Memory Loss.

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Craig slips up, Liberty gets restless, Jack gets romantic and Dusty wakes up.

Memory Loss. image

At Carly's, Liberty wants to go and see her friends. Her mom doesn't want her leaving the house. Parker backs her up when Liberty protests. After Janet leaves, Liberty asks where they should go. He tells her they aren't going anywhere. She badgers him until he backs down.


Janet arrives at the hospital to see Dusty. She rambles to him about Liberty. He wakes up. She jumps up and down and babbles. Dusty passes out as she yells for the doctor.


Jack and Carly pull over in his car. They make out and he asks her into the backseat. She has to work. They make out more. He invites her into the backseat again. Before they can do it, Janet calls to say that Dusty woke up and passed out again. Jack agrees to be right over. He fills Carly in. They both wish they could be alone together.


At Monte Carlo, Craig is arguing with Ellis on telephone when Gabriel comes in. He tells him that Carly hired him back. They begin arguing. Carly arrives and re-hires Gabriel once more after Craig fires him again. She announces that she wants to see all of the financial records immediately. Craig tries to fob her off and tells her that she has to trust him. That's not going to happen. Parker and Liberty wander in so Craig suggests Carly take them on a tour. Parker stays behind and asks Gabriel what he's doing there. Craig pulls the boys apart. Carly and Liberty return. Parker explains that he wants to use his money to give her home care. Craig starts to panic. Liberty refuses to take his money and is annoyed that he's trying to make choices for her. She storms off. Parker tells his mom how scared he is for Liberty.


Gabriel finds Liberty having a dizzy spell on the street. He gives her some water and says that she seems different from the rest of the people around; she doesn't act like she's owed anything. She fills him in on her life a little before telling him about the complicated history of Craig and Carly. As they joke around, Parker rushes over and tries to drag her away. He begins arguing with Gabriel and tells him to get lost. Liberty makes them stop arguing. Gabriel walks off and Liberty decides she's tired and wants to go home. Gabriel watches them leave. He spots Ellis and deliberately bumps into him, swiping his phone.


Jack arrives at the hospital. He tries to keep Janet calm. A doctor comes out and says that things are normal. Jack goes in to talk to Dusty. Rocco arrives and asks his daughter if Dusty has said anything. They debate nervously about whether Jack should be questioning Dusty.


Jack questions Dusty. He claims he can't remember anything. When Rocco and Janet come in, Dusty stares straight at him. He repeats that he doesn't remember anything. Rocco walks off. Janet refuses to let Jack question him anymore. When Janet is left alone with Dusty, she tells him how much she needs him. He asks after Liberty and wishes he could help out more. They kiss.


Rocco calls Ralph and assures him that Dusty doesn't remember anything and won't be a problem. He wanders over to the doctor and asks about the memory loss. The doctor says that memory loss is common but the memories could still come back. Rocco goes in to see his daughter and Dusty. As Dusty stares at him, he remembers Rocco's threats.

Back at Monte Carlo, Carly tries to work but she's not productive. Craig guesses she's thinking about Jack too much. She wants to go over the finances. He stutters. A letter arrives from Jack. She giggles and hurries away. Craig panics and calls Ellis. Gabriel picks up the phone and Craig rambles about Carly wanting to see the books. "We can't let her see that I used Parker's trust fund," Craig says, asking him to cook up a new set of books.


Carly goes to a room at the Lakeview and finds Jack waiting for her in a suit. He promises that they will always have time for each other. She's impressed that he's so romantic. Jack tells her that she doesn't deserve to be left for last and he never wants her to feel like she is being pushed to the side. They're both amazed by how good they are being to Janet. They hop into bed.


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