That Sounds Like A Lot Of Work.

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Reid turns to Luke for help, Faith causes family friction and Alison lends Chris a helping hand.

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At home, Lily tells her daughter that she's been transferred and can go back to Oakdale High. Faith isn't enthusiastic. Lily offers to take her shopping. Faith would rather go to the farm to see her dad.


Katie is with Chris at the hospital going over what they will cover on her show. After she leaves, Alison walks by and notices that he seems upset. He explains that he's terrified of going on TV. He's afraid that he'll come off as too intense so he asks her to be there to pull him back if he goes over the top. She refuses.


Reid walks into Al's to get a bagel when Bob calls him over. He says that Henry's donation won't be enough to pay for what he wants for the hospital. Bob hands him a list of things he wants to postpone. "Forget it," Reid blows up and walks out. He runs into Katie in the doorway and tells her that Bob is messing with his hospital. He needs millions of dollars more. "Know anyone with that kind of money?" she asks.


At the hospital, Bob overhears Alison talking to a nurse. He walks over and begins chatting before offering her the position of head nurse for the floor. She's shocked but he thinks that she has the right qualities even if she doesn't have the right experience. Bob's confident that she can do a great job.


Chris is at WOAK with Katie. They try a run through before they go on the air. He's nervous and too intense. She asks him to dial it back a lot. They try again and it still doesn't go well. Ali arrives and offers to help. She picks up Jacob and they do some role playing. Chris talks to the baby and things go well. He gets called back to the hospital. Katie asks Ali to be on the show with Chris. Alison refuses, but Katie keeps talking about how great Chris is.


Holden and Luke meet at Java. He tells his father about his break up with Noah. Holden says they'll find their way back together. After Holden leaves, Reid arrives and attempts to act friendly. That's too weird for Luke who begs him to stop. Reid explains that the neurology wing will suck if they can't get more money. Luke thinks asking for money is rich coming from him. They talk about what happened the other day and then bicker. Reid gets fed up and storms off.

Lily drops Faith off at the farm house. Faith asks Molly to take her shopping. Lily is startled. Faith tells her mother that she just didn't want to go shopping with her. The women squint at each other. Faith explains shopping with your mom isn't cool and Molly dresses better. Molly tells Faith to shop with her mom. "Whatever," Faith says. She stomps out and Lily trails after her. Molly surprises Holden by telling him that she needs to take a step back from their relationship. He insists that what he has with Lily is over and he doesn't want to lose what they have. Molly is afraid of getting stuck in a fight between Lily and Faith. He thinks they can make anything work together. "That sounds like a lot of work," she says. She wants sexy fun, not a business partnership.


Lily and Faith go shopping. Faith is uncooperative. When her mother turns her back, Faith begins shoplifting. A guy wanders over to her and tells her she's going to get caught. He sneaks her over to the desk and takes the security tags off for her. Lily approaches her and tells her she wants them to be a family again. Faith says that's fine and goes outside. Parker corners her about the drugs she left in his room. As they bicker, Lily comes out and asks what's wrong. Faith makes an excuse and Parker offers to drive her home. As soon as Lily is gone, Parker begins grilling Faith about the drugs. The guy walks out and explains that the drugs are his. He says his name is Gabriel and tells her to keep his drugs. After he walks off, Parker thinks she should re-think who she hangs out with. When he walks off, Molly walks by. She tells Faith that the game she is trying to play won't work. They bicker. "If you want to be the cool step-mom, you've gotta do better than this," Faith snaps.


Lily goes home and tells Luke that things are going well with Faith. He doubts that and tells her about catching his sister high at the police station. She calls Holden over and the three of them discuss Faith's problem. When Luke leaves, the parents argue about where the drugs have been coming from. Faith walks in and guesses they are fighting about her. She asserts that her mother's bad choices have pushed her into drug use and storms off. Lily thinks her daughter is right. She beats herself up for ruining all of their lives. He tells her they will deal with this together.


At the hospital, Reid and Bob discuss money. Reid claims this is all about saving lives, not his ego. Chris shows up as Bob is talking about the importance of family. Reid drifts off and Luke comes to see him. He says that he will be paying for a Snyder wing. He asks Reid to keep this a secret from Noah and demands that he be made part of the decision making process. Grudgingly, Reid shakes his hand.


Chris returns to WOAK and does the health spot on Katie's show with Alison. When the segment is done, Ali runs off. Katie begins prodding him to give Alison another chance.


Molly finds Parker at Java and quizzes him about Faith. She asks him to keep an eye on her.

Faith returns to Fashions looking for Gabriel but he's gone.


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