Twenty Five Years Of Living In Sin!

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Bob and Kim's anniversary doesn't go as planned.

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Chris and Katie are at Tom and Margo's decorating for the anniversary party. Barbara is on the phone being told that someone will be delayed. The three of them talk about Bob and Kim's long marriage. Katie announces that she needs to get something and runs off. Tom arrives and he and Barbara tease each other about who has a bigger surprise for Bob and Kim. Chris runs off to see Reid as Margo arrives.

Katie finds Henry sitting at Al's. He's thinking about Barbara and talking to himself. Katie interrupts and they talk about Brad. She invites him to the party. He refuses until she mentions Barbara is coming.

Chris arrives at the hospital to make sure that Reid isn't blowing off his commitment to help.


Margo calls her son at work and tells him to pick up club soda. Casey's not in a good mood. She needs him to be festive for the party Alison pops up. She asks him how Will and Gwen are doing. He shows her pictures of their baby. When he goes outside, she follows him and they begin arguing about Mick. Chris walks in on them as Casey tells her they should never talk again. When she mopes away, Chris walks over and tells Casey to stop being a jerk. He suggests that he invite her to the party. "Dude?" Casey asks. Chris defends her and Casey walks away. Katie walks by and soon begins teasing Chris about wanting to bring Alison.


Bob and Kim are at the Lakeview arguing. She's angry that he seems so reluctant to leave the hospital so they can spend the weekend together. He repeats that it will have to wait. She worries that they don't have a future and he thinks she's trying to guilt him into things. "You're putting our lives second," she says. As he takes a call from the hospital, she remembers their past and the day his dad died. She tells him about that day and how secure she felt being with him. Kim wishes that Bob would put his family first the way his father did. She thinks he's being inconsiderate. Reid calls and Bob fobs him off. The couple continues to bicker. Reid calls again and says it's an emergency and they have to meet with Tom to discuss the lawsuit. Kim storms away.


Katie walks into Java and finds Ali. She invites her to the party and says that it will be good for Casey. Alison doubts this is a good idea.


Katie and Henry arrive at Tom and Margo's. Barbara makes eyes at Henry and then tells everyone that she saw tension between Bob and Kim earlier. Lisa says that should be gone now and they should be in the making up stage. Bob and Reid drive up. Everyone shouts surprise at Bob and then asks him where Kim is. "That's a good question," he says. He explains that he had a fight with Kim. Barbara promises to find her and bring her back. Nancy asks Bob what happened. He says it was an old argument. Bob looks over at Susan and remembers telling Kim about their affair. Susan smiles at him.


Kim sits in her office looking through a photo album and remembers singing with Bob. Barbara arrives and tells her not to let a fight ruin her anniversary. She tells her about the surprise party. Kim's amazed that they all went to so much trouble. She complains about how hard it is for Bob to put his work aside and how he takes her for granted. Barbara talks her into going anyway and takes her hand.


Casey notices Alison outside of the house and rushes out. He tells her it doesn't look like there will be a party. She walks away. Katie comes out and asks what happened.


Back at the party, Reid and Chris bicker. Henry anxiously waits for Barbara to return. Casey goes upstairs and finds Nancy looking at old pictures. She tells him about his great granddad. He hands her back her ring. As she holds it, she remembers her fiftieth anniversary and tells him to keep the ring. She's sure that some day he will get married.


Downstairs, Lisa talks about when she left Bob because he was so obsessed with the hospital. Barbara leads Kim in and everyone claps. Bob wishes her a happy anniversary. Margo gets a call and ushers Tom off. They return a moment later and explain that Bob and Kim aren't actually married. They went looking for the minister at their original wedding and discovered he was in jail for fraud. He was a con artist, not a clergyman. Reid cracks some jokes and leaves. Kim laughs hysterically. Everyone starts to worry, offering her tea, water and beer. "Twenty five years of living in sin!" Lisa laughs. Chris says they can have a real ceremony. Tom offers to call a judge. Kim decides that she's not sure she wants to marry Bob at all. She says this is a chance to re-evaluate. Bob says they belong together. She's not so sure.


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