Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Emily is annoyed, Lily and Holden bond, Silas chats to Molly and Luke tries to push things with Reid.

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At Fairwinds, Paul wakes up in bed with Meg and Eliza. He looks across the room and sees Emily staring at them. Meg wakes up next. She takes the child and leaves, quickly returning and explaining that she just got in bed with Eliza to get her to sleep. When Meg leaves, Emily pushes Paul away. He climbs into bed but she refuses to cuddle.


In Dallas, Reid and Luke are going over his case. Reid's tired and wants to go home but Luke doesn't think they're done. Luke urges him to let his feelings show and says that how he tells his story will make all the difference. "You should try being human once and awhile," Luke encourages. Reid sensitively begins talking about the girl who died and the smile she had. When he continues calling Luke 'Mr. Snyder', Luke blows up and asks him to call him by his first name and then asks him to define their relationship. Reid's not about to do that.


Silas wanders into the Lakeview and bumps into Molly. She doesn't know why he's there. He divorced his wife and has nothing left. Silas wants to re-build his life and asks her to interview him for his public mea culpa. He apologizes for trying to kill her and claims he was a pill addict and wants to make amends. She says that she's over him and has a new man. He wonders why she's drinking alone in the middle of the night. After they bicker, he asks her for a chance to make things up to her. She throws a drink in his face.


At the cabin, Lily can't sleep. Neither can Holden. They talk about Faith and how she hasn't grown up yet. This leads to reminiscing about raising the kids. He pulls some ancient marshmallow paste from the cupboard and they slather it on bread. They rehash their mistakes and eat. Faith looks in and watches him spoon feeding Lily. The parents worry more and Faith listens before bursting in and telling them that she won't corrupt the other kids. "That's your job, isn't it mom?" she snipes. They argue. Lily's confused. Faith wants to move out of her place and over to the farm. Lily is okay with that. Faith is satisfied and plods off. Lily whimpers and tells Holden she needs to let her daughter go. He's sure it won't be for long.


At Fairwinds the next morning, Paul and Emily are bickering about last night when Meg comes in. She talks about how well she slept and smells the muffins. She doesn't want to go back to the mental hospital. Emma arrives to take her back to Deerbrooke. When she goes up to pack, Emma asks how things went. Paul claims it was all good. Emma probes Emily for details so she explains that she found Meg in bed with Paul.


Paul is with Meg in the hall. He tells her that what happened can't happen again because he loves Emily. He leads her back to her mother and Emily. Meg thanks Paul for being in her corner. She cradles Eliza and says goodbye, promising to see her soon.


In Dallas, Luke greets Reid wearing only a towel. Reid rushes him to get dressed. After Luke gets dressed, he tells him to keep repeating his mantra, "Don't be an ass." They laugh and Reid thanks him for all of his help. Luke admits that he's not just doing this for Noah. On cue, Noah calls and frets about the trial. Reid says things will be okay and he has Luke with him so he doesn't have to do it alone. The doctor hands the phone to Luke, who is awkward with Noah. After he hangs up, he brushes Reid's jacket and tells him he'll be great.


Holden meets Molly at the farm house and tells her that Faith is moving in. They hope that this will be a good thing. As they kiss, Faith and Lily arrive. Faith bustles off and Molly tries to put a positive spin on things. Lily begins arguing with her and then hopes she can help Faith. The girl in question returns and the adults lay down the law for her. Holden and Lily step outside and she repeats that this is the right thing to do. She thanks him for the fluffernutters he gave her last night. Molly stares through the window at them. When Holden returns, Molly says she thinks things will be better and they arrange to meet up in the hayloft. As they make out, Silas wanders in. Holden kicks him out.


Lily and Faith go back to her place to continue packing. Faith tells her mother to admit that she wants Holden back.


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