An Inconvenient Truth.

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Rocco tries to convince Dusty he is innocent, Carly thinks she is protecting Jack, Parker professes his love for Liberty, and Gabriel claims he knew Bryant!

An Inconvenient Truth. image

Jack follows Carly around their home and wonders what she isn't telling him. She is saved when an angry Parker comes home complaining about Liberty. Jack thinks they both should worry less about controlling others. He then suggests a family picnic, but Carly discourages him. Parker leaves because he can't keep his distance from Liberty. Jack continues to question Carly on what she is hiding. She admits that she helped Dusty get out of the hospital so he could smoke out his shooter. An angry Jack leaves for Metro.


Craig is not pleased when he enters his office and sees Gabriel sitting at his desk. Gabriel demands the first chunk of his million dollars by the end of the day! Craig orders him to stay away from his son.


Janet finds Liberty window shopping and reminds her of the chemo appointment. Liberty wants to pretend everything is normal and not be so smothered. Janet worries she is smothering Dusty because he checked out of the hospital without telling her. After Janet leaves, Liberty calls Gabriel and leaves a second message. He calls her back and agrees to meet up. Janet comes back and offers to spend the afternoon with Liberty, but she lies that Parker is meeting her.


A frustrated Dusty can't break into the safe at Metro. As he plays with the safe, a man lurks with a gun aimed at Dusty! Rocco comes up from behind and pulls the man away. He orders him to get lost because his daughter is in love with Dusty. After the man leaves, Rocco enters Metro. Dusty emerges and asks if he is there to do it right this time. Rocco claims he has changed and he took the gun off a hit man. Dusty doesn't buy it and puts the gun to Rocco's head! Janet arrives just in time to see it and yells at Dusty to stop! Rocco then crouches over and grabs his chest! Jack and Carly arrive, and as Carly calls 911, Jack checks for a pulse.


Craig complains to Ellis about Gabriel's blackmailing scheme. Ellis is confused when Craig brings up the fake books. They realize Gabriel played them! Parker arrives in time to hear his name come up and wonders what is wrong with his trust fund. Craig persuades Parker they were discussing bank fees.


Liberty meets Gabriel at a car dealership. Gabriel hands over a wad of cash as they check out a convertible. Liberty wonders how he got the money. Gabriel claims he has been saving for years. They get into the car and he cracks a joke about it not messing up her hair. She is happy he can joke about her cancer. Gabriel offers to drive her to her chemo appointment in style.


Rocco is admitted to the hospital and an angry Janet yells at Dusty for beating up on an old man! Carly reminds Janet about Liberty's appointment and Jack promises to come get her if there is news. Jack doesn't think Dusty deserves Janet and orders him to stay away from Janet and his child! Jack takes a call from the police and informs Dusty that Rocco was telling the truth about the hit man.


Janet finds Parker waiting for Liberty at the hospital. Liberty arrives with Gabriel and wonders what the big deal is. Parker is not happy to see Gabriel with her. Janet is angry that Liberty lied to her, but eases up and leaves to tell the doctors she is there. Liberty asks Parker to stay with her. He apologizes for being so hard on her. She tells him he is her best friend. Parker wonders if they could try and be more than friends now that they are older and wiser. Liberty thinks he is just saying that because of Gabriel. Parker gets angry and yells that Gabriel doesn't love her like he does. He then softens and tells him he'll never stop loving her. Liberty calmly tells him for now, friends is the best she can do. A sad Parker leaves to get her ice cubes.


Janet returns to hear Dusty admit he thought Rocco was there to kill him. Janet realizes that Dusty was lying about not remembering anything. She yells that he played her! Janet wishes he had trusted her because now her father might die. Carly tries to talk with Janet and convince her Dusty only wanted the best for her, but Jack wants to give them their space. Dusty admits to Janet he argued with a drunk Rocco the day he was shot. Janet is confused by his logic and upset that he lied to her. Dusty claims he never meant for any of this to happen and he did it because he loves her.


Carly and Jack step aside to talk alone. He is upset she hid information from him. Carly claims she wanted to protect him. Jack asserts he doesn't understand her at all. Carly didn't want to risk losing him, but Jack thinks she's made things worse.


At the bank, Craig makes a big withdrawal. He goes back to his office and gives Gabriel the money. Craig warns him that he may have the upper hand, but that always changes. Gabriel retorts, "Sorry like Bryant? He was sorry you were his father!" Gabriel admits he played soccer with Bryant in Miami. He goes on to say he knows he took Bryant's trust fund, too. Craig wonders if his research showed him what he does to people who cross him. Gabriel claims he can't stop him and deserves what he gets!


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