The Meathead.

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Gabriel blames Craig, Parker is released and Lily has an offer for Gabriel.

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At the hospital, Lily is shocked when Gabriel tells Margo that Craig tried to kill him. Craig begins defending himself and his sister tells him to shut up. Lucinda and Lily gossip as they watch Margo continue her interrogation. Craig becomes distraught and Gabriel demands that he be kept away. A nurse has to come in and help Gabriel breathe. The arguing continues. Craig freaks out and shoves all the women out of the room. He demands to know what his son is doing. Craig tries talking to him and admits he's been less than nice but Gabriel is furious with him, even when his father insists that he should be blaming Lucinda for all of this. As Margo bursts in with a cop and arrests Craig, he begs the young man to change his story and not throw away their chance to be a family. Once Lucinda is left alone with Gabriel, he asks her if this was how she wanted things to go. "I couldn't have done it better myself," she says, marveling at how much like Craig he is. Lily and a doctor return and the women are asked to leave.


At the station, Carly tells her son that everything will be okay. He begs her to stop trying to make things better. Parker just wants to do the right thing but his mom won't let him spend a second in jail. Liberty calls. "Dude, what is up?" Liberty asks before announcing she's on her way over. Parker wishes she wasn't. He argues with his mother until Liberty arrives and asks him away for coffee. He can't leave so Carly leaves them alone. Liberty gives him a hug and apologizes for things being weird. She tries joking around with him but he's edgy. A guard comes in and tells them to calm down so Parker explains that he's really there because of the attack on Gabriel.


Jack is grumbling to Janet at Al's. He's proud of his son for confessing but he wishes Carly understood. Carly arrives and begins bickering with Jack. Janet accuses Carly of making things worse for her own kid. As the women argue, Margo calls Jack and tells him that Gabriel put the blame on Craig. They're all relieved and rush off.


In the hospital corridor, Lucinda repeats to her daughter that there is nothing more for them to do. Lily wants to stay there but her mother keeps insisting that everything they have done is right. Lucinda is sure that all will be well with the world once Craig is carted off. Lily still refuses to budge. Her mother growls and walks away. Lily turns back into Gabriel's room and tells him that she and her mother are as much to blame as Craig. She tells him the whole story but he still blames his father. Lily wants to help make amends but she can only do that if he lets go of his pride. She asks him to stay with her and places a key in his hand. He doesn't want charity but she wants to do the right thing.


Craig is in the car with Margo swearing that he's innocent. She's furious with him and sure he's guilty. He reminds her that Gabriel came to town to blackmail him and ruin his life. She thinks he's just trying to save himself and refuses to listen to his protests. He wants to talk to Gabriel but she says he's on his own.


Carly, Jack and Janet run over to the station and tell Parker and Liberty that Gabriel is awake and he has put all of the blame on Craig. Carly tells her son that it's all over. He wants to be left alone to talk to Liberty. Once they are, she says that this doesn't exactly change things because he lied to her. Carly opens the door and offers to take him home. He wants to go on his own. He mopes away. Carly and Jack trail after him.


At home, Carly sends her son up to rest and Jack wonders if everything is okay. He says that his son has really shone through for telling the truth. She asks him to stay for supper but he leaves for work. When Parker comes back down, his mother hugs him. He's disoriented and wonders how Craig could have sold him out. She tells him not to ask questions and just be happy they're lucky.


Janet and Liberty are at Java discussing Parker's lie. Liberty's amazed by how jealous Parker has been. Janet makes excuses for him and suggests they spend some time apart. She also suggests that she stay away from Gabriel.


Margo drops her brother off at the station and walks away. Jack walks in and begins arguing with Craig and wishes he could kill him. A cop pulls Jack away. Craig continues defending himself and insists that he would never let Parker go to jail because he loves Carly. "If you think I could do that, you're a bigger meathead than I thought," Craig taunts.


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