Wedding Plans!

Friday, December 1st, 2006

Lilly plans Meg and Paul's wedding, Katie confronts Carly and Simon, and Vienna returns to Oakdale!

At home, Lily is on the phone confirming details for Meg and Paul's wedding. The other line rings, and Lily asks Faith to go get it. Faith comes in. and tells her it is the baker asking about the groom's cake. Lilly is confused; having though Holden should be at the baker by now.

Jade comes home with some things for the wedding, and tells Lily that Holden called her asked her to pick them up. Lily tells Jade that Holden should be home soon, and asks her if she has any idea where Holden could be. Jade suggests the Lakeview, but them doesn't answer any of Lilly's other questions about Holden's whereabouts.

Lucinda stops by, and asks Lily why she is putting herself out for this wedding so much. Lily tells Lucinda that she has been thinking about what make's marriages last. When Lucinda tells her that she and Holden are the model for the perfect marriage, Lilly responds, Are we? Lily tells Lucinda that she has been having feelings that something is going on with Holden. Lilly asks Lucinda, While I was in a coma, was Holden seeing another woman?! Lucinda laughs hysterically at the idea of Holden trying to date another woman. Lucinda tells her that even if Holden had wanted to, he wouldn't have been able to find the time. When Lucinda can't appease her, she suggests, If you don't believe me, why don't you ask him?

Holden walks out of a building with a beautiful blonde woman. He tells her that he had a lot of fun, but has to go soon. When Holden sees Carly and Katie standing close by he tells the woman that he knows them, and she suggests they go somewhere else.

Holden comes home to find Lilly and Faith in Lily's bedroom picking out dresses for the wedding. Holden notices Lily's upset and asks her what's bothering her. Lily responds by asking Holden if everything is ok with them. Holden assures her everything is great, and that he loves her more than ever!

Katie continues to confront Carly about her necklace. She asks Carly where Simon got it, saying she wants to make a similar purchase for herself. Carly tells Katie, When a man gives me a gift, I don't typically ask him where he got it! Katie responds by saying that she thinks she won't tell her where Simon got the necklace, because the necklace was stolen. Carly tells Katie that the necklace isn't stolen, and suggests that Katie is starting this smear campaign against Simon just to prove that she doesn't have feelings for him anymore.

Simon asks the bellhop where he got the note that was delivered to his room that appears to be from Vienna. He offers the bellhop money to tell him who gave him the note, and the bellhop tells him that he can't, the note was left at the desk.


Simon meets Carly and finds her still fighting with Katie. Simon tells Katie that he understands why she is mad at him, but she needs to leave Carly out of it! A bookstore worker comes out and asks Katie to sign some more books, and she leaves. Carly and Simon talk about Katie's leading questions, but once again agree she knows nothing about the jewel theft. When Carly leaves, Simon approaches Katie one more time and tells her to leave them alone. While they are talking Vienna looks on from the distance!

Carly goes to Java, and bumps into Jessica. She asks Jessica when her parole is up. When Jessica asks her why she's asking, the two discuss Oakdale Confidential. Jessica tells Carly that as her lawyer, if she has anything she wants to divulge to her, now would be a good time.

Meg confronts Paul and Emily and asks them why they are standing outside of Craig's room. Emily starts to tell Meg that she saw Paul smothering Craig, but Craig's machines start beeping, pulling her away before she can listen to Emily.

Meg goes to tend to Craig, and Emily and Paul fight about Craig's shooting. Emily tells Paul she is going to go to the police to rat him out. Paul asks Emily why she would even think of helping Craig. Paul suddenly realizes that Craig must have promised Emily him. How could he do that? How could he promise you me? Paul looks inside Craig's hospital room and sees Meg and Craig together, Emily comments, That's how! Emily tells Paul she isn't going to protect him anymore. Paul tells her that she will always be special to him, and they are bound together not only by everything they've shared, but also by everything they've lost. They discuss their lost baby, and Emily softens up.


Meg comes out of Craig's room, and Emily tells Meg that she had found Paul in Craig's room talking to him, but leaves out that she saw him trying to smother him. Satisfied, Meg leaves and Emily comes back to talk to him. Paul and Emily agree to keep what Emily saw a secret, and Paul affectionately tells Emily, Thanks for everything.

Emily goes in to see Craig. Craig asks her what happened last night, when she was supposed to change the bullets for blanks. Emily assures him that she changed the bullets. Craig tells Emily that Dusty was too confident, and someone else must have changed the blanks back to bullets. Emily lists off people who would want Craig dead, but leaves out Paul. Craig notices Paul's absence on the list and asks her why she chose to leave him off the list.


Outside Craig's room, Meg and Paul discuss their upcoming wedding. Meg jokes and tells him that she had his ring inscribed, Touch this man and die. Meg Snyder Ryan, Paul's one and only! Paul tells Meg he doesn't want Emily to destroy their wedding, and suggests that they go get married. Tonight!

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