Want To Go Outside And Kick A Squirrel?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Carly gets frustrated, Kim gets disappointed and Chris tries to put a party together.

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Janet is getting frustrated at Carly's because Jack and Carly are doing everything for her. She goes upstairs to see her daughter. "Want to go outside and kick a squirrel?" Jack asks Carly. She admits that she's frustrated. He asks her out on a date. She runs upstairs to dress. A letter is delivered to Jack. He opens it and stares. Carly comes back down. He explains that he just received his divorce papers. Soon, he'll be a free man. "Isn't that what you want?" she asks. Janet comes in. Everything is awkward. Carly stares off and then walks out. Jack chases after her and apologizes. "I don't want to hear how sorry you are," she says. He turns back to Janet. She thought vows were meant to be permanent. He says she has a new future and deserves the best. She gets a call from Reid informing her that there has been no change with Dusty. She worries that she doesn't have a future after all. Jack promises that he'll never stop looking out for her. Janet wonders how Carly will feel about that. They bicker about whether the baby was a mistake. He insists that he's looking forward to the baby and divorce won't change his commitment.


At Monte Carlo, Gabriel is searching around before he hides in the corner as Ellis and Craig come in. Craig spots him. "Who the hell are you?" he demands. Gabriel explains that he works there and Carly hired him. Ellis leaves. Craig tells Gabriel he doesn't like snoops. They bicker and Craig says he's not allowed in alone. Carly arrives and Craig wishes she'd talked to him before hiring someone. After Craig walks off, Carly asks Gabriel to look at her new designs. He diplomatically says they're boring. She flips through them and says he's right. When she talks about her investor, he wonders if he's actually seen her stuff and liked it. She admits that Craig does all of the talking to the investor. She calls his office and soon discovers that he isn't backing her after all. Craig runs back in and babbles about work. She glares and then yells at him for lying to her. He tries making excuses and then explains that he's the sole investor. They argue about her designs. She refuses to trust him and walks out. Craig fires Gabriel.


Bob and Kim are at the Lakeview toasting to 25 years. "We're not old: We're classy," he tells her. Dr. Oliver arrives. Kim excuses himself and Reid tells Bob that he's being sued for malpractice. Reid doesn't want to cause problems for the hospital so he offers to go on leave. Bob won't hear of it and says that no one can threaten his doctors.


Kim goes up to see Barbara and complain that her anniversary doesn't seem all that exciting so far.


Kim goes down to see Bob and he tells her how important it is to have Reid around. He wants to leave Memorial a better place than it was. Kim worries that he'll be working too hard but he says this is his last big achievement. Barbara comes in and congratulates them. Kim hands Bob a photo of the cabin. She explains that she's had it renovated and she's cleared his schedule so they can move in. He tells her it will have to wait a few weeks. She's disappointed and feels like they're never going to get there. She feels like he cares more about his job than romance. Kim challenges him to prove that she comes first... at least for a few days.


Chris is at WOAK with Katie. He tells her that he's in charge of decorating for his parent's anniversary and asks for her help. Her also asks if she has any ideas for a gift. She gets depressed as she remembers a gift Brad gave her. They talk about love and he assures her she'll find it again. Tom calls him and asks him to get their parents over to his house. They decide to enlist Reid to do that.

Katie and Chris find Reid at the hospital and talk him into getting Bob to Tom's.


Carly goes home and asks Jack for a hug. He has to drive Janet to the hospital. They leave her alone and Carly begins ranting at herself until Gabriel shows up and explains that he was fired. She re-hires him and asks him to keep his eyes on Craig. After he leaves, she sketches for awhile and Jack returns. He explains that the divorce papers have been filed. He suggests they make out on the couch.

Chris, Katie and Barbara are finishing the decorations for the anniversary. Barbara complains about the tackiness. Chris tries to stay positive.

Back at Monte Carlo, Gabriel eavesdrops on Craig telling Ellis everything that happened.


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Katie talks Ali into going to the party.

Barbara and Henry spend some time together.

Bob arrives at the party alone.

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