Bob And Kim Get Married.

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Bob and Kim weigh their options before deciding to get married and Frannie returns to toast.

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At Margo and Tom's, Kim tells Bob that they should take the opportunity they've been granted and decide whether they should get re-married at all. Bob doesn't think she should walk away like this but she doesn't see any other way. She thanks everyone and leaves, Lisa prompts him to go after her. He stops Kim in the doorway. He offers to make their marriage his number one priority. She insists this is a blessing and they need to think about where their relationship is going. Kim walks away. Bo returns to the wedding guests and announces that he has no idea what Kim is choosing to do. Everyone tells him to apologize. He refuses. "I'm going to go have a drink... maybe a bottle," he declares, walking off. His family debates whether they should fix this or leave it alone. "If dad and Kim can't make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?" Tom wonders. Casey says that there is no such thing as a happy ending. Everyone assumes he's just mad about Alison. He throws that back in Katie's face and walks out. Chris wonders why she would have invited Alison there in the first place. Henry begins rambling about love.


Margo and Barbara go to see Kim in Barbara's room. They tell her to put Bob out of his misery. She won't. Kim thinks back to hiding Bob's child from him. Margo asks her why she won't go back to Bob. "Because I love him," Kim says, explaining that Bob's job is killing him and she can't watch it anymore. She just prays that he will realize he loves her more than the hospital. Barbara sits with her and tells her they're the cornerstone of the family. Kim insists they have to handle this themselves and not because everyone expects them to.


Bob sits in the bar at the Lakeview. He thinks of spending the night with Kim and takes a drink. Tom tracks him down. "Let's have a bachelor party. I could be a bachelor for the rest of my life," Bob says. Tom suggests that he apologize to Kim. Bob won't let his wife run his life. Lisa arrives and asks Tom to leave them alone. She's sorry about what happened but she says that this could be a gift... for them. "A long time ago, we had quite a spark between us and something like that doesn't go away," she says. Bob blinks uncontrollably and then they laugh. Lisa remembers their quiet times. Bob says he would rather remember their past fondly. He's a better man for her loving him. Lisa tells him she can still love him. He's determined to stay with Kim. "Can't blame a girl for trying," Lisa says.


Tom, Chris and Casey gang up on Bob in the dining room. He doesn't appreciate marital advice coming from them of all people. He insist this isn't a small fight he's having with Kim. Chris reminds him of when he walked out after the affair with Susan and then they recollect when he renewed his vows with Kim after that. Chris tells him that they have to stop lying to themselves or they could lose everything. He accuses his father of being afraid of being old. "Dude, when was the last time you told Kim she was hot?" Casey asks. They urge him to woo Kim like he used to.


Bob goes upstairs to see Kim. Barbara leaves them alone. He tells her that he's drowning in unsolicited advice. The slightest chance of losing her shakes him up. Their years together have been his happiest... but he wants a new beginning with her. "I want you. Just you. You're the better part of me," he says. She loves everything he's saying but tells him to stop; she can't be sucked back in by romance. She needs more and she's afraid he will still work himself to death. He shows her his resignation letter and offers to turn it in if she'll marry him. She tears it up and refuses to make him give up his job. Kim wants them to have time together, to woo each other, and never take each other for granted. Bob asks her to marry him again in a sunrise ceremony like they had twenty five years ago. "Of course," she cries. They kiss.


Katie tracks Alison down at the hospital and asks her why she left. She says that she is just trying to make peace between everyone and urges her not to give up. Katie invites her to the wedding.


At Tom and Margo's, Susan tells Bob that she's always liked him and he's single right now so... "We'll always be friends, but no more than that," he says. He walks off. Lisa comes up to her. Susan feels humiliated. They each agreed to make a pass at Bob to test his love for Kim. Bob overhears and they explain. He laughs. The reverend arrives and Margo does a background check on him. Kim and Barbara come in next. Henry and Barbara sneak away as the ceremony begins. They go into Casey's room and make out until Tom yells for her.

Casey finds Alison outside. She has a gift for his grandparents. She wanted them to know that she will always respect them. He suggests that she give it to them herself and invites her in. They join the guests as Bob and Kim exchange their vows. Everyone claps and Tom toasts to them as an example to them all. Alison hands them her gift and Casey tells her he's glad she came.


Barbara leads Henry into the bathroom and they begin having sex on the sink counter as the doorbell rings and Frannie arrives. Katie teases Chris about Alison and he tells her she needs to back off. She walks upstairs and bumps into Barbara as she stumbles out of the bathroom. When she goes inside, she finds Henry hiding in the shower.


Downstairs, Frannie toasts to her parents and tells them how honored she is to be part of their special day. Bob says that every day the world turns has been a blessing and a joy.


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