Getting Physical

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Jade is playing the femme fatale with Will. After a showdown at the airport, Damian leaves for Malta, alone. Carly sees Jack with Eve. Louis brings back bad memories for Maddie.

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Simon and Carly are on the plane, on the way back from NYC. She thanks him, tells him her life has changed and what happens to Jack isn't her worry anymore. When they arrive at the airport, Carly freaks out when she sees Jack injured, he tells her he's not her problem anymore. Carly wants to go to the hospital, but Simon tries to talk her out of it. She tells him she thinks he's just jealous because she can be there for Jack and Simon can't be there for Katie, she takes off for the hospital where she comes upon Eve and Jack laughing and flirting. Carly leaves, shows up to have a drink with Simon. Eve and Jack sit down and she tells him her worries about Maddie and how Henry is out of control. She says sometimes she feels like Louis is a complete stranger.

As Jack's arm is bandaged at the airport Luke argues with Damian. Luke remembers that right before Lily fell she said she'd made a terrible mistake, now he knows that mistake was letting Damian get close to him. Luke says that Damian tried to turn him against his family, and that Damian was scared to death that Lily would wake up and tell him the truth. They scream at each other. Luke attacks Damian, calls him a stupid, lying son-of-a-bitch. Holden grabs Luke away, Luke continues to rail at Damian. Dallas shows up says that Luke will have to be the one to press charges Against Damian, Luke says it looks like he's not the only one as he sees Lucy walks in. Lucy confronts Damian, says he left her to die in his wine cellar. Dallas tells the cop with him to cuff Damian and read him his rights, but Luke doesn't want the hassle of pressing charges. If Damian goes back to Malta they can pretend he never existed. He tells Damian he is not his son, not now, not ever. Damian says Luke will always be his son, but Holden faces Damian down and disagrees, says your hold on my son and my family is over.

Luke signs his inheritance over to Damian, give him back the ring Damian gave him, he is no longer a part of him. Holden warns Damian to make this the last time he interferes in his family not to ever come back here again. Lucy, Holden and Luke hug. Lucy starts telling Luke what happened with the explosion at Fair Winds. She says they have Holden to thank for so much. Luke apologizes to Holden. Holden tells him he didn't stop him like he could have, legally, because he wasn't going to try to control him, but that he would have been on a plane following him to Malta. They wish Lily was there with them. On the plane, Damian looks at the ring Luke returned to him and thinks of what Luke said, that he will always be a Snyder, Damian says we'll see about that.


At the Lakeview, Louis tries to talk Henry & Eve into letting him to talk to Maddie alone about what's going on with her, she sits down with him. Eve and Henry discuss staying back out of the way, but Henry refuses to leave, he wants to keep his eye on Louis. Maddie is acting so weird as Louis tries to talk to her. She tries to leave, he tells her that he was the one she used to turn to. She tells him he was never her friend, that he was a lot of things to her, but a friend was not one of them.


Louis grabs Maddie, Henry stops him. Louis starts pummeling Maddie with questions she has a flashback, says she was in the bedroom, looks at Louis and says, you were there and runs off. Louis and Henry go at it yet once again. Henry wants to know why Maddie looked at Louis with panic, Louis loses it, grabs Henry by the collar.


Jade takes Will to her motel room. She says they can be bed buddies. He can't believe she lied to the cops, telling them that he was with her when the attack happened when he wasn't, and he hates it that Gwen had to hear that, and now believes it's true. Jade tells Will she wants him to stay with her because she's scared, begs him to stay just as a friend. They stand outside, Jade trying to act as nice as she can, talks about wishing on a star, says there's a message out there, it's up to them to figure it out. Will comes up behind her, looking at her in a lustful way. She goes in and lies on the bed, definitely trying to seduce him, but he doesn't seem to be in the least bit against the idea. She turns on a slasher movie, he wonders how she could want to watch it after what happened and her saying
she's scared. He hands her his wallet to get them something to eat.

Casey and Gwen get checked out at the hospital after being attacked. Gwen says that even after all that's happened, all she can think about is Will being with Jade. Eve comes into the examination room, asks Casey if he still believes in Maddie. Casey hesitates, then says that he and Maddie aren't together anymore. They talk about Henry's dislike of Casey. Casey blows Eve off and he and Gwen leave. When they arrive at Java, Gwen wants to know why he was so rude to Eve, he says it was because he keeps thinking of what Maddie said to him about Lia and how he might be next. He is turning against Maddie, but says he still loves her, just not sure anymore that she's not guilty. She's pushed and pulled him, Gwen says if you love her you can take anything. Jade walks in and they get up to leave, Jade stops them, making sure to tell Gwen that Will is staying in the motel with her.

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