Limp Flesh.

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Janet is stuck in Carly's bed, Craig gets paranoid and Henry can't resist Barbara.

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At Carly's, Dusty and Jack begin bickering about what to do when Janet starts cramping. Carly orders them to help Janet and shut up. They call a doctor over. The men bicker about who should stay with Janet while she's examined.

Carly takes Janet up to her bed, which is awkward. Janet climbs in and asks Carly to check on Dusty. She makes it clear that she's leaving her to worry about Jack. As the doctor comes in to do the exam, Carly goes downstairs and tells the men that things are going fine. They bicker. The doctor comes down and says that the cramping is normal but Janet should stay in bed for a day or two. Once she's gone, Dusty wants to take Janet home. Jack refuses to let her out of Carly's bed. Carly's miffed but agrees to allow her to stay. Dusty goes up to see Janet and Carly tells Jack that she will stick by him even while Janet is in her bed with his baby.


Upstairs, Janet feels like she's stuck in a nightmare. Dusty smiles and tries to get her to relax. They cozy up and he promises to take care of her and the baby and Liberty. When he goes downstairs, he and Jack begin bickering about what kind of hot drink to get Janet. Carly announces she is getting groceries and tells them to stay quiet. She leaves and they continue arguing.

Jack and Dusty try to look after Janet. They vie over who should check her temperature and then argue about Jack botching the divorce. Jack accuses Dusty of putting her pregnancy in jeopardy.

In his room, Craig asks Johnny if he's been playing around with his desk. Some papers have gone missing. Johnny says it wasn't him. He calls housekeeping and says that someone has been moving his stuff around.


Henry and Vienna run into Barbara in the lobby of the Lakeview. He wants to avoid her but Vienna wants to be friendly and asks her old enemy to join them for a drink. She says no. Vienna won't back off. Spotting Craig, Barbara points at him and announces she has a date. He comes over, confused as Barbara invites him to sit with her. Henry stares as Barbara whispers to Craig, who is sure she's up to something. Henry doesn't like the look of Barbara with Craig and begins making out with Vienna. They decide to get oysters and jump into bed. He sends her up ahead of him so he can keep an eye on Barbara. Finally, he interrupts and Craig leaves. Barb and Henry bicker jealously until Vienna returns and drags him away.


Barbara goes up to her room and mournfully looks in the mirror. She imagines herself as an old lady walking into Al's with a walker while Henry sucks face with Vienna and they laugh at Barb as she drops her false teeth into a glass. Barbara freaks out.


Barbara goes to Fashions looking for the dress she returned. She panics as she searches for it. The saleswoman finds it.


In his room, Craig visits with Ellis and complains that someone has been messing with his papers. He thinks someone could be sabotaging him... someone like Barbara. Carly shows up and notices Craig is nervous. Craig sends Ellis out and Carly interrogates Craig. He claims that he's being stalked. She explains the situation at her house and he mocks her. They turn to business and he asks her if she's still sure she wants to go through with their project. "This is exactly what I need right now," she says.


Vienna pulls Henry into his bed. He climbs out from under the sheets when 'the flesh is limp'. They get up and dress. He says the new him has a lower sex drive. She thinks they should try a new sex game but he doubts it will work. "Is there someone else?" she asks. He claims he just has stage fright. She's sorry she came back and storms out. Barbara walks in wearing her dress. Henry's startled. "You look... wow," he says. She's relieved that she could take his breath away and walks off with a smile. He follows her into her room and begins making out with her. After they have sex on her couch, he wonders why he is with her instead of Vienna. She tells him it may be time to admit that he doesn't belong with Vienna anymore. Suddenly, she calls him to apologize. He agrees to meet her. Barbara encourages him to go. He buttons his pants and walks out. Craig calls and asks Barbara out to lunch.

Someone sneaks into Craig's room and looks at a picture of Johnny.


Carly goes home and chats with Dusty in the kitchen. While he is assuring Carly he will get Janet out, she is upstairs apologizing to Jack for trying to run off to get a quickie divorce. She says it's good that they broke up and they're all better off splitting. She'll never regret being married to him. He tells her that part of him will always love her. Carly walks in as he says this. She grimaces and then interrupts. Dusty comes in as she and Jack leave. Janet asks him to get her a divorce ASAP.

Jack and Carly go downstairs and she tells him that it's becoming harder than she thought it would be to accept that he is having a baby with Janet. He assures her that he loves her and this is their time. They vow to be together forever and kiss.


Next on As The World Turns:

Janet goes to see her daughter.

Dusty asks Jack if he's going to arrest him.

Barbara continues using Craig to make Henry jealous.

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