Perky Guardian Angel With Inferiority Issues.

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Vienna proposes, Luke tries to help, Dusty covers and Jack gets suspicious.

Perky Guardian Angel With Inferiority Issues. image

Vienna shows up at Katie's and explains that she thinks Henry doesn't love her anymore. The fire between them is gone. Katie advises her to keep working on it. Vienna's not sure but Katie refuses to accept that. "You have to find out what the truth is," Vienna begs, ushering Katie out the door.


Henry goes to see Barbara at her place. When she tries to embrace him, he pushes her away and says that things have to end between them. Katie is onto them and he's afraid that she will tell Vienna. Barbara thinks they should make their relationship public. He says he has to work things out with Vienna. She thinks he's holding onto a romance that doesn't exist anymore and he's too afraid to tell her that he's embarrassed to be with her. Katie shows up. "Henry has something he wants to say to you," Barbara prompts. Henry avoids answering. Barbara tells him to get out and says he's lost his chance. Katie drags him into the hall and tells him Barbara is ruining his life.


Katie and Henry go to the Lakeview. She tells him that Vienna is pining for him and he needs to get a grip. Henry says things have changed and he doesn't feel the same about Vienna anymore. Katie gushes about how amazing Vienna is and makes Barbara sound tawdry. "Leave Barbara. Go where you belong," she says. He's afraid he'll let Vienna down again. Vienna calls Katie, who tells her that she's done all that she can. Inspired, she wonders if there is one more thing she can try.


Katie returns to Barbara's room and tells her that Henry won't be coming back. "If you think what you have is happiness then you have a big problem," Katie says. They bicker about who makes who happy and what being happy means. Barbara says she can give him everything he wants and won't walk out. Katie refuses to back off. "He doesn't need a perky guardian angel with inferiority issues bossing him around," Barbara says. Katie points out that she's vaguely, if not legally or biologically, related to Henry. Barbara isn't going to listen to her preaching and suggests that she doesn't even know what it means to be happy. She claims that she and Henry don't want love. Katie insists he wants love badly... and a family, something Barbara can't give him.


Henry goes to see Vienna in her room. She tells him that she wants a fresh start with him and asks him to marry her. He gulps. She's sure this is what they need to mend their bond. Dropping on her knee, she proposes.


In Dusty's hospital room, Janet worries about him to Reid. Rocco worries about Dusty's memory. Reid wanders off. "It would probably be better for him if he never remembers," Rocco says. Dusty stares. He remembers Rocco's threats. Jack walks in and asks him if he wants to talk. Rocco tries to get him to ease off. Jack and Rocco walk into the hall and the cop asks him how much he really knows. Rocco claims he doesn't know much. They bicker about Ralph, which only makes Rocco angry. "My conscience is clear!" Rocco yells as his daughter returns. Jack leaves to take a call and Rocco tells Janet that her ex is trying to link Ralph to the shooting. He worries about what Jack will do so she offers to get him to ease up. Jack returns and the other man walks off. He and Janet argue about her father and she asks him to lighten up.


Luke runs into Mr. Judd at Java. He speaks up for Dr. Oliver, even if he is obnoxious. Luke offers him money so they can avoid a trial. Judd's offended. Luke continues defending him until Reid walks in. Judd accuses him of sending his boyfriend to buy him off. Judd storms off. Reid is paged back to the hospital. Luke runs after Judd and explains that he is not trying to buy him off and he's not Reid's boyfriend. He makes a case for him to back off.


Back at the hospital, Reid tells Rocco and Janet that Dusty's memory might not come back and they shouldn't push him. After he walks off, Rocco offers to take Janet to see Liberty. She's staying put and tells him she's glad to have him around. They hug.


Reid returns to Dusty's room. He questions him and quickly guesses that he is exaggerating his memory loss. He wonders why. "Janet's life depends on it," Dusty says. Reid isn't there to help him lie about anything. He leaves as Jack returns. Dusty continues claiming his memory is shaky, Jack doesn't believe it. Dusty asks him to let him handle this. They bicker. Janet comes in and Jack leaves. "We're all going to be okay," she says.

Rocco calls Ralph and tells him that Dusty doesn't remember anything.


Luke goes to the hospital to apologize to Reid. The doctor is actually impressed that he went to bat for him. He pats him on the shoulder. Luke insists that he only did this for Noah's sake.


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