What Do You Want From Me?

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Dusty plans his next move, Liberty sneaks out and Craig confronts Gabriel.

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Carly takes her new designs to Monte Carlo to show Craig. She think he's being too much of a yes man. They argue about what the company needs. Gabriel arrives as Carly heads off. He begins fixing the wiring and bickering with Craig, who orders him to go and pick up lunch.


Liberty wakes up in bed. She sees Parker sleeping in the chair beside her and sneaks out. Parker wakes up and goes downstairs. His mother comes in and he tells her how worried he is that Liberty is gone. She thinks he needs to let her find her own way and just be there for her if something goes wrong.


Liberty is at Al's and has realized that she's not hungry. Gabriel comes in to get Craig's food. He spots her and they chat about food and Parker. He orders a meal for Liberty and sits down with her. Before he leaves, he gives her his number. A few minutes later, Parker shows up and worries about her, which only ruins her mood. Parker mopes. She explains that it's hard having him watch over her. "Stop treating me like a child or a ghost," she says. He agrees to back off. After Parker is gone, she calls Gabriel and asks him to hang out.


Back at Monte Carlo, Craig spins Johnny around in a chair until Gabriel arrives. Johnny explains that the young man is the one who talked to him on the playground. Craig gives the boy his sandwich and sends him off so he can confront Gabriel for stalking him. When Craig threatens to call the cops, Gabriel threatens to tell them about Craig stealing Parker's trust fund. "What do you want from me?" Craig asks. Gabriel wants money.


At the hospital, Dusty asks the nurse for his clothes. She says his brain needs to heal. He calls for a doctor so he can be released. As soon as he gets up, he hears Rocco and starts acting like he can't dial his phone. When Rocco leaves, Dusty gets up and dresses. Janet and Jack arrive. He tells them that someone wants him dead and he can't stay there. When she leaves to get a doctor, Dusty asks Jack to look after her. Jack refuses and tells him to worry about Janet. Dusty makes him promise to look after her. Janet returns and offers to take care of Dusty. When she tells him she's preparing a special 'man cave' for their new home, he informs her that he won't be moving in. She says he's stuck with her, but he insists that their wedding will have to wait.

Rocco wanders off and calls Ralph, asking him to call off his dogs. Teri overhears him.


Carly walks into the hospital and chats with Jack about Parker. She accuses him of getting consumed by Dusty and Janet's problems. He doesn't think Janet can look after Dusty in her condition. She thinks this is all about Brad and his guilt over what happened. Janet runs out of Dusty's room in tears and Jack trails after her. Soon, Carly thumps into Dusty's room. He asks for his phone and starts making calls. She guesses that he is making his brain damage look worse than it is. Dusty explains the situation with Ralph and the danger it means for Janet. He tells her his plan to use himself as bait so he can end this. They argue and she worries about Jack holding his ex-wife's hand night and day.


Jack and Janet sit outside and discuss Dusty. Rocco appears and Jack runs off. Janet sits her father down and tells him how much she loves Dusty. "At least he's not a cop," Rocco says with a shrug. Janet tearfully says that she doesn't want Dusty's protection, she just wants him.


Carly arrives at home where Jack and Rocco are hovering over Janet. When Carly goes into the kitchen to get her a snack, Rocco follows her in and asks about Dusty. She tells him that he's doing better than it seems and he could get his memory back any time. Rocco says he'll go light a candle for him and heads for the door. After he breezes out, Janet calls the hospital and discovers that Dusty has already checked himself out. Janet walks out. Carly worries. Jack is about to trail after Janet, but he stops himself and tells Carly that he never wants her to doubt his love for her.

Dusty goes into Metro and tries to remember the combination to the safe. Someone with a gun comes in.


Next on As The World Turns:

Craig tells Gabriel he'll regret what he's doing.

Rocco has a heart attack.

Jack tells Carly that Dusty made things worse by getting her involved.

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