I Need You.

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Noah has a date, Luke steps up for Reid, Lily and Holden take Faith away and Molly's past rears its head.

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At Al's, Luke is excited for Noah when he hears his eyesight might be improving. As they hold hands, Reid watches through the window and then trudges off to work. Luke invites Noah out to celebrate with friends. Noah already has a date. Luke demands information. Noah insists it's not a date and then admits it is. He wants to be with someone who doesn't constantly put pressure on him or try to fix him. Luke is livid but Noah insists that this is what he wants. Luke thinks this sucks and walks out.


At the Lakeview, Kim tells Bob that she could become accustomed to being spoiled. She's been enjoying their second honeymoon. He thinks they should go on a never ending honeymoon. His beeper goes off.


Bob and Kim find Reid at the hospital. Bob informs him that Judd has pressed charges and that means that he can not have hospital privileges until he is cleared. Reid is furious and lashes out. As they argue, Luke runs in and drags Reid away. They yell at each other. Luke tells him to toe the line and respect Bob more. Reid worries that his career is about to end. Luke tells him to get a lawyer and focus on getting the charges dropped. Reid can't focus without work; it's the only thing he has to hold on to. "I need you," he tells Luke. He wants his name, money and power so he can get back in the operating room. Luke doesn't want to be like Damian, but he says that his grandmother can help. He's called her to take care of some things for him back in Texas. He announces that he is going to the lone star state with him to fight the charges.


When Luke stops by Al's to pick up food, he sees Noah laughing with his date. He runs out and watches them through the window. Reid joins him and they leave for their flight.


At home, Lily orders her daughter to pack her bag so they can leave. She asks Holden not to go with them but he thinks that she needs help with Faith. Their daughter demands that Molly go with them. Holden insists that this is a family matter and she doesn't call the shots.


Molly goes into the farm house and chats with Emma. She shows her the dress she bought for Holden. Emma informs her that he's going away with Lily and Faith for awhile. Molly understands the intervention idea. They take cookies out of the oven and Emma offers her the cabin's address. Emma loves Lily but she's fed up with her all the same. Molly's thrilled that she seems to support her relationship with Holden. They hug.


Faith is taken to the cabin by her parents. Faith moans, even though they brought ingredients for smores. When her parents go out, she tries to get reception on her phone but has no luck. She finds some booze and swigs down a few glasses. Her parents return with groceries once she's drunk. Lily accuses her of trying to sabotage things. "I hate my life and it's all your fault," Faith moans to her mom. Holden tells her that they are there for her. She points out that they have never given her a stable life. They ask her to help them help her make things better. Faith cries on her mother's shoulder and starts to get nauseous. Molly bursts in. Lily rolls her eyes. Molly stutters until Lily drags her daughter out to sober up. Holden wonders if she's upset about him going away with Lily. He explains the latest problems with Faith. She admits that he hurt her feelings by running off without telling her. He says he will make things up to her.


Faith and Lily sit outside. She doesn't think she can do all of this talking and wants to go back to town. Her mom reminds her that she was her age once. She complains about her own mother and admits that it breaks her heart to know that one day she won't be around. When they go back inside, Molly leaves. The parents put Faith to bed and reminisce about being snowbound with their daughter. She wishes she could have their early, easier days back. He doesn't think that's impossible. Their hands touch.


At WOAK, Kim calls Molly and tells her that there is a story breaking in Chicago. Molly agrees to run off before she can explain the details. Kim turns to Bob who calls over a cameraman. He has him record him giving her a scrapbook of their wedding. He promises that the next 25 years will be special. They kiss.


Molly arrives in Chicago and is shocked to surprise that Silas Whitman has been released. She tries to run off but he catches her. "I'll win you back," he vows.


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