I'm Not Fond Of Air.

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Vienna says she's pregnant, Reid tells Luke to lie and Katie and Chris get close.

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At the hospital, Alison tells Casey that Vienna is using him. He finds that hard to believe and insists Vienna is done with Henry. They bicker but she still cares about him. She's used enough men to see the signs. He wishes she would keep her advice to herself. They bicker and he thanks her for caring, though he claims he can look after himself.


At WOAK, Vienna announces to Henry and Barbara that she is pregnant. He's shocked. Barbara looks heartbroken, but wishes them well and leaves. Henry is nearly gasping. Vienna tells him all will be well this time. She's eager to call her family and runs off.


Chris chases Katie into Java to remind her that their kiss was just acting. She worries her viewers will all think she is over Brad. He doubts the audience is that stupid. "Leave me alone," she says. As he leaves, Barbara comes in and Katie tells her about the fight and how she misses Brad. They talk about Barbara's dating until Barbara blows up at her and explains that Vienna has tricked Henry back into her bed. After Katie leaves, Henry tracks Barbara down. She tries to avoid him but he thinks they need to talk. He still cares about her but she thinks he's messed up her life enough. She's sick of the drama and she's tired of him. She tells him that Vienna is scamming him and will use him as her house dog. She suggests that he get a paternity test. Henry defends Vienna.


Luke goes to see Noah in his hospital room. Everything is still blurry to Noah. He explains that he heard Luke and Reid arguing but he couldn't see them. When he asks what the fight was about, Luke downplays it. Their hands touch and Noah tells him it's okay to worry about him. He asks him to steer clear of Dr. Oliver. Reid walks in, looks at Noah's eyes and abruptly walks out. Noah tells Luke to go and check on him.


Vienna goes to the hospital and drags Casey away from Ali. She tells him she enjoyed spending time with him but they don't have anything in common. He agrees that they were just having fun. "Is there any good reason that he have to stop?" he asks, suggesting she can handle more than one man. She claims she's not interested. They kiss and split up.


Luke follows Reid down the corridor and whispers that he can't do this anymore. Luke feels guilty and wants to confess but Reid doesn't know what he wants to say. He suggests that it may be better to keep this from Noah. The doctor suggests that the truth could stop Noah from ever seeing again. They bicker and Reid tells him that Noah doesn't need honesty right now, he needs comfort.


Alison goes to see Noah and he complains about how much things have changed with Luke. He loves him more than ever but it's complicated. He blames himself for pushing Luke away. They discuss her problems with Casey. After she leaves, Reid comes in to check on him. Luke returns and asks if he can take Noah outside. Reid tells him not to overdo it.


Katie returns to WOAK to watch old tapes of Brad. The archivist tells her not to shut the door all the way because it sticks. Left alone, she calls Chris to apologize for their fight and asks him to come over. Then she calls Ali and asks her to come and help her immediately. Before she can leave, the door gets stuck. When Chris arrives, he pushes through the door, which closes behind him and traps him with her. She admits that she'd planned to trap him with Alison. He wonders what it would take to stop her playing matchmaker. Spotting the vent, he suggests that she try climbing though it. When she tries, she falls on top of him. They laugh. She finds the tape of her wedding to Brad. She never thought things would be over so soon... She cries on his shoulder and tells him about being haunted by Brad. Katie never wants to experience loss like that again. As he leans in close to her, Alison walks in. Things are awkward. Katie bustles out. Chris explains that she was trying to trap them in there. She asks him out for coffee.


When Katie goes home, she finds Reid moping around. She suggests he go out with her for some air. "I'm not fond of air," he says.


Luke and Noah go out to the park for some air. Noah can finally see colors. He tells Luke that he can tell him anything.

Vienna tracks down Henry and Barbara at the Lakeview. She babbles about how wonderful everything is. Barbara ducks into the elevator.

Barbara goes to her room, takes a drink and cries before dumping her dancing trophy in the trash.


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