberty and Gabriel have been hooking up.

Craig threatens to tear Lucinda limb from limb.

Carly tells Jack he wouldn't have put Parker at risk if he was really his.

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