Let Her Go.

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Parker gets suspicious of Craig, Janet tells her family about Rocco and Dusty tries to talk to Janet.

Let Her Go. image

Craig is in his room arguing with Ellis on the phone about money when Parker shows up. He wants to talk about his trust find. He explains that he was tempted to blow his money and realized that would be stupid so he wants the debit card account shut down so he won't be tempted. Craig tries to talk him into keeping the account open and offers to keep the card himself. Parker finds this weird and leaves in frustration.


Liberty and Gabriel are sitting on a bench. She's still swallowing her good news about her chemo and wondering what to do next. She wonders why he is always around and acting like he cares about her. He asks her to go to a club or Canada and then explains that his mom had cancer. Parker shows up to take her home.

At the station, Carly walks in on Janet as she sobs to Jack. Carly pays her condolences. Janet wants her to back off and leave them alone. Jack tells Carly to go.


Teri runs into Dusty at Metro. She's missed him. He's drinking and guesses she doesn't know the latest. They sit down and he explains what happened. Janet and Jack arrive. Teri runs into her sister's arms. They cry and decide to tell their mother together. When the women leave, Dusty accuses Jack of using this as his last chance to make up for his failings. "You always come up short and I have to pick up the pieces," Dusty says, reminding him that he divorced Janet. When he tells Jack to leave her alone, Janet returns and says she doesn't want that. Dusty leaves. Teri doesn't understand why they're letting Jack stay involved and says she wants him gone. Janet gives in and sends him away, thanking him for his help. Alone, the sisters discuss everything they think they missed out on with their father. Janet blames herself for his death. Liberty arrives and hugs her mom. She tells her that she's finished her chemo and then Teri calls her mom with the bad news. When Janet leaves to get ready, the other Ciccone women complain about Jack hanging around.


Dusty goes to see Craig at the Lakeview. He wants to take Johnny out for ice cream. Craig digs into what's gone wrong with Janet. "You want to do what's right by Janet? Let her go," Craig says. Dusty gets angry. Carly interrupts them before they can break out their fists. The three of them argue about how they are trying to manipulate things. Dusty walks away. Carly tells Craig he's a jerk. Craig tells her again that he'll always put her happiness first and he'll be waiting for her. She says he'll be waiting a long time.


Liberty calls Dusty over to Fashions and then sends him in to talk to her mom. He tells her that he still loves her and wants to marry her. She thinks everything has changed. They argue about what happened and he asks her to let him come to the funeral. She can't do that. When she looks at him, she sees her father.


Outside, Liberty runs into Parker. She apologizes for before and tells him she's realized that she can't turn her back on people she cares about and he's on the top of her list. They hug.


When Craig is greeting Johnny at home, he notices Gabriel, who informs them that he is moving in next door. Craig tells Gabriel to stay away from his son. "You mess with my kid and you'll pay," Craig threatens.


Carly goes home and finds Jack there. She apologizes for blowing up at Janet. He tells her that he still wants her and she should never doubt him. She hopes they can have some 'reconnection' time while Janet is busy at the funeral. He informs her that he's going with his ex. She's startled. He explains things and offers to take her along. She tells him to go without her. Janet and Liberty arrive. Janet says that they'll pack and move out when they get back. As they head out the door, Dusty arrives. Everyone leaves him alone with Janet. He hands her the stuff Rocco left at the hospital. She finds her father's St. Christopher medal. Dusty puts it around her neck. She leaves as Carly returns. She assures him that Janet will forgive him. He hopes so.


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