Over My Dead Body.

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Dusty surprises Janet, Gabriel wakes up and Jack and Janet fight.

Over My Dead Body. image

Parker is at the station confessing to Margo. She asks him to stop and tells him to get an attorney. He keeps confessing.


At home, Jack tells Carly that Parker won't go to jail. She doesn't want to fight anymore. They search around for their son and notice he's gone. Margo calls Jack and explains that Parker has confessed. They run off.


Jack and Carly arrive at the station and forbid their son from saying anything. He still wants to confess but they refuse. Carly drags him into the interrogation room and berates him. He thinks she is just making things worse. "You will confess over my dead body," she says. He knows this situation is ripping his parents apart and he can't allow that.


Dusty calls Janet at Al's and asks her out for a date. He announces he's rushing over. She looks at her reflection in a knife and sighs. As she does her hair, Dusty arrives with flowers. When he tells her it is the twenty first, she says this won't work. It's her father's birthday. She's still mourning a man she just met again. He offers some words of consolation and they leave together.


Lily is at the hospital when her mother arrives. Lucinda insists that none of what's happened is their fault. Lily defends Craig as Lucinda rants. She doesn't know what her daughter wants them to do. Lily explains that she covered for Craig to the cops. Lucinda shakes her head. Craig suddenly appears. He and Lucinda trade insults and threats. Lucinda doubts Gabriel has a shot at a happy life with Craig around. The doctor comes out of Gabriel's room and fills them in, telling them that Gabriel is strong and will recover. "No thanks to the sperm donor," Lucinda groans. Margo calls her brother and tells him that Parker confessed. Craig is relieved and makes sure Lucinda knows it. He leaves to meet his sister. Lucinda sends her daughter away and goes in to see Gabriel. He wakes up as she touches his face. She tells him that she was a friend of his mother's and she deserved better than Craig.


Back at the station, Margo confronts Jack about keeping the truth to himself. Jack screams. Margo knows how he feels but she reminds him that he is a cop and he has sabotaged the investigation. She takes him off the case. Jack goes in to see Carly and their son. She tells him that Parker confessed for them. They tell their son that they are proud of him and will concentrate on him from now on. A cop comes in to take Parker to processing. Jack tells Carly he's off the case and can't do anything. After Parker is led away, Carly tells Jack that this is all his fault and she will never forgive him. They shout at each other and throw blame back and forth.


Craig meets with Margo at Java and talks excitedly about his son. She reminds him about all of the other charges he's facing. He claims he welcomes hurdles he can leap over and is happy for a chance to make things up to his son. She warns him again that things aren't going well for him and explains that she thinks Gabriel came to find him and tried to be like his father, who just happened to be a manipulative crook.


When Craig and Margo arrive at the hospital, Lily tells them that Gabriel is awake. They go into his room and Margo asks him if he remembers what happened. "I remember everything," Gabriel says. He claims that he got up after Parker left and Craig was there and he hit him. Lucinda peers in and smiles.


Janet and Dusty sit on a bench in Old Town. He asks her what her dad's birthdays were like. She weeps as she talks about the 'orchard' her father started to celebrate everyone's birthdays.


Dusty leads Janet to the back of her apartment and unveils a tree to plant in honor of her father. He starts digging and they bicker. She shoots him with a hose and they start making out. Jack arrives and tells them about Parker's confession. Dusty suggests that Janet help Jack with everything. Jack thanks him.


At the station, Parker is returned from processing. He's in custody so he can't go home. Carly cries and tells him how wonderful he is.


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