I Want You To Stay Away.

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Noah sees Reid with Luke, Katie and Chris bicker and Vienna sleeps with Casey again.

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At the hospital, Barbara's doctor tells her not to be concerned because everything looks alright. Once the doctor leaves, Henry pops up. He didn't want her to go through her checkup alone. She talks about how hard it is even after the cancer has gone into remission. They're both anxious for the results. He offers to distract her.


At Al's, Casey calls Vienna and tells her he can't stop thinking about her. "Who is this?" she asks. He flirts and asks to see her later. She's not interested and tells him what happened won't happen again. He notices Alison is listening to him and is sure to talk loudly. After he gets off the phone, she asks him if he's seeing someone. He's annoyed to be asked. They bicker and he tells her he's seeing someone special and hot.


Henry runs into Vienna at the Lakeview. She's been busy canceling their wedding plans. He says that's the right thing to do and suggests they try starting as friends again. Barbara calls him and begins hyperventilating. He rushes off.


Noah and Luke are on the hospital roof talking about how everything has changed. Noah wonders if the way he feels about him has changed. Luke admits it has. Noah's shocked. They bicker and Luke wonders how he can be acting like this when he's been pushing him away for months. Noah doesn't know what it means to be part of a couple. He tries rationalizing his behavior and how he finally feels like he's connected again. Luke doesn't feel connected to him anymore though and they can't go back. Reid interrupts them and tells Luke he's an idiot for bringing Noah onto the roof after brain surgery.


At WOAK, Chris and Katie are taping her show. When he tries to run away at the end of his segment, she holds him there to ask the audience to send video submissions to the show to win a date with him. He's furious that she's 'pimping him out'. As they argue, fourteen submissions come in. She is enthusiastic but he wants no part of it and begs her to back off. He accuses her of trying to get over Brad's death by taking over his life. She talks about how she can never stop thinking about Brad. He apologizes for throwing it in her face. She admits that he's right and she's afraid she'll never find someone she can love like Brad. He writes down all the things she loved about Brad and threatens to play matchmaker. She wants a basic 'good guy'... like him.

Luke finds Ali and Casey at the nurses' station and tells them that Noah can see again. They're happy.


Dr. Oliver checks Noah over and they argue about Luke. Reid says that he was only pretending to like Luke because he needed to use him for something. Luke just happens to overhear this and walks in to confront the doctor. Reid snaps and walks out. Noah wonders what's going on between them. Alison and Casey rush in to see Noah. As they all chat, Reid stares in and then interrupts them, ordering everyone out so Noah can recuperate. Ali and Casey run. Noah begs Reid to let Luke say. Reid walks out grumpily.


Henry goes to Barbara's room and gets her to breathe into a paper bag. He massages her and she feels silly. He promises that he wants to be there for her and suggests they play poker. As they play, Vienna calls and he fobs her off. Since Henry has won all of Barbara's money, he suggests they play strip poker. She deals and quickly wins all of his clothes. Once he drops his drawers, she yawns and tells him to go, shoving him into the hallway naked. He yells through the door at her so she turns on music. He grabs a towel but accidentally flashes a woman walking down the hall. Barbara looks out and laughs.

Vienna goes to her room and takes a pregnancy test. "I'm not giving up on you Henry," she says.


Alison and Casey walk the hospital hall and talk about what a great couple Luke and Noah are. Vienna rushes up and breaks them up. She pulls Casey into an examination room and they tear off their clothes. After they get dressed, they kiss in the hall and Ali spots them.


Alison goes to WOAK to see Katie. She asks for her matchmaking help. Katie tells her to go for Chris but Ali refuses. Katie continues encouraging her to give it a try.


Back at the hospital, Luke trails after the Dr. Oliver and asks him why he's treating him like this. Reid accuses him of trying to make up for his guilt over kissing him. Luke thinks he's jealous, but Reid is sickened. He tells him that turning Noah's room into a party won't help him recover and storms off. Luke follows him and they continue arguing. Reid suggests they go back to the way things were before they went to Texas. He orders him to stay away from him and Noah. "I want you to stay away," he says. Luke thinks he's lying. Reid tells him he can't pretend nothing happened between them.


In his hospital room, Noah watches the video Luke edited and is impressed. When he stands up and looks through the window, he sees Reid touching Luke's face.


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