Babs And The Bewildered Bull.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Nancy gives advice, Barbara gets suspicious and Henry gets nervous.

Babs And The Bewildered Bull. image

Nancy is having breakfast with Casey and Alison at Java. She wishes they could still be a couple but tells them they have to listen to their hearts. Ali and Casey wander off to pay and she brings up his possible baby.


Barbara is at Fairwinds trying to convince Emily to let her spend time with Eliza. They discuss Meg flying off the handle and Emily insists that Babs back off as well. Barbara warns her not to underestimate Paul's connection with Meg. Emily decides to go and see what's happening at the hospital and places the child in Barbara's arms.


Henry and Vienna wander around Old Town as she babbles about the wedding. He stares off nervously. Alison and Casey wander by. When Henry and Alison walk off to chat, Casey corners Vienna and asks about the baby. She says it's none of his business and he confronts her about her phony doctor.


Alison and Henry go to Java and she explains that she thinks Vienna is more worried about the pregnancy than she's letting on. Henry doesn't understand so she tells him to be careful. When she leaves, he gets a latte and Barbara arrives to snipe at him over Vienna. She points out that she saw Casey and Vienna arguing and he begins apologizing for how Vienna has treated her. She thinks he's being marched down the aisle like a bewildered bull. "You have horns, use them," she says, asking him to just let her go. He admits that he told his fiancée about their relationship because he couldn't stand lying anymore. Eliza wakes up and Henry impresses Barbara with how good he is with children before complaining about Emily. When he mentions how she used to drug Emily's tea, Barbara suddenly rushes off.


When Henry returns to Vienna, he finds her arguing with Casey and asks why. Vienna claims she and Casey are old friends from when she worked at the diner. "I couldn't get enough of her cookies," Casey says. After she hints to Casey that he should get lost, she runs off and Henry furrows his brow.


Paul is at the hospital checking in on Meg and Emma. They recount her erratic behavior. Emma orders Paul to leave and stay away. Meg defends him and he leaves to see the doctor. When Emma departs, Emily shows up with flowers and advises Meg to concentrate on getting better. Meg begins accusing her of casting spells on her and leaps out of bed. As she screams and attacks her, Emma and Paul rush in to break them up. Paul takes Emily outside and asks her why she is even there. When he suggests that she deliberately set Meg off, she tells him none of this is her fault, Meg is just insane.


Chris wakes up in Katie's bed. She's sitting beside him. The painkillers knocked him out all night. He climbs out of the bed but his back starts to spasm. When she tries helping him onto the couch, he falls on top of her. She pulls herself out and starts to worry when he mixes a beer with his pills. He's wasted pretty soon and starts threatening to dance. Singing, he tries dancing her around the room until Alison arrives. Katie runs out the door. Ali takes him to the bedroom and he asks her to stay until he falls asleep. He rests his head on her arm and tells her she's amazing. "I'm so happy you're in my life Katie," he says. Alison's eyes pop. He tells her they are meant to be and turns Brad's picture face down. Things get more uncomfortable when he talks about what a good kisser she is.


Katie meets with Nancy at WOAK. They talk about Brad and how sad she feels without him. Jacob reminds her of Brad more all the time. Nancy assures her that she will never forget Brad. She explains that it took her a long time to move on after Chris died. Katie doesn't think she's ready to move on.

Barbara brings Eliza to the hospital to see Meg. After holding the baby for a minute, Meg calms down. Paul picks up the baby and walks into the hall. Emily is there and repeats that she wants Meg to get well. Barbara is left behind to ask Meg about how she has been feeling. She offers to help her find out what has been going wrong. Emma and a doctor come in and they discuss Meg's feelings. When the doctor walks out, Barbara corners her and suggests he run a tox scan on Meg.


Vienna rushes over to Katie's and tells her that she slept with Casey to get pregnant but now there is no baby.

When Henry goes to Yo's for a drink, he runs into Casey at the bar.


Paul goes home. Emily massages him and tries to talk him into letting her help him get what's best for them.


Next on As The World Turns:

Alison tells Katie about Chris' rambling.

Vienna catches Henry and Casey together.

Lily gets a visitor.

Silas corners Molly.

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